It's time

It's time.

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I don’t play games with gays or made by gays

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Breeding season backers be mad

>futa with no balls

>shitty buggy mess
just look up the gifs on a booru and save yourself time and money

I'm not sure about this. Is the gameplay solid?

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Yeah he scammed the other author with that "I own all the art" shit because people normally aren't paranoid about being betrayed and trust the other party.

Solid, meaty and hard

unironically shilling this jew shit
you know the dev for this game is a literal jew

The "game" is shit, apart from the HD pixel porn there's nothing interesting about it. The devs need over a month to fix bugs that only take a few minutes to fix (I actually saw one of them on a stream fix bugs that were introduced 3 weeks earlier in less than 10 minutes).

The hacks removed 7/11 of the monsters from the monster seller and added them to a new vendor, but the idiots didn't even test the vendors and you couldn't get close to them to interact because of shitty geometry and when they eventually fixed the geometry (almost 1 month later) the actual vendor was broken and you couldn't buy the monsters.

Don't give the devs any money.

It doesn't have actual gameplay yet.
Also it has not received a real gameplay update in two years.

just like everything else associated with the artist behind this game its just a bunch of poorly put-together ideaguy tier bullshit mostly made to appease coomer NEETs with nothing better to do than to aimlessly spitball their daydream ideas

>western porn game
you just answered your own question

I consider myself answered.

Is that that game where a cow fucks a dude?

Devs are discord trannies that will ban you from the forums if you use words like "futa" and "trap" because they are considered slurs in the inner circles.

>buying early access
>buying generic porn which hasn't been custom tailored for your specific fetishes
>buying faggot shit
so this is the proud pc master race, huh? embarrassing...

You can also get the game for free at f95zone if you want to see the mess yourself.

how are futas being called ingame?

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Silly girl, she seems to be carrying a spare exhaust in her pants.
The bike has space under the seat for that.

Will do user, for researching purposes.


I recognize this from all the monster fucking gifs

I don't support gay shit.

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There's not even enough space under the seat for the penis you're packing, nobikeanon. Never mind a futa chode


Go fuck yourself OP

>mixed rating
tumblrinas getting a wakeup call

the gameplay is jank as fuck and the porn is ruined by the artists not taking a stand on whether they want a furry game or a tumblr porn game so you have furry characters with tumblr faces and it looks awful for 90% of the animtaions except for when you see things from behind like with that one cow character x human

invest in wild life instead, at least the anthros are actual anthros with snouts

>invest in wild life instead, at least the anthros are actual anthros with snouts
I found Wild Life a few days ago and holy shit the animations are amazing.

Which Booru has most of the animations?

holy based

Why would I buy it when I've already seen all the good parts on /gif/

Steam really went to shit when they allowed sex starved third world teenagers to push their shitty flash games on steam

Specs needed to see the boing boing?

Kill yourself, devs. Go cry about people saying futa in hell

>Posts naked buff dude
>Probably has a folder of them
>"I-i'm not gay"

Someone post the futa screencap again to scare the shill away.

idk if it's gay if it's you though

>early access
kickstarter scams are on steam now?

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that art is cringe

Neither of those are futa

>not pirating it
Enjoy paying for e621

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I've never in my life seen someone call a tranny "futa", this makes no sense whatsoever, maybe they meant to use "trap".

In what fucking universe has futa EVER been used to promote "hate"?
Jesus Christ the GALL of these faggots nowadays

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>obvious shilling intensifies
Should've at least changed the Mixed rating

>vn/rpg/farming sim
>monstrous aliens
>farmer looks like a woman but that bulge
The fuck.

no loli, no buy

also the author is a faggot, yes they are called futa you fucking homo.

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Try going into /gif/ sometimes

Trap isnt offensive either, in fact it would be a compliment.

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Does it have dick AND balls? And no vaginal opening?
It's a tranny, not a futa. A futa still has a vagina and no balls. An easy mistake for newfags to make.

>"Ignorance is never offensive, just a chance to educate!"
>locks thread when educated his woke shit is ignorant and offensive

What did he mean by this?

how about no gay shit in the game and keep it straight

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futas are hermaphrodites with both breasts and either having both dick, balls, vag, or one without the other like dick and vag dipshit

Another western patreon porn game jumping on steam for a quick buck.
Wish we could have at least a few real AAA tier porn game and not the usual patreon scam or PRGMaker titles.

>one without the other
Full on newfaggotry i see. Let me guess, amateur weeb ESL?

look up illusion and their games, their's are AAA tier

>newfag outs himself
Penis and no balls + vagina = futa
Penis with balls+ vagina = hermaphrodite

Intersex doesn't mean "having both sets of equipment". It most often means none of your junk works, and sex is off the table because your puberty fucked up.
Genderfluid doesn't mean "can switch between them at will", it means you're fishing for offense, and you think your "gender presentation" is androgynous. You're also 90% of the time just a lesbian.

look up that futa on howard stern show where it ride on a siberia or whatever the fuck its called


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>newfag outs himself
Futa and hermaphrodites are one and the same you fucking retard.

Kill yourself Shwig

>damage control after being outed

>Futa and hermaphrodites are one and the same you fucking retard.

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dilate harder


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>damage control after being outed

You should buy a better game

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still western, still no buy

you want balls on your futa? what are you, gay?

yea how is futas and hermas not one and the same? jesus you fucking newfags should just hang yourselves already

that fucking dev pussied out on the incest shit.

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i tried to play this but i didnt understand how or what do to?
i love the art even tho i hate the trannyfud happened with breeding season
is this any playable?

fucking ruined crim
futa bullshit was unecessary as fuck

dawg Futanari is just the japanese term for someone with both a Vagina and CockN'Balls and sometimes no balls, which Hermaphrodite also means, funny how that is.

I just explained it to you extremely simply so that even you can understand.
>Penis and no balls + vagina = futa
>Penis with balls+ vagina = hermaphrodite
What else do you need explaining? If one is gay and the other isnt? Both are gay.

>he didn't patch the incest text back in

It extremely short for vn and I get free version as the extras aren't worth it.

its not on igg

it has to many shit to deal with, its trying to be rune factory only without any fun gameplay or romance options without getting fucked by a homo

he still caved no less and that already ruined it

Imagine not knowing what a futa is, yet spout it with such confidence at anything with a dick like degraded newfag. The absolute state of this board.

see you fucking newfag

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it has VR too so you can PoV or watch from up close for maximum coom

>both are chicks with dicks and vaginas
Nobody is talking about either of them, we are talking about balls here, which futas dont have.

99% of futa is just shemale but with a japanese word, what are you even talking about

You don't sound like someone whose opinion I should trust on anything.

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lmao, I've never seen a dev that was such a faggot as this one. I don't remember much about the story, but I remember that the game starts out with a longass explanation that WAIT OK THIS INCEST BUT NOT REALLY, THE CHARACTERS ARE TWINS BUT SOMEHOW THEY ARE MAGICALLY NOT BLOOD RELATED, SO OK, IT'S NOT REAL INCEST AND I'M NOT OFFENDING ANYONE

The dubbing is also so bad that it's hilarious. The only good part of the game is the harem ending where you impregnate your entire family. Hypnosis is a shit fetish, desu.

how come everyone identifies shemale as futa all the cucks on exhentai do it

What about a magic woman who can grow a penis and balls which removes her vagina until she magics them away?

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I fucking remember that clearly, fuck that piece of shit

your own link that you just posted says that the one on the right isnt futa

>Being buff is gay
It's time to come out of the closet, fag.

It's not and never will, the devs took 4 years just to implement an half baked turn based combat, farming and breeding, they're fucking shit at fixing bugs and more than half the art was already done the first release, it's just another patreon scam that won't go anywhere, just pirate if you really want but don't frt your hopes up.

whether they have balls or not has nothing to do with it
futas have a penis and a vagina, they can have balls or they can not have balls

futas without balls are gay as fuck thoughh

Why did he remove the incest? Is it illegal to depict incest in fictional content? That kind of stuff really confuses me and I've never understood it. It's okay to write a murder mystery even though murder is illegal in real life, but it's not okay to write an incest story because incest is illegal in real life?

I forgot what that term is but they're not futas, you have to be born as one, otherwise I can't fucking remember

You need to a western and a complete fucking faggot to create an incest game but then backpedall at the last second and write this shit justbecause you scared of it being banned on steam.

Gaijin misusing a term as a catch-all does not change its definition.

Patreon doesn't allow incest on its platform anymore.

This is so annoying. Yeah, let's just destroy all language to refer to something very specific and replace it with vague, inaccurate words.

shemalefags are based while futaniggers are so low iq they cant even tag shit properly on exhentai

They can too have balls, dude come on, it's fine to be wrong once in a while if you at least learn from it
Surprised that a lot of people can be wrong?
Did you actually read what it says?

same kind of shit where these fags plaster, "these characters are 18+"
fuck off else they deserve to be pirated with that shit. I remember almost a decade ago where there was some kind of law or some kind of judgement where they must implement that shit all over and there were those who fought against that shit cause it was nonsensical.


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The funny part about this is the artist who made the majority of the monsters is the same faggot who got upset when people altered is darkest dungeon mod, the big tiddy one

Who cares, soon everything will be offensive and problematic, people are always trying to ban the word futa / trap and so on

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>Justifying why he has a folder full of naked dudes he love looking at

No one mixes the terms there. Futa is exclusively a fictional concept, it isn't even an inbetween thing, it's an otherwise completely biological woman with a biologically impossible penis coming out of her.

What the hell is wrong with you people? Why do you pretend this is some new game? You can download the game for 3 years now, like every single version.

because that's just how things came to be like how furry means "all anthro things" and not just mammalian characters

make dealings

Porn classification is serious fucking business

Hi Shwig, can't wait for your "game" to bomb :)

Thank god the team (minus purple heart for being a cum-gargling faggot) got back together to work on a spiritual successor.

>You can download the game for 3 years now, like every single version.

Yet there is barely any difference between the first version and the latest one. They barely update this shitty ass game, even yandere simulator has more progress in development.

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what is wrong with this site and its obsession with trannies, traps and futas even /gif/ is obsessed with trannie porn

Just don't tell me Yea Forums is now this stupid that they would pay for this shit.
Just one link out of many you can find if you google. Don't give more money to patreon milkers, they have enough of them.

>A porn fetish board is obsessed with a fetish
You don't say

but you know its this shit that just seeps in unnoticed like the sjws infesting gaming and media. That shit is completely unnecessary, what about the characters in the person series for example, they are high schoolers who fight monsters and have their lives on the line but they don't need that "oh they are 18 and over" to justify that. They really need to stop with that shit and have my Little busters come over uncensored.

As someone who browsed pixiv for futa way before it was invaded by gaijins, they legit never were that stringent about the specific configuration involved as much as you insecure fuckers are. All it strictly should be is a woman with a dick. Balls and vagina are tertiary.

>expertly voiced
lmao they wrote that ironically, right?

lol meant persona*

>neck myself

wait what do you actually like bbc threads

did you just say Futanari?! you evil racist futanazi white supremacist HITLER!



even the japanese use futa as "woman but with dick and balls and no vag"

the only time you see full config anymore is when furry artists draw characters using the "herm" tag

>the devs face

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Let me destroy this shit here.

1. the devs were wishy washy faggots and all their 'farm animals' look like people in makeup and suits.
2. The devs are sjw
3. The only thing worth a damn is the gifs which are all up on e621
4. It's a western porn game that is trying to be a breeding season simulator, it will not amount to anything.
5. Wild Life is better in every single regard despite being a never-ever western porn game too.
6. Western porn devs don't have the balls to do taboo shit. Even the most shit tier rpgmaker oc from a jap is fine including degenerate shit.
7. It's not even the best breeding season clone.

>paying for literal trash
Please tell me you didn't really

The original Breeding Season from the LoK forums is more fun than this crap.

I pirates this ages ago and there’s way too much game getting in the way of the porn. I do not care about your shitty Pokémon/Harvest Moon hybrid, I just want to see titties
>just use the animation viewer bro
Sometimes the story surrounding a particular sex scene adds a lot to it. Like there’s an animation set of the female farmer and the orc lady, but the farmer has giant milky tits now. And I want to know WHY she has giant milky tits

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You'll find out why this April 1st.

any /ss/ with milfs?

>tfw no mom who knows your secret and use a strapon on you for as a present for your birthday

The tomboy wanting to be girly is the best!

>And I want to know WHY she

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so no valid complaints except for the taboo shit. I mean the other point dont hold any water and are just your personal view, its a shit tier review user, apply yourself and give actual criticism.

remember Yea Forums
the word futa is hate speech towards the LBGT community

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Not gonna buy the game bud sorry

These stupid trannies are really retarded and RACIST BIGOTS hello! you know who wasn't a retarded racist like trannies, fucking Hitler.

He was an honorary Japanese, you could talk to him about Futanari all day

goddamn imagine being fucking worse than hitler. Trannies are fucking SOULLESS IGNORANT RACIST TRASH!

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then you cant review it. so dont complain about other "game reviewers" that do the same shit because you do as well.

>that panel with big titty orc
uh based

>It's not even the best breeding season clone.
You mean there are others? Enlighten me senpai.

Lol, just download the shit from net if you really need to fap to those shitty animation. The link is in the thread.

What? I'm not that user lol, just telling you I'm not buying this game, so you can stop replying to me

>give actual criticism.

It's actual criticism because it's the only thing that matters really. You're making porn and you can't fucking deliver good on that.

But sure, the actual game part is fucking clunky, overly long, grindy, and just not worth it. It has nothing that simulates and when you get a sex scene, it's animated well, but the subject matter doesn't appeal to really anyone who isn't into the tumblr furry aesthetic.

And even if you are, do you really want to suffer a shitty game to see shit you can get on e621?

The game ain't a good narrative either. It's the same trite writing as breeding season that literally is not worth your time. There is so much shit you have to sort through before you even get to something that approximates okay.

So it's a game that sucks shit at being a farm simulator and it sucks shit at being a great fetish game.

I pirated it. Get fucked nigger.

picrel is the worst porn game meme
seriously it wasn't a subtle suggestion stop doing this shit game devs
stop thinking coomers aren't going to buy your game because the females aren't "women wearing bunny ears"
they will still buy it and you'll get a massive furry following too

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Breeders of Nephylm is the only one worth bringing up. They're all pretty shit, even that one. In fact, don't even bother with them, they all have shit gameplay and only a couple have animations worth looking at and you can get those on a booru.

>tfw yiffalicious calls it futa still
>based devs will likely leave the term in YL2

Sorry OP, I'm playing something else.

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Isn't there that alien porn game where you literally just fuck aliens. Not like green women, but fucking monsters and shit.

It's porn, literally go full degenerate with it.

Look, some of you may be new into this, or never followed this, but western patreon porn games are NEVER finished.
Don't waste your money on this.

>visual novel

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You like aliens user?

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I just wanna play as a girl and run around and do stuff while getting f-worded and knocked up by monsters yet every game is barebones and barely changes in a years worth of updates.
life is just too hard

>western patreon porn games are NEVER finished

Super Deep Throat.

>look at character bios
>each character has their own massage style


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I agree, but go back regardless.

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If Futa is wrong then i don't want to be right


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Looks like shit dont shill your trash game here faggot

like we give a shit lmao

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Since when is futa hatespeech? Wtf? I hate futa but why the fuck is it suddenly a no-no word?

>supporting hypocrites

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It's the same fucking animation, just with different clothes and face on the girl?

Can i get a quick rundown on why S-Purples new game isn't well received again? How did they fuck it up?

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hail to the Übermensch

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I don't but I also respect someone who is straight up saying "yo this game is about you fucking actual aliens"

>he only has sexual thoughts when looking at men with a bare upper chest
Not all of us were molested when we were younger

It's finished and it's the best blowjob game in the west, and with mods its the best softcore vag/anal game in the west too.

>tfw you will never stick your dick between their balls

it's just a boring buggy mess that hasn't had any significant updates in 2 years, while they get $$$ on patreon, obviously a scam but furries are thirsty and will pay for a drip feed, stay away

post futa bulges

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Attached: 1561182951135.png (1280x1767, 859K)

So for how long has this shit been a beta on patreon? Four years? Shit will never be done and the artist most likely will take the art and money again and move on to something else if he got enough clout for a better position in the industry.

do you have any other comments from him saying that hes against the ridiculousness of tits in media?

nothing on that tweet really says hes vehemently against it, just merely stating his observation on the media

imagine being beaten silly with those futaBALLS

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Attached: 1561125448714.jpg (987x1314, 255K)

>but furries are thirsty and will pay for a drip feed, stay away
I suport lewd games with exotic creatures like pic related so you are not entirely wrong but in this case instead of paying full price I am thinking to buy it at 75% or even pirate it, I cant understand how a porn game dev "kinkshames" his own audience

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How much longer to DesireSFM's third Triss futa movie?

>but furries are thirsty

but the game has shit anthros. This isn't corruption of champions or anything. The furry content is bad.

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Don't be a fence sitting fagget and suck down a big yum yum juicey futa cock

your wish is my coomand

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>BBCuck fetish: the board
No thanks

never ever

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I am honestly shocked how dumb Steam users are. Released on Steam=new game. What the fuck happened to PC users finding everyting?

Laugh all you want, but I like reading the scenario around my porn, at least once. Makes it more enjoyable imo. Especially in this case, since BE is my main fetish and lactation is a big bonus, so seeing how that stuff plays out would make it even hotter

Attached: B5A4D6D2-7123-4D0F-85D9-DE76DA4E2FC0.png (417x576, 263K)

Not very fond of penises.

just give me wolfgirlwithyou uncensored.

Attached: 1560926783243.jpg (721x1008, 356K)

Futabu is family friendly

Come on, don't say that. He already released a short preview, 5m long christmas special, and there were 2 movies before that.

with another avatar I would say you are a man of culture, Skyrim belong to the Nords and you know it! (to the futa amazonian Nords)

Why even go on about futa being an offensive term for gender fluid?

Like do these devs not understand that futa is a male fetish for very manly men

Also that guy who does that princess game is on Steam too. I want these hacks to fuck off back to their retarded fanbase.

Why is LGBT marriage legal but incest isn't?

Attached: 1578836617014.jpg (600x426, 15K)

steam doesn't cater to pedophiles

Very based post.

The fuck is with this gay futa shit, get this homosexual shit off my Yea Forums

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Give me the fucking source before this thread dies. I beg you

>closet gays seething

Then steam is absolute pile of shit

Attached: 0AD.jpg (960x925, 67K)

Shut up fag, futa is gay

>>>so called full-package futanari

stfu lol

Attached: 1583232717638.jpg (1120x782, 130K)

>"I would rather look at man's hairy body than a clean and smooth feminime body futa"
>calling somebody homosexual
What the hell is this logic?

Attached: MoneyStolenAgain.png (537x533, 342K)

That art is fucking disgusting.

Attached: file.png (598x422, 217K)

Attached: 1568912684476.jpg (2222x4000, 1.07M)

I want to play with those balls

Attached: 5d3cd8424a9105a30ea09edcc7cbfc19.webm (476x476, 824K)


>says the person who doesn't support eugenics

Oh yeah, i'm sure you only study muscular upper chests of men and save images of them, out of scientific curiosity

>Also that guy who does that princess game

God i hope a muscle futaNAZI beats the shit out of a weak emasculated tranny bitch, lets show them what we think of racist bigot anti-futas

Attached: 001.jpg (1280x1883, 388K)

What the fuck

Attached: 1532074859798.gif (480x480, 2.56M)

What a shocker, the biggest homo is right on cue to defend cock lust

Beast Friends by Hirame/Fishine/Abi Kamesennin.

maybe they should

You're a hero.

Because the only free love is the one that I like

I want to dive my nose into futa balls

Attached: 1523209569208.png (206x284, 118K)

No, because they deleted all of those posts about the Dark Rey stuff

If futas existed, they would all have super strenght from all that extra testosterone, massive 12inches thick dongs and tennis balls. They would violently rape everything looking slightly feminime because lack of control and when horny they would even jump on masculine males.
That isn't what you want, right? I thought so.

They've apparently already said they pushed back release to Q1 2021 and will be charging 30 dollars for this turd at "full release"

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The illegality of incest came way before homosexual marriage was normalized, so the concept of creating generations of ever more deformed incest babies was something most people didn't want.
Realistically, most people wouldn't care if two same-sex siblings started a relationship with each other.

Is it weird one of my two biggest issues with the game is that its too varied? What i mean is, there is a porn scene for everything, except maybe loli fans, which means unless you are into literally everything 3/4ths of the scenes will just be ew to you.

>"Sorry" -Mum
If she really was sorry then why didn't she just pretend she didn't see it

anything that makes trannies 41% faster is worthy of existence, god wills it.

The shy, docile ones are cuter

Attached: 1494545564344.jpg (450x579, 101K)

>most people wouldn't care...
It's still weird to want to bang your sibling. At best you can use the 'it was experimentation' excuse.
If I said, as a man, that I wanted to bang my dad, that would be weird. Same reasons.

And you just know these games are made to play as a woman.
Why can't they just realise I want to self insert and fuck all the monsters.


Attached: 65202484_p8.jpg (800x852, 423K)

I bet you're scrawny

Could futas impregnate themselves?
If so, why aren't there any doujins about it?

>it's time
>early access
>imma eat this half cooked chicken
It's not time, put it back in the oven.

Attached: Henry VIII.png (365x254, 168K)

>he doesnt know

can you stick your dick in your ass

>shy futa
>futa that gets raped instead of raping
>male on futa
>futa on male, with the exception of futa on shota
All of these are pointless and some of them disgusting.