Why are gamers such simps?

Why are gamers such simps?

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What's a simp?

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A good way to identify the subhumans known as the English.

>Not even a week in and people misuse simp
I hate the zoomers on this site so much.

People don't take about the themes in FFVII because it doesn't have any themes. If you make a 90 hour game that's 98% about an anime man and his quest to kill his boyfriend, people lose focus of the one or two scenes where the developers tried to make their game seem like more than what it was.

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go back to twitter

did this guy only play through Midgar and then stop?

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I can never tell if people that constantly go on about FF7's politics didn't play the game or if they did and stopped paying attention as soon as they got whatever narrative they wanted to push out of it

i'm not i'm based and redpilled

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it was definitely the former and if they saw a letsplay it was a speedrun sipping all the dialogues and missing the point entirely


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>using reddit words

the new twitter tranny buzzword

>giving reddit exclusive rights over words
lmao what a simp

>nobody complained about shinra, most were able to live their day thanks to it
>the main villain is a long haired dude in a dress , that and stop a meteor from falling

>simp was never used before twitter/reddit
lmao what simps

Corporatism IS bad for the planet though.

Shinra should Sephiroth that people would exploit the planet's resources and destroy it for short term gain. Sephiroth sided with the the hippie proto-people. Sure Shrina isn't the endgame problem, but they did nothing but create it.

Main villain was Hojo though.

Environmentalism is just a McGuffin for FF7, the main theme is just about coming-of-age and finding self.

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They're not even showing off their feet

"Simp" has been used on Yea Forums for years and was probably used on Yea Forums before the split.

"Simpleton" shortened ironically by simpletons for simpletons.

Mostly because they stay inside all day, dont interact with others or develop actual personalities. The entire reason that they game in the first place is because they cant participate in reality, or talk to women.

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