Is he a good lawyer?

Is he a good lawyer?

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No, he still spergs out even though he's middle aged and he tricked Apollo into using fake evidence.

No, he's actually unbelievably incompetent and retarded. But being a good lawyer wouldn't make for a good game because 300 hours of trial prep isn't very interesting, nor are objecting to the constant mistakes made in the game for the sake of the narrative.

No, but he's a better person than that scumbag Godot who would let an innocent person go to the gas chamber for his crimes and his own negligence just to determine if Nick was "worthy".

He's not as retarded as the first game, but all lawyers in the series are retarded, mostly when you control them.

Is Apollo a good lawyer?

No, a good lawyer prepares ahead of time instead of winging it at trial. I would never hire him.

Barnham best boy

Samefag but also keep in mind how fucked up the AA world is for defense lawyers. They don't get any evidence and the police doesn't cooperate, giving all the advantage to the prosecution.
So Phoenix "winging it" is all he can do.

Considering the amount of fucking reaching you have to do to figure out some of the cases, he might be a terrible lawyer, but my god would he make one hell of a detective. Also the prosecutors are fucking scumbags.

I think the real question should be how did he get away with this?

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Name one thing that Edgeworth did wrong

Your real question should be, how did ALL prosecutors get away with all the shit they pulled? Fake witnesses, fake evidence, KILLING SOMEONE ELSE AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT UNTIL SOMEONE BRINGS A FUCKING METAL DETECTOR TO COURT

All the anons in this thread seem to focus on his apparent lack of actual legal knowledg, but I mean, the results really do speak for themselves, he wins 99% of the time, I'd definitly hire him if I was innocent.

well for starters he told a woman to off herself in a court of law

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>but I mean, the results really do speak for themselves, he wins 99% of the time
Speaking exclusively about the trilogy, a lot of the time he's incredibly reliant on fucking ghosts who actually know what happened.

Even the prosecutor is a better lawyer

She was being uncooperative

Yeah but the prosecution always has witnesses lie at the stand and keep secret evidence, all's fair in a trial, even hitting the defense attorney with a whip

Not even close
The entire court is a circus

Adrian was a dumb cunt Edgeworth put her in her place

>Miles "I'm gonna make Dignitas look like a fucking joke" Edgeworth

Well in the AA universe, kind of. But it's a magical power of friendship land where defendants are almost always innocent. In real life "always trust your clients" wouldn't pay off like in the games.

>Phoenix canonically does not get together with Maya or Iris
Why even live?

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he's homo for Miles

Because he already has a lady, and her name is JUSTICE For All

He's waiting for Pearl to be legal obviously

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I want to be Edgeworth when I grow up

He's a 'good' lawyer, but not a good 'lawyer.'

Good enough to get into Smash xd

I hope so because IM A TAX PAYER

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Honestly, he should be a cop.
He does better detective job than most detectives on the franchise.