Dude, just remake all of FF VII in one game!

>Dude, just remake all of FF VII in one game!

FF X had 22,000 lines of dialogue. FF VII had 96,000 lines of dialogue. Imagine recording that. Every town in FF VII looked and felt different, but were pretty much just 8-9 pre-rendered screens long each. To achieve the visual fidelity that we see in the remake demo, each town would have to be FULLY made, something no other RPG with this level of fidelity ever did (most, like Witcher 3, only have one actually big town and a bunch of small as fuck areas, with most reusing assets).

The only ways they’d be able to remake all of FF VII in one release are: a) make it like FF X, remove open world and have all areas of the world connected via corridors, with airship being a fast travel select screen; or b) make it chibi style again with pre-rendered HD backgrounds like an updated version of the original; or c) remove tons of locations and streamline the experience to have the visual fidelity people expected from the remake since Advent Children / PS3 tech demo days; or d) do it in multiple parts.

Unless you can point to ONE rpg with the scope of FF VII in the HD era, with state of the art visual fidelity (none of the Dragon Quest reused assets + simple animations bullshit, or Witcher 3-like empty open world with villages that look the same and one big city), I’ll say the argument that FF VII should be one disc and one game in 2020 has failed.

If you think gamers in general would have loved a chibi turn based FF VII remake just because you personally would, by the way, you have lost your mind. I could see some people being ok with the FF X scenario I described above, but it would be called unambitious.

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>what do you mean corporations should work hard to make a quality product?!
kill yourself bootlicker. DQXI was made three years ago

Chibi remakes are the dumbest shit

DQ XI is a great game, don’t get me wrong, but it’s reused assets and safe sequel: the game. A remake of FF VII like that would please some of us boomers but would sell almost as bad as DQ XI did.

People that think a game that looked like pic related would be met with the same excitement the reveal trailer for the remake was are absolutely delusional, even if it had all of the original FF VII content in one disc.

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This. Every single classic FF with that style looks fucking horrible, it's the most soulless looking shit imaginable.

most open world games have 100k lines on average now but thats counting npc chatter

Look, I'm really looking forward to the remake as well. Don't side with companies. They're literally just out to make a buck. They're splitting it because this remake is seen by suits is a possible liability. They're doing this to test the waters, and depending on the success, it could make the difference between 2 or 4 more fucking parts. They're both securing themselves financially and making it possible to milk their favorite cow all over again. This whole "2big4u" excuse is a farce as they had absolutely no reason to make Midgar a 20-40 hour game (not that I'm complaining).
Just don't suck corporate dick.

That being said the demo was fucking awesome, and this first game looks amazing.


Remaking Final Fantasy VII into a modern AAA game was always a shit idea.

not financially

just wish
half the lines werent so corny/awkward.
they made half of barrets lines have nothing to do with the prior line, or lack prior context, to merit such an over the top/silly response.
Jesse in a similar way with her over the top flirting, that always turns awkward.
cloud acting like the social outcast already, constantly diverting his eyes in such a passive bitch way, despite jenova predator is supposed to be giving us a false impression he's a bad ass. but if hes going to act like his true self already, then the plot twist wont be as powerful.

the pressure/stagger bar wasnt so reliant on RNG.
>keep dmg applied constantly.
(requires RNG, look at the 3min kill of the boss, AoEs end up missing w/o the player needing to use block or dodge roll)
>use high stagger moves with high dmg moves
(you already are trying to maximize yoru DPS as is, so the only difference is using the 2 skills which have extra stagger on them, which the 3min kill didnt even use.)
>enemies just randomly fall to the ground from basic attacks, to raise pressure.
(Nothing to trigger this, its just random, and is the primary method in which to get quicker kills)

In the end, getting random pressure/fall downs, to speed up the amount of staggers is way too RNG, along with factors like your ally getting hurt too much and needing to waste heals on them, etc.
its an ok system in theory, but needs to give you more control over it.

the dialogue is going to put ppl off from the game.
out of 4 ppl i showed, 2 still loved it, while thinking only some of the dialogue was weird/cringy.
while the other 2 thought half of it was, just like me, and turned the demo off (never having played FF7 before, so they had far less tolerance for the cringe)

the easiest give away are people who don't like barret
jet black said he didn't like barret because he literally never understood the character, not of the old voice cast did

>the dialogue is going to put ppl off from the game

good fuck you zoomers

I'm glad the battle banter is turned down a bit in later bossfights though. It was nice of them to put there for the tutorial boss though.

You are correct, of course, but most of Yea Forums consists of underage autismos who have no idea how game development works.

>replying to such obvious bait

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i never complained about the voice acting.
the lines were poorly written.
and my complaint isnt towards references to the 90s nor fan service.
(and if it were fan service, it would reference the original, where barret was frustrated with cloud, and tried to hold back his frustration. now just go off on literally nothing, and talk over himself.
i always used barret for my tank.
the writing for him is literally trying to make u sympathize with cloud in finding him annoying, so cloud doesnt come off as too uncaring about the planet (its the same reason why they changed it so shinra was the one to destroy the reactor, so the player isnt the one responsible for the death toll from ist explosion)
ok barry
you guys clearly cant even make a counter argument, when i laid out the faults.
you're too upset i dared to leave criticism for something u liked. (im not even saying the game is bad. just that it has faults)

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>incel with no grasp on reality legitimately thinking a game of the scope of the entirety of VII could be remade 1:1 with modern technology without the current multiple games model

it's anime as fuck, people love that shit

Witcher 3 had 450,000 lines of dialogue requiring 950 speaking roles.

>no argument
>better use barry

Fucking kill yourself.

>FF X had 22,000 lines of dialogue. FF VII had 96,000 lines of dialogue. Imagine recording that.
Unrelated to everything else, I often wonder how many people understand that when SE went all "HD towns are hard" they were mostly bitching about recording a million lines of dialogue and it somehow never occurred to them (other than in their lower budget game series like nier) to use fucking text boxes for irrelevant npc dialogue. That's why XIII and XV are full of npcs who say absolutely nothing, because they insist on voicing everything when it simply isn't necessary or cost effective.

Good thing the whole post wasn’t about voiced lines huh

Where are you getting these numbers from anyway?

"anime as fuck" is either "being comedic in serious situations" or "Melodramatic for the sake of getting teen emotions raging"
the only one that applies to this is jesse being a flirt.
the only actually funny line was the age/rank joke.
and "almost" barret trying to show off hsi range skills, but the whole scene was missing like 4 or so lines to make it flow properly, killing any humor it could have had.
>still has no argument
ok barry

It looks extremely jarring to have full visual fidelity npcs and have them only make gestures with no voice associated to the text. It only works in non-realistic art styles these days.

Honestly the open world in FFVII is kinda pointless since every interactable area is given a giant red dot on the map. It’s also already a really linear game as it points you clearly in which direction to go with any village on the way just being a short side quest at best.
The FFX approach would be what I would do personally just for the sake of streamlining, but you’re right that someone people should whine and bitch about not being able to kiss Zach’s parents or some dumb shit.

Are you implying that later "parts" of the remake aren't going to reuse assets? If so, you are a fucking retard.

the scripts are available everywhere

For some reason not having voiced lines in games that look all fancy like that makes normies ree. I couldn’t tell you why but it’s a thing I’ve noticed.

The rest of the points weren't really worth mentioning. SE is being greedy that's the only reason it's not the complete game. FFVII isn't a massive game, most areas are rather small and short used. The overworld map never needed to have incredible detail. Guess you're just a brainless cucksoomer huh

Wtf these typos lmao.

*some people would whine and bitch about not being able to miss Zach’s parents*

Dude, the next part will reuse what from Midgar? Maybe 10% of the assets will return (main characters, some machine enemies, some magic and skills), but what else? Keep in mind the next part will likely be open world

>The rest of the points weren't really worth mentioning

Oh ok, I’ll remember to say this when I don’t want to bother countering the other arguments people make about anything else

Final Fantasy 13 Lightning returns, have a best battle mechanics.

he means within the same game.
aka, lots of grass, trees, dirt, cliffs/mountains.
then reusing some pipes/metal from this 1st game.

only whats left will be new assets.
(also remake has flashbacks with assets of nibl)

>if there's no alternative that means it's not a bad idea
Also your whole post is a false dichotomy. It's possible to make a game that is visually impressive and not this expensive, you just need to find the right art style, and "chibi" isn't the only alternative possible. The moment they released the fist trailer they basically agreed with the retards who want Unreal Engine 4 "HIRE THIS MAN" Mario, and it didn't have to be that way. FF7 is stylized as fuck, and remaking it stylized to a certain degree would have been a perfectly reasonable course of action.
There's a reason why people lost their mind when they saw the Smash 4 rendition of Cloud, and that's because it captured the aesthetic of the original concept art while being a decently modern model.

You did that when you ignored my voice line stats, you moved the goal to "yeah but he (you) said other retarded shit". I'm not going to waste my afternoon countering every point. Witcher 3 as a whole is larger in scale.

I hope you’re not implying people would be losing their minds if FF VII Remake’s Cloud looked like Smash 4’s Cloud, cause he looked super fine for a random party game but that look wouldn’t meet people’s expectations for a FF VII Remake after Advent Children and the PS3 tech demo at all.

Also, what other art styles would be viable? Link’s Awakening diorama look? Anime / Cel-shaded / Tales of Vesperia look? lel

>larger scale

my sides, Velen, the biggest area in Witcher 3, is reused assets central. Every village looks the same, novigrad and oxenfurt look the same. Hell, even Skellige barely looks different.

I wish it was more than just Midgar, like at least upto the Midgar Zolem as the end boss. Then we can play with Chocobos (ready for racing), run around in open area, grind, and have a town to explore. Being limited to just Midgar sounds shit.

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youre not even asking him that question out of sincerity.

How will episodes even work? Will you import a savefile into the next game?

Are all these shipost threads from that fucking barry again?

Xi is low quality and ps2 as fuck j even if fun. If ffvii came out like that there would be hell on earth

I gave him 4 options, full visual fidelity (what we currently have), HD chibi, Diorama, Cel-shaded.

>let’s end the game by crossing a sandlot and fighting a snake

how climactic

Thank god you’re not a developer

>FF X had 22,000 lines of dialogue. FF VII had 96,000 lines of dialogue
Seriously? I barely remember either game having much dialogue

I never said you didnt.
I said you dont actually want the answer for the sake of the arguments solution.
You're asking him, because no matter what his reply is, you have an already prepared answer on why you "find it ridiculous".
You're of an opinion on only one possible answer being right. So the question isnt to actually explore a possibility, if there is one, but to just pretend youre superior than them, and how great your opinion is.

Why you gotta be so negative, Reddit spacing user?

the boat makes more sense.
you get ur final battle with jenova, and begin anew on a new continent.

That was my initial thought, but people will want to end on a boss fight, and God knows what 100gb of Midgar they already have.

Also, is PS5 back compatible? If not, how do we transfer save data to the next game?

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I wanna spend more time with Aerith before she dies so Midgar is fine

thread should've ended here

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>This whole "2big4u" excuse is a farce as they had absolutely no reason to make Midgar a 20-40 hour game

This so much. Imagine if they said that the game was 40 hours long and the Midgard section alone was 10 to 20 hours long depending on how much time the player spend exploring/leveling. That would actually make the ideia of the full game being 3 parts viable but by making Midgard be the full game thats pretty much impossible now. I can easily see the original first disc alone being 3 games.

They gonna milk the shit out of the fanboys with this one.


>defending jewenix ever
get corona and die

I already explained my point of view that FF VII remake announcement wouldn’t be met with 1/10th of the excitement it was if it had any art style other than full visual fidelity. I support this opinion with the fact that Advent Children and the PS3 tech demo locked down the full visual fidelity remake expectation on most fans. My take is that any other art style for the remake would have a bigger backlash than Wind Waker (which ended up doing ok in terms of sales, but MUCH less than the full visual fidelity game that succeeded it, Twilight Princess - the best selling Zelda before BotW and the game that fully realized the concept briefly shown in that infamous realistic TGS CG Zelda tech demo).

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Do you know what a remake means you cock loving retard? A remake is built from the ground up using an entirely new engine, there are no old assets

>the only actually funny line was the age/rank joke.

Get help.

If it was about giving a taste of open world, I’d end it in Kalm with the Nibelheim flashback and a Cloud v Sephiroth fight.

Dude XI is great but it reuses assets out the fucking ass and in general has way less detail than either the old prerendered backgrounds in FFVII or the areas in the remake.

Assuming they make this in 3 or 4 parts, part 2 or 3 will include the return to Midgar

This. They don't even have the balls to slap Part 1 on the box.