Joining any of the factions

>Joining any of the factions
>Appointing one of the lords as a gods puppet
>Not just nuking the temple g-d is sleeping in

Give me 10 good reasons you haven't played Age of Decadence yet.

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is it actually good?

Just what the hell WERE the "gods" anyway? Ayylmaos? Beings of pure energy who were encased in constructed bodies?

The combat system is lots of fun but overall it's a very amateurish game.

This game was my favorite RPG in 2015. It's biggest problem is that hybrid builds can run into a wall in the mid-late game. Really fun game where non-combat builds are 100% viable and some of the most fun.

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>hybrid builds
Of what kind?

I've played it but.
>If you put points into right skills game just plays itself. Due to predetermined outcomes it becomes point and click adventure game.

Like if you want to invest in BOTH axes and swords and crit and Lore. the builds work best if you focus on say... daggers + crit or axe + shields. if you spread your points too thin then you'll end up with a bunch of mid-level skills when you're coming up against high level enemies or high level skill checks in the late game.

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Man this game was such a huge disappointment.
>expected an RPG with loads of freedom
>in reality it's a collection of linear stories and you pick which one you want to go through at the beginning with the """""character creation"""""

The story isn't bad and the world is really cool but it's not what I expected at all. It's basically a VN, with gameplay being a thing only for the storylines that are related to combat-centric characters.

I actually did this. I went with a Grifter and persuaded, coerced, impersonated or just bullshitted my way out of just about every single situation in the game. And I went with a high lore and crafting too so some of the end-game stuff became trivial. I didn't even unsheathe my petty dagger once.

Ah yeah that's spreading yourself a bit too thin. I went spear+shield+alchemy, with some dump into crit.

>pick a path that is supposed to be social intensive
>just shank everyone in the eye instead the entire game

Some "serious" fantasy settings are pointlessly edgy and bleak so I keep waffling whenever it goes on sale for a couple bucks. When it is that cheap, I often find other games that look more interesting for the same price or less.

Alien spirits that were transmigrated into human bodies, which they have the biological knowledge to modify into something superhuman.

Wish me luck. I'm going for the godhood ending next.

The chain of decisions you need to make to get the godhood ending kinda makes it taste bitter, because only a crazy PC that's completely unworthy of being a God would ever go for it.

I do believe that's part of the point.

Good Codex thread, OP.

i could never figure out how to become a god. i only became the god's minion. when I played it was 2015 so there was less content about the game online so i was playing it blind

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>not memorizing every skillcheck and creating the perfect hybrid character to win every fight AND become god

Nice set of mommies

Killing whatshisface in 1v1 combat when he steps out of his tube is a more satisfying ending than achieving godhood imo

Name me a game with more ways to go through the story.
Obviously there's constraints, but there's very much freedom, actually. Such as choosing between a combat or dialogue oriented character..

>Name me a game with more ways to go through the story.
Most VNs?
I don't want a VN I wanted Underrail in a post-apocalyptic roman setting.

>it's not what I expected at all
I feel like a lot of the negative reviews I see on steam are from people who go in expecting something that the game is not. They need to make it really fucking obvious that if you are a 'talker' character you will NEVER get into a fight without getting your ass kicked.

>that arched back and forward head posture
oof those tits did not do her any favors

You fail to see my complaint. I'm not complaining that there's few combat, I'm complaining that it's extremely fucking linear.
You choose which story to watch at the start and go through it linearly.

>I wanted Underrail in a post-apocalyptic setting
Does the existence of the 'social' pathways through the story invalidate making a combat character and playing the exact game that you're thinking of?

Yes the fact the world is extremely small and linear.

Then I guess this game isn't for you. The world is small but dense, and it really doesn't show until you go for repeat playthroughs.

>Then I guess this game isn't for you
No shit? My first post was all about how it disappointed me
Not really. It's a linear story with no sidecontent, you can see a different story by starting in a different place with different stats but once it all starts it's all on rails.

>Most VNs?
I'm not talking about how many branches exist in the story, but how many character archetypes can you play the game through as.
I've only played one VN and it was railroaded as fuck, afaik they typically have a bunch of paths, but there's no way of playing radically different kinds of characters, like you should be in an rpg you know.

No, nigga. There's as many linear stories, as there are pathways, which are many, as are the endings.
I much prefer a choice of 7 or so interesting railroads, than an empty "open world" that has a single plot line.

pic related for what I'm talking about. Underrail doesnt have the greatest story but it's good and it has good choices in the right places, all the while having fucking AMAZING build possibilities and exploration of both the game's mechanics and the world

The open world one has better gameplay though, and what's what I like in an RPG. Stop trying to tell me what I should like.

Age of Decadence is not bad, the lore is cool as hell, but it's very amateurish and lacks freedom.
It's a VN. A good one with a combat minigame in some of the paths but a VN nonetheless.

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>no sidecontent
There is missable, optional content in this game. If you just go through the faction quests from start to finish you'll never see it.
Did you:
explore the abyss
fucking nuke the second city
activate the gate
fight thoth 1v1
larp as a prophet/messiah
achieve godhood yourself
win in the arena
befriend the two demons in the game
This is just optional shit that is completely unnecessary to go through the main story with your faction, I'm ignoring the half a dozen or so unique endings you can get.

How so? You don't even have to be violent, only thing you have to do is kill Meru, who, coinicdentally, also wants to be a god.

ill give it another go but in general I did not like how all the skills were basically there just for dialogue checks, so when you got a level up you'd wait, see the dialogue requires X, reload, and put the points in X.
That's my fault for getting hyped up about "disguise" and "lie" or whatever other badass-sounding skills were there


Doing another run with different archetype will show you different sides of things.

World is a bit small but as other user said it's dense with stuff. For the budget they had I would say that is a good game. Fuck plebs who got filtered by creating a loremaster expecting it to kick ass in combat

This is a big gripe that I have with the game too. The fact that fucking quickloading and then putting points into a prerequisite skill is the optimal way to play the game is completely bullshit. I hope they do something about that in their next game.

>starting as a loremaster and then flailing your arms at the rival loremaster in the first town trying to kill him with your %10 hit chance

Exactly. Imagine if there was a big city to explore and Disguise could let you enter areas that you otherwise could not go in.
Personally, I much prefer stumbling into pieces of lore through exploration, rather than receiving them piece by piece from a linear storyline.

And it's a shame because with lore this solid this game could have been an absolute masterpiece

>Finally get a fantasy setting based on Rome
>it's this boring slog of a game

Can you say wasted potential?

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lol this picture is so true even as a fan of AOD

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I recommend people here play Expeditions Conquistador. In a way, it's the exact opposite of Age of Decadence.

They definitely have a problem with skill bloat. This is a game where spreading your points thin is a fucking death sentence, and shit like disguise that is only used once or twice just needs to be culled from the skill list. Shit like lore is fucking essential for examining relics and getting some of the coolest endings, but shit like fucking impersonate or steal has only a handful of uses.

It's better than the sequel based on vikings?

I havent played that one but Conquistador is criminally underrated. The party management hits the right spot between being simple enough that it's not autistic, but deep enough that it's not boring.

Gonna download. Bonus points if you can kidnap and rape Aztec hoes

ugly jank

I tried to, but it looked like a pretty mediocre game. 1 dialogue option most of the time and absolutely braindead combat where 4 enemies surrounding you can't hit for shit.

bruh you have no idea, you can be an absolute monster to the natives, have fun

did most of those except for the arena and the demons, what demons?

If I will enjoy the game I will always remember you. Now on to spread the word and the cock of God to the native masses

They’re robots from the old civilization, the horned bull minotaur guys. You can’t do some of the things I mentioned wihout meeting them, but you can just kill them instead of negotiating with them.

But that pic is just wrong, I get the point, but the various storylines do have branches and dead-ends. The problem with more "open" games is that they tend to boil down to a single point later, which takes the point away from choice.
>The open world one has better gameplay though, and what's what I like in an RPG. Stop trying to tell me what I should like.
This sentence makes no sense.
>Age of Decadence is not bad, the lore is cool as hell, but it's very amateurish and lacks freedom.
It's indie stuff, of course. You can't blame devs for not having a larger budget, probably.
Also calling the combat a minigame and the game a VN is just ridiculous and dumb.

You go ahead and like "open world" games all you like, but you need to realize that you're judging AOD on that criteria, instead of as what it is.

I'm not judging AoE I'm decribing why I was personally disappointed by it

Because it's slow, tons of trial and error and by the time you figure out what to do it's not fun anymore

Yeah I also thought it was intended to be that way and it's pretty cool. Just noting that it doesn't end up being the satisfying player jerk off you'd think it would.

I think that any potential that the lore has specifically is sufficiently expanded upon. If anything, I'd say that more devs would be inclined to copy the fantasy Rome setting to use in other games

Man, I actually thought this game was really good and have no idea why Yea Forums shits on it. I guess I just love dialog options.

Yea Forums expects an indie studio to make a groundbreaking fully open-world and freeform RPG that incorporates a sentient AI which reacts realistically depending on your choices.

It makes me feel a bad guy, I'm mostly a pacifist in games but I don't see many options for that in this game.

One good reason is that there is no build variety, if you don't build your character according to guides it wont function in any capacity. Which makes the game super save scummy.

But the setting and story is fun, but they could lessen the skill point tolerances a little bit. Just so that your character build feels more natural and you don't have to min-max point by point to move forward in the story.

I know this is a very shallow reason, but this game is just so fucking UGLY. I get that they're going for a dilapidated post apocalyptic low fantasy setting but everything looks so drab and ugly, the world has no a esthetic element of its own at all

So I guess anything with a story and dialog options is a VN nowadays. Is Torment now considered a glorified western VN?

I think it looks good, the only thing I'd change is the squares that show up on the ground during combat. It's something about the style and colors they've chosen that make me feel I'm running the debug version of a pre-alpha game

vaguely remember a minotaur fella in a pit
man AoD was cool, hope they double down on the whole after-apocalypse thing

More than half the stories you can pick are literally "run from one dialogue check to the next dialogue check", I'm not saying that's bad just not something I enjoy

Their next game is set aboard a colony ship in space that's been adrift for far too long.

Is this like the guild 2?

I loved that game

It is really good and they're exaggerating the "single path" thing, you can hop across paths very commonly (the game uses a neat trick where there is a guy playing the part the PC would have in other plots, so you end up for example being either the assassin or the guy sent to stop the assassin in the same "event")

>TFW no You Bright And Risen Angels RPG

How many of you liked Disco Elysium as well?

I haven't tried it. Some guys here were saying AoD is a VN but honestly, Disco Elysium strikes me far more as a VN.

The point was that, based on what you've been saying, the criteria your judgement is based on is how an open world game should operate. And that everything else is just a VN.

I thought it was okay, but the communist bias left a bad taste in my mouth.

No, AoD feels like a VN because of

AoD isn't a straight VN but the stories work like in this post's picture: And the ones that don't have combat are basically talk to an NPC, walk to the next NPC, talk to them now. So yeah those are basically a VN

Pretty big disappointment. The political narratives were cringe, like many say but the real offender was the super linear story and the absence of real choice. All the fun in the game is just a crazy cop coming up with funky solutions in a wacky world that tries to take itself way way too seriously, whilst critiquing real world ideas in a fairly biased way.
Bad replayability, which is supposed to be the point of a game like this.