Main theme plays during the final boss fight

>main theme plays during the final boss fight
>final level is named after the title of the game
post shit you love in video games

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Jade give two rides

>Character says the game name

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>new game plus makes reference to the fact that you seem to know what you're doing already
>event that was previously impossible in the first run is now possible, and leads to something fun

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Based and Dougie pulled.

I was happy to see that the clone Cooper made of himself had a happy ending with Jane and their son.

South Park Fractured but Whole did the first one and it was kino.

Friendly reminder that Eddie Vedder wrote a song that confirms that cooper doesn't get his mind back. Pic is evil cooper

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>Towards end of the game
>Endless onslaught of enemies
>Objective: SURVIVE

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*ends your finale*

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>Defeat villain in big elaborate final battle
>True big bad hinted throughout the game finally makes their move and sets up a completely separate epilogue chapter where you must use all the skills you've learned throughout the game
>It's unclear if you can even truly defeat the big bad, but you have to try
>Game ends in an uneasy haze as to the outcome of who won in the end, probably never to be answered

Hello, doc? One order of pure kino please.

IMO he was back together briefly until around Bob got ONEPUUUUNCH'd and afterwards he split back into doggie and evil(?) Cooper.

He erased the events of the show, he's Richard now. The only version of Cooper that exists anymore is the Dougie clone sent back to Las Vegas.

What game?

>Starting weapon remains useful throughout the game

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Dumb brainlet, Dougie 2 is a Tulpa MIKE made for Coop to take care of his family he'd come to care for.

Richard is the real Cooper after he assumes the identity of his alter-ego in Judy's world. Doppelganger was returned to the lodge where he burns as punishment for his shenanigans.

So when are we getting our Odessa show?

>The Big Bad setup as the final boss dies halfway through
>It's still the best fight in the game

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>You can't

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>you start out as a nameless fuck
>gain many titles and renown
>no one gives a fuck
love it

>The Big Bad from the previous game helps you in the sequel

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>big bad from previous game joins your party in the sequel
>he's a fucking wrecking machine and the most broken character in the game

>Drop Twin Peaks at the beginning of season 2
>Right when it turned from murder mystery into paranormal shit
>See people itt talking about tulpas and evil clones and multiple worlds and shit

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Season 3 is a wild ride

>Get out of the map
>Find a secret

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Why did he like donuts so damn much?

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>every playable character has its own theme

>Stonehenge Offensive
>Stonehenge Defensive

I love when Level names have polar opposites later on

literal shit show for boomers

First time David Lynch got high his friend asked him if he wanted a donut and Lynch replied, "I GOTTA have a donut!"

The last 3 or so episodes of S2 are the most chilling shit ever. Specially the finale when this song plays.
If you take the context of scene into account it may well be talking about ayy lamos looking at you, right now.

I dropped it for a reason, they went too hard into the paranormal and it got pretty boring as a result

>a corny romantic ballad a la Disney renaissance style plays in the final credits
And that's why I like JRPGs in general despite a lot of them being of questionable quality

Bowie really let himself go

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Do you think this guy was supposed to be whatever Jimmy's character was?

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The murder mystery is trash and just an excuse for the paranormal shit behind the scenes though. The finale of S2, Fire Walk with Me and S3 is where Twin Peaks gets kino

Well he does look like Jimmy Scott, but fuck if I remember where that guy appeared.

It's Twin Peaks.

He's The Roadhouse MC.

Ohh yeah yeah I remember now, I totally missed that one.
Guess that makes sense and adds another layer to the spookiness, yeah.

Those two themes are shit when you combine them, especially when you introduce the murder first. The entire premise of a murder mystery is "we gotta explain how this person died and who killed them". The entire premise of the paranormal is "It's paranormal, I ain't gotta explain shit". When you spend the entire first season trying to piece together evidence to tell the story of this murder, getting people invested in it, and then you go "oh by the way there's ghosts/aliens involved", that entire thing loses its meaning because you can't explain the unexplained.

They reveal BOB killed Laura Palmer in the first season though. The real mystery was how he did it and solving the rules BOB and all the lodge monsters operate on.

S2 is mostly trash as Lynch left and the writers had no idea what to do with the pieces left to them. It's pure kino in the last few episodes when Lynch came back to flip the whole show on its head.

The mystery of how he did it becomes moot when they reveal that it's all voodoo magic bullshit that they just pull out of their ass.

It definitely felt that way when I was watching it. I don't feel like sitting through the entire season to see how Lynch salvages it though.

The first third or so of S2 when Lynch was still onboard is amazing through, Lonely Souls finale is the absolute best scene outside of the last episode.

>You start out as the chosen one and everyone knows you
>you gain many titles and renown on top of that
>but actually no one gives a fuck and they have you wade through sewers to collect 5 rat asses
>everyone says you're a big deal

>you start out as a nameless fuck
>gain many titles and renown
>start getting invited to famous guilds ran by the strongest adventurers in the land
>people in later quests start acknowledging your high status

You have to be watching the show in a different mindset. The charm of the show is how it captures the feeling of being inside a dream. Wanting to watch it as a story about a crime, is the same as wanting to watch it as a soap opera, it's a mockery. Coop literally looks for clues by throwing rocks at bottles while going down a list of names, it's not meant to be a real detective story.

I love the Black Lodge bestiary, how they all act completely alien to humans but they all follow set rules that can be figured out/used against them. That's why I say that's the real mystery aspect.

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the surreal aspects of it, like with Coop's dreams and shit, I did. But when the paranormal shit starts to completely take over it kinda waters down the whole thing

>First and final puzzle have the same solution
>Protagonist doesn't hold back from hitting a child for being a dickhead
>It's marketed as a stand-alone story but it's actually a sequel to a game that wouldn't be localized until a decade later
>Main item is a pun to the first game's title
>Director just inserts stuff he likes into the game despite it having nothing to do with the plot
>Inspirations are obvious but still has it own unique style and themes
How does so much kino fit into a single game?

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Literally a goat finale.

>SOULful downgraded artstyle for more SOUL

..their son..

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Twin Peaks follows an arc where the dream the story plays out in slowly turns into a nightmare, which is what you refer to as the paranormal side of the show. BOB and his ilk desire nothing less than to create fear and suffering and as the show progressed, despite the setback Coop caused him by apprehending the culprit he was hitchhiking on, their influence in the ""normal"" world increases tenfold after the S2 finale, the real turning point for the series. You can't really separate the paranormal side without completely reinventing the show.

Can you really call it SOUL when the original team didn't have anything to do with the port?


How do I get hair like evilcoop without having it go everywhere like some kind of hobo?

>dungeon theme keeps playing over regular encounter battles


>next gen sequel or remake has the original game as an unlockable
I always appreciate this shit.

I watched the end of S2 for the first time with my mom last weekend and we ate a bunch of great donuts and made damn fine cups of coffee. Need to watch the movie and S3 now!

Doesn't that make your hair all sticky?

Yes but with some types it is invisible

>First Dungeon is a ruined castle
>Final Dungeon is the same castle, but in its prime, as you traveled back in time

it's the policeman's dream.

Twin Peaks was best as a fusion of both, where the rational and mundane world of a murder mystery and a soap opera town was floating uneasily on a deep ocean of the paranormal. Among the many problems with S2 was separating the two and exaggerating them, so that we got deep into soap opera stuff with the love triangle shit or Billy Zane's character, and also having weirdness for weirdness' sake. S3 kind of had the same problem but it's barely Twin Peaks anyway and is just David Lynch playing with a budget he was never going to get again.
Thanks for reminding me of this scene, user

Guess I'll be a hobo then

>main theme was taken out of the port so during the """final boss""" you listen to some generic tune instead of its quiet remix
At least it could have relieved a bit the frustration you feel while doing fucking basic arithmetic

I was late to twin peaks but I just watched the first two seasons and that show became pretty horrible after they found the killer. I'm not sure why this show has such a large following after the way season 2 ended.

Man that sucks so much. I hope we get a port of a translated PS2 version on modern systems.

Donuts look like the most delicious shit ever
>Tfw they don't sell them where I live

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They're nice once in a while when you get them fresh but having more than one makes you feel sick and they're disgusting if they've been left sitting around.

>spending time with your mom

After the killer was "revealed", Lynch the director of the show left because the network forced them to make the reveal when it was meant to remain unsolved. Without him the rest of the staff had no idea what to do which is why most of S2 is a big mess. He came back for the final episode, which is incidentally the reason the show has such a cult following, because that episode is stellar and begs for a continuation.

You can find some pretty good alternatives to the best donut, the boston cream donut.

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pic related

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Final Fantasy?

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you bet

the best one

>You can call for back up

Whenever playing shit like gta and scarface the world is yours i loved being able to call for backup. Made me fell like a real boss. Shit like invoking minions in the darkness and shit like cheng in dota2 were my shit.

>not posting the full version