Sonic Movie

Late as hell, but just watched it today.
1. Jim Carrey is 10/10.
2. Agent Stone is 10/10.
3. Sonic is amusing though a bit too childish with some of his jokes.
4. Donut Lord is okay but I hope his importance in the sequel is reduced.
5. OST was forgettable, not enough reference to source material.
6. Action scenes were nice, entertaining enough.
7. No Super Sonic is disappointing.
8. Story is a bit too basic but whatever.
9. Longclaw + Echidna lore is interesting but not expanded upon enough.

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>Sonic is amusing though a bit too childish with some of his jokes.

Well that makes sense. You live by yourself for 10 years with no meaningful contact and you tend to not mature very much. Personally I liked the character depth they gave Sonic. Wasn't something I expected but I thought it was handled well and consistently.

Yeah I agree, guess it's something that'll change over the films (assuming we get a series) as Sonic matures bit by bit.

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Ben Schwartz said he wanted to play Sonic as an excited kid so that makes sense

There was no super sonic in sonic 1. Why would he be in this movie? Also notice the lack of tails? Exactly.

I thought Jim Carrey was underused and I was kind of let down

I thought so too but it's not really his story either. They needed an antagonist and he provided one.

>Sonic is amusing though a bit too childish with some of his jokes.

Almost like he was made for kids. makes you think

>Sonic is too childish
>Does the epic flossing dance
Ok boomer

I love how the movie went straight into him being Robotnik as hell. No long-winded backstory or shit like that. I appreciate that.
In some ways, yeah, I suppose.
I would agree if it were not for the fact that in the final fight Sonic went "super saiyan" and I thought that would be better represented by a Super Sonic transformation instead since it's more in-canon. Though I guess they should also save that for the moment when all the Chaos Emeralds are brought together in the sequel perhaps, so your point stands.

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Why does this constantly come up? Is it because people are being overly-analytical towards a kids' product or is it like saying "you got what you deserved"?

I understand that the movie is for children and that Sonic was originally created for a children's game. I suppose the reason I found movie Sonic to be a bit too childish is perhaps because I've become far too acquainted to his Modern Sonic incarnation ala Generations or Forces.

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That "super saiyan" state just seemed to be that powered state Sonic got into a few times prior in the movie. I thought Super Sonic there would've been cool, but like you said, he'd need the Chaos Emeralds for that.

According to the director those were on the table in the early drafts but they wanted to scale it back and tell a straightforward story with the basics first.

Jim was the best part.

Still feels like if they make a sequel they'll find a way to fuck it up.

Please don't jinx it.

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Yeah it was good. But not like amazing or anything.

Boco is a faggot, please ignore him.

zoomers are children, dumbass. He is meant to appeal to them.

Discussing this movie was better before the dust settled. Now all the contrarians who were drowned out feel like they have a voice again.

>I would agree if it were not for the fact that in the final fight Sonic went "super saiyan"
he's utilizing chaos energy.
that's what will end up motivating robotnik to pursue the chaos emeralds, since they have the same kind of power that sonic does but limitless.

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Sonic's was unlimited too. What you should be saying is greater through put and time and space manipulation. Sonic was already fast enough that the world from his perspective was super slow. Chaos Emeralds on top of that allow for teleporting over vast distances. Sonic and Shadow in battle mode allowed you to use Time Stop as well.