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Thread about playing video games on GNU+Linux

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>But does Linux even have games?,lin_mint,lin_ubuntu_18

>But can I play Windows games on Linux without spending all day learning how to configure Wine to run them?

>But isn't Linux hard to install?
Not really. Choose a distro, find a guide, and follow the steps. You'll probably be downloading an ISO image, making a bootable USB device, and booting to it. The installer will do everything for you, if you picked a beginner-friendly distro. If you don't know what you're doing, just pick something easy like Linux Mint. Here's a guide for that:

>How do I install Steam?
Not every distro is the same. On Linux Mint, you can find it in the software manager and click the "Install" button, or you can just enter `sudo apt install steam` into a terminal.

>How do I use Proton with Steam?
1. Install Steam.
2. Log in.
3. Go to settings.
4. Go to the "Steam Play" tab.
5. Check "Enable Steam Play for supported titles" and "Enable Steam Play for all other titles".

>But not all of my games work out of the box.
Check the comments on ProtonDB. Sometimes you'll need to enable or disable specific Proton features using launch options.

>But ProtonDB says some of my games are borked.
Then dual boot play them on Windows.

>But I don't want to dual boot, and I don't want to learn how to use Linux, and most importantly I have no actual interest in using Linux at all!
Then don't use Linux. That's the nice thing about having choices. You can choose to do what you want. You can even make dumb choices, like choosing to go into a thread about an operating system you don't like and then complaining as if you're being forced to use it.

Outside of games with DRM, I don't think that there's anything that doesn't work on Linux now.
The technology side of things seems to be a solved issue.
I can't remember the last game that I wanted to play but couldn't

>not making your own games in Linux

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Linux will never catch up and making daily begging threads won't help you

>Halo works perfectly on Linux if run without Anti-Cheat
Now if only work would get done on making Anti-Cheats work with Proton, there would be nothing stopping Linux gaming

Linux? You mean uCUNTu? With that faggot penguin? That operating system?

>why are linuxfags as desperate if not worse than vegans?
They're obsessed with converting people

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the reason you're not converting everyone is you recommend inferior distro linux mint thats full of bloat and sluggish

true gamers use manjaro or arch instead of the ubuntu turd

all the aggressive conversion attempts in this thread clearly show how barbaric freetards are

the reason no one is converting is because linux sucks
most people value their time and won't waste it on a half baked OS when windows and macOS just work out of the box, specially when the only "benefit" from using windows is the placebo of privacy which doesn't really mean anything unless you're a tinfoil paranoid and it doesn't affect your life at all

>most people value their time

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all memes aside, I really want to like linux but NVRM Xid errors freeze my computer too fucking often and nvidia devs have admitted they can't even replicate the issue even with tons of users complaining and giving them accurate descriptions on exactly how to replicate it. in the past 2 weeks I've gotten 3 Xid 61 crashes and 2 Xid 8 crashes. other than these linux is better in every way, but these are becoming a dealbreaker, and there are zero fixes online, nvidia has to fix it.

You realize linux gets updates too? And major system changes will require a reboot to take effect?

Unless you're using an LTS distro, which is a terrible idea if primary use of your OS is gaming.

>implying Linux takes user's control away while updating
>implying reboot after update requires you to wait while you look at spinning circle
Everyone with at leas two brain cells knows that Linux respects your time

Nvidia doesn't care about GNU people . . .

>has no argument so resorts to name calling
good goy, in your natural habitat ( Yea Forums and reddit )


windows users coming in to spout their uneducated opinions are way more effective at "converting" people to linux than any shilling could ever be

check if your sarcasm detection works properly
claims "hurr I'm being raped by freetards"
says "sure you are, look at all the rape in this thread"
and when you look around the thread there is no rape

What would you do to make Linux get more games?

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Ah yes, because my computer taking 5 minutes to update while I'm not using it is comparable to spending hours every week looking at forums to learn how to code an entire OS by myself only to get a basic function working on a distro

Make the OS actually decent so people will use it. The games will come naturally.

>spending hours every week looking at forums to learn how to code an entire OS by myself only to get a basic function working on a distro
So why are you using Arch/Gentoo when you don't want to do this? Manjaro, Fedora, etc. exist.

A Microsoft distro made by competent and organized employees unlike every single linux distro ever made

You can easily make your Linux partition unbootable simply by updating your distro. How come it still exists in 2020? No thanks