What does Yea Forums feel about Riot Games™ Valorant™ Competitive FPS™?

I feel conflicted about it. On one hand I'm really desperate for a new multiplayer FPS that isn't dead and isn't boring battle royale. The 128 tick servers are nice and the promise of optimization focus.

But it looks like CSGO with needless gimmicky shit sprinkled on it. CSGO is already boring af after existing for 10+ years. I'm not sure if this will be enjoyable or innovative enough.

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Some gameplay footage

It is too obvious a knock off, to the extent where it really seems like a Chinese bootleg. Which is probably the whole intention, this isn't game made for the west but if they catch some it is a bonus. It will be another ripoff Chinese clone, don't think it will dethrone Crossfire though. The hero shooter aspects will put off CS players while still being too CSGO for hero shooter fans.

Also the character designs suck, Chinese will probably reject it for the black main character even though they are trying to channel some Kyo from KoF elements into his design. I've seen fuck all fan art and no porn so you know the hero shooter crowd isn't be caught up.

Imagine CSGO + Overwatch, but even worse.

Now that you mention it, I'm starting to wonder if it was actually outsourced

I imagine some aspects were. But it is most likely just hyper focus tested by a company that does care about doing wholesale ripoffs. It is the same bootlegging mentality. I think it was a mistake though to not make something about it that really stands out, the marketing is going to be funny as they have to describe very clearly lifted aspects and not say like in OW.

cs;go/pcbros are already trembling in their boots. Riot always is #1 in esports.

>Guy mentions Ultimate Abilities
I thought they weren't going to have that; just a few powers that would have basically been the equivalent of grenades and supplemental gadgets.
What little interest I've had is gone. Fuck that Overwatch shit.

You have to buy the tactical and ultimate abilities and so you can't just activate it each match

might be cool. not going to know until it's actually out and can put some hours in. Probably going to be shit tho

They are a bit different as it seems mostly based on getting a certain number of skills. Though I assume there will be other ways, as otherwise you could imagine how matches start to horribly snowball. I also think it is kind of lame that in a 1v1 situation it will be effected by who has ability charges. Turns what could be a tense moment into someone dropping a brap wall or using a wall hack arrow

It looks ugly and soulless.

Can't wait for my normalfag discord friends to hop back into the server after months of being MIA just to scream at each other while i'm playing my single player games.

The game will be good then they will add invisibility/invincibility and the game will go down in flames.

I watched a little but and came to the conclusion that most of the abilities seems to be pretty damn useless since they are simply too slow for that ttk. Like that shit with flying knives, i distinctly remember a moment when that character died from a headshot before even first knife flew.

I like the idea that because of anti-cheat stuff that china would hate, they are just automatically giving characters cheats.

The good thing is that the characters don't shit shields and heal every second like OW where you become a bulletsponge waiting for your ultimate
The problem is that even with the Hero abilities it still feels/looks like chinese CSGO with the only difference is that one character can use wallhack and the other one can only do a shitty dash.

I never thought of it that way. It makes a lot of sense


it looks like a game made specifically for chinks

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>Click click.. hehe... you are dead. Wait half a minute again before you can do something.

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looks like overwatch. Which is boring.