I don't get it

I don't get it.

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NieR Automata's core theme is the pursuit of meaning in a meaningless world.

In the end, maybe you saved them or maybe you didn't, but it's the act of "trying" that gives life meaning.

They live happily ever after.

Actually after the game originally came out there was a stage drama that closes it out and the ending was leaked as being 9S never wakes up and 2B dies of grief, only for it to it have been a fake leak from Taro himself only for the real ending to be they lived happily ever after. Wholesome cheese, but the game is about coming up with a reason to live in the face of existential crisis so it's certainly appropriate.

That’s because it’s convoluted garbage for 15 year olds.

Where does one go from automata?I can't wait to see what toro comes up with...

slashy slashy robots dieded
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apparently mobile gacha and mmorpg events
based retard squenix

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They are spared and given a chance to live in this world.

dragons on da moon

I totally don't only like this game because I masturbated to it 1,000 times, I swear!

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nier automata just got solved guys

How did 9S reactivate and get into FF14's world?


I'm not really sure where the raid is on the timeline

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Reminder that the PC port is STILL broken.

I love how Yea Forums's opinion on this game changed after 3 years so drastically. I don't think any other game has had such a reckoning of opinion. This game is still miles above most shit put out as a story based game regardless.

It's like a girlfriend.

how new are you, this happens with literally every game that gets popular

The board is bleeding quality posters exponentially, it's impossible to discuss anything anymore

That without sex function to breed and multiply, life is meaningless.

Yeah, it's an extension of Pascal's Wager, to an existentialist degree.

It took 8 years for New Vegas to get shat on, and it didn't get nearly as much shit.

Nier: Automata is not nihilistic, even if it's tragic.

even fucking ninja gaiden is getting impossible to discuss, I fucking hate this site but

it's easy to shitpost automata because muh asses and what not

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So in the end were machines and androids one and the same? 9S mentioned how machines only ever imitated humans an could never learn anythhing new but Adam and Eve clearly learned and developed throughout the story. So is there any kind of hope for a civilized society after ending E?


well the machine cores and black boxes are pretty much the same

I was happy they survived thanks to my efforts and sacrificial accounts.

>I don't understand it so it's garbage for 15 year olds
fucking kek based retard

Yorha androids are the same as machines. Regular androids don't have black boxes.

Also, if you didn't delete your save, there's a final report you can read from Jackass and a timeline of major events after beating the game. Machines sign a treaty with the Androids after N2 fucks off to space and gives them free reign.