20 years old today

20 years old today.

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something nice..

something nice..

something nice..


I had more fun on PC.

something nice..

I loved its backwards compatibility, didn't need to also have a Playstation taking up space under the TV for older games.

As a Nintendo fan I'm still a bit butthurt about that era. But the PS2 is undeniably goat.

Hello reddet


this, I also enjoyed all the PS2 games worth playing through emulators

Last console I've ever owned. Been PC only ever since.

>Sony releases a mini console PS2 called the PS2020

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It's still my favorite console design. Probably due to bias cause of childhood and nostalgia and all that but not like that invalidates something a subjective opinion.

The ps2 is sexy.

You nigger faggots will never experience the KINO feeling of having a modchipped PS2 and a gaming PC with a DVD burner.

Playing PC exclusives while torrenting the latest PS2 releases from The Pirate Bay and Suprnova. Way before torrenting to monitored thanks to the (((United States government))) and (((Hollywood))).

Playing the best PC games and console games without doing any platform war bullshit, thanks to pirating everything. You can remain objective without any bias.

Any games not found on torrent sites? Buy them dirt cheap used then rip the ISO, then seed it to the world.

This was the best feeling of all time and nothing like this will ever be experienced again.

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the good part of the internet is never coming back. the 2010s were a turning point and we can never go back to how it was before that cancer decade.

It's not just the internet. It's games, media, and society in general. We're fucked aren't we? At least we can enjoy the chaos, since society is self-destructing before our eyes thanks to their corrupt leftist ideologies.

The big winner of the best era. PS is the best

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And now PS is piss.

Enthusia is better

A CD and DVD player that was reverse compatible,for it's time it was a damn high tech piece of Japanese space magic. I have mine hooked up now with Silent Hill 2 in it.

/t/ has a ps2 torrent with every single ISO ever

One of the comfiest games ever.

Sony always wins baby!

sounds like falseflagging

Who you calling a nigger?

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3 was better

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>That pic.

3 has no games

Underage toddlers show their true colors. This is why I know Yea Forums is full of sony hating shitposters. This is the proof.
Even the best selling console of all time with widely considered biggest and best catalog of games can't even get the recognition it deserves.

Explain why? I thought the PS3 was a waste of money and the game library wasn't good..

>this dumb meme

Pretty sure the 360 had better games

>weak game library
What are you on my guy?

No good exclusives. Shitty voice chat. Online would be down for months at a time....

None of the PS3 games was worthwhile. Any worthwhile games were multiplatform. Name me a good PS3 exclusive.


Infamous 2
Resistance fom
Resistance 2
Resistance 3
Killzone 2
Killzone 3
Demons souls
Valkyria chronicles
Ni No Kuni
I could keep going on my guy

Halo probably sold more then all of those combined

>Infamous and Resistance and Killzone.
>Valkyria Chronicles.
On Steam.
>Demons Souls
Not a souls fan.
>Ni No Kuni
Remastered on multiple platforms.

That is laughable. 360 didn't even have better games than PS3.