What went right?

What went right?

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Dawn was better



not art-wise and the gimmicky draw seal shit was lame props for getting Berserk's brand in there though

cotm was better

nigga I'm not playing gameboy games for the art LMAO

The funny thing to me is that of the DS Csatlemanias, OoE had the worst art by FAR. It was such a shitty imitation of Kojima's previous work that it was borderline offensive. If they couldn't afford to get her back they shouldn't have hired her non-union Mexican equivalent.

>this post again
dude just stop

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>m-muh Shanoa

Cry some more, bitch boy.

Dawn > Aria, art-wise included

keep seething cuck

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The heavy weapons were a downgrade and AoS just feels much better to play overall

plus grinding for the Chaos Ring is much better in AoS

Basically everything, the GBA and DS Castlevania games were all solid as hell. HoD was arguably the weakest and it was still great. Too bad Judgment happened.

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This is the only Castlevania I've ever played. Is it a good one?

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Literally everything except difficulty. It was too easy.

Its close but Aria edges out. It gets the points for originality, better story, less soul grind, etc.
Dawn definitely is underrated on Yea Forums though and I think it has the best true ending/final area in the series unless you count OoE, but honestly OoE without the castle is shit.

I agree. That westernshit-esque style looked awful.

>dear elite contrarian incels of Yea Forums, please spoonfeed me some opinions to hold

Mina 100% tops

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I'm asking because I played it when I was like 11.

>the best true ending
What? It was just a generic fucking happy end. The best ending from the Sorrow games is in Aria where Soma succumbs to Chaos and becomes Dracula

Does anyone have any insight into Kojima's role in nailing Castlevania into its coffin? Previously I'd put a large chunk of the blame on IGA until Kojima backed Lords of Shadow but it's recently come to my attention that Hack Fraudman may have had a hand in not only Judgment but an earlier, Alucard-centric game that got an announcement trailer but never saw the light of day.

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>Alucard-centric game that got an announcement trailer
Jesus christ i absolute hate the Alucard shilling that is going on in CV, i'm so tired of it.

Every GBA and DS Castlevania is good. Yes, even Harmony of Dissonance.
The series went to shit after Rebirth and Order of Ecclesia.

That happens is dos too, and includes Julius then killing drac Soma. Dos still wins

>tired of it
When was the last time he got shilled in a CV game?

Step up your game

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The ReBirth games gave me incredibly high hopes for what virtual console games could be. Boy howdy did that turn out to be disappointing.

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I agree that he's overused but at least he's neat.

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SoTN like defined Castlevania for most people my dude.

Maybe if you’re blind

A lot of things. youtube.com/watch?v=23yow3-TyUo

IMO nothing beats the original.

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