Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

After the disaster that Baldur's Gate 3 will be, only the Russians can save CRPGs

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Mega cope

I'm going to bully Ember.

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You forgot
>only 8 Int.

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What's the best Valerie build?

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you just posted it

>9 Dex
Guys I found the Amiri of Baldurs Gate. You know the useless character who gets benched immediately?

You can salvage any character on Kingmaker. 5E on the other hand...

Wrath's companions for comparison.

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It's 5th edition DnD. She is actually built fine for caster cleric. Just less potential for prestige/multiclass.
Only the rogue is shit by any metric.


I wish Owlcat chose 5E instead of Pathfinder which is just 3.5 but with even more overhead.

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Nothing you do with Amiri will make her competent.

>8 int rogue
Why play a rogue if you aren't going to be a skill monkey? Does it work differently in 5th edition?

Valerie and Amiri were my main frontliners and damage dealers on unfair.

5e is terrible.

Out of the box Int does fucking nothing in 5e except for wizards and for like 1 skill.

I haven't played Pathfinder, but can you really turn your companions into undead? Is this a good game if i want to be a powerful necromancer?

>5e is terrible.
I think it's fun.

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Except slavs are absolutely unable to balance a game

Are the Pathfinder DLCs short, or are they a full campaign?
I don't really wanna bother if they're 20 minutes long

I can't wait for Larianiggers to get BTFO and stop being sucked off by Yea Forums

It's gonna be great

Do we have any evil characters? I was certain the vampire elf loli would be evil but here she is being Lawful Good.

She already has fanart as a loli, amazing

Also her squeaky voice was revealed ine that 30 minute video

In the one already out you can't turn them undead. In the one coming out yes, you can play a full on lich and turn companions undead.

Go away Josh.

That just means you're a bad person.

>9 dexterity on anything
Fucking WHY
Even if you're gonna wear full plate, there's no reason not to go up to 12

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Amiri is bad? I always take her in Pathfinder

>vampire elf loli
Where the fuck did you get that impression.
Also, we have a hellknight who will likely be lawful evil and a woman who hides her alignment.
Thiefling is probably evil too.

we know, zoomie

Sacred huntsmaster of gorum and she's fine

That's what happens when you go recruiting people in a crusade against demons

>5e heavy armor cleric
>Needing dex

Balance has no place in a CRPG

A blanced CRPG is a bad CRPG, there are no exceptions.

Cleric needed those points for 14 CHA. Very important for clerics.

We both know that won't happen, though.

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No, they said you can HAVE undead advisors and armies, anons just spread rumors about turning companions

Asmodeus looking like a cute half-elf girl with hidden alignment?

Outflank, combat reflexes, seize the moment.
Reach weapon.
Pure Barb, 2 handed fighter, Slayer, Ranger for the rest of her levels, or even multiclassing.
Slayer is the best overall.

Cast Enlarge. Perfectly good DPS.
You suck ass at the game.

Aside from a Lich what other cool shit can you be in this new game?

>he Lich is an immortal creature, commanding their own army of undead. Even the mightiest adversaries the Lich defeats can be raised as slaves under the Lich’s command. Eventually, this master of undeath and necromancy can even replace their mortal companions with powerful undead minions they create. They master the art of magic—especially necromancy—and wield an armament of unique and especially powerful spells like death realm.

From the kickstarter page

Vote ratfolk.

No it's not, but i suspect you're aware.

+ gold dragon
+ swarm that walks

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Aeons can sense Guilt in people and judge them, so that may open up dialogue options

>replace with minions they create

grandpas playing Pathfinder LOL

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Swarm that Walks

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>+ gold dragon
>+ swarm that walks
I was dead set on lich then they go and add probably the only 2 things I can think of that could rival a lich in coolness.

That sounds more like you can create undead that serve as permanent party members to replace your companions, not that you can just murder them all and make them zombies.

Amiri is not THAT bad. She can pull her weight as a barbarian even if she doesn't excel, and since you can level up your companions as you please you can usually salvage even the worst of them in different ways. Everyone but the goblina in that pic are fucking ridiculously bad though, and apparently you can't change their classes.

>15 Dex 8 Int Rogue
>But gotta get that 12 Str and 14 Wis, right?
>Wizard doesn't get 18 Int
>But he has more Con than the fucking frontliners

Trickster knows the entire world is a game just like Monica and Sans :O

An angel, a demon, a dragon, a regular dude that kills all of the above.
I really do hate RTwP, but i love necromancer path, what do?

baldurs gate is boomer cringe

holy fuck will they finally make a game where you can play as actual weird shit like an angel or demon or whatever
i hope this isn't misplaced hype though

how does this work holy shit please tell me

Dex 8 Int Rogue
This is not an issue. Int is The Dump Stat on 5E

The game will have both RTwP and Turn Based.

Play with Turn Based mode, they already announced it.

Aeons sound like AD&D grognards.

>this entire thread
why are russians so fucking based

>can be dhampir-angel
>can be oread-stonedragon
>can be lich-skald

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Oh boy i can't wait for even more reactivity like having some cleric talk about the very same my own cleric worship and let me say "heh sounds like a shitty god"
But most of all, i can't wait to get cucked in open relationship with an orc fucker!

Become the bone

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Stupid move imo.
They already have a modder dude doing it for free, why waste resources making and balancing an entirely different game mode?

Ngl that is one amazing Wizard stat line. If feats are available he can pick of Resilience Constitution to have the best Con saves in the entire party.

That's the trick, they're not balancing it.

Azata's get a unique Dragon companion with personality, apparently

They're not balancing it, and they're literally just using the mod.

I think they just ganked that guys mod and tossed it in the game.

>*blocks your path with 3 confirmed single waifus and doubled reactivity*
Nothin personnel demon scum

So far we know that it will have an intelligent and growing fairy dragon companion or something, and that it is somewhat bard-like

All paths give new abilities or extend class ones, and they also all extend to your npc companions somehow

For starters, they are not balancing around turn based, only RtwP.
Secondly, the turn based mode is based on the mod. The explicitly said they are taking his work.

They said they’re still just balancing the game around rtwp. It actually isn’t hard at all to do, either, which is why a random guy could add it without any dev or mod tools.

I don't really understand the incessant bickering between the two fanbases. I enjoyed Pathfinder and Divinity, and will undoubtedly enjoy WotW+BG3. Is there a particular reason to be so insecure about your choice of game that you have to shit on the other guy? I mean fuck, they're on the same damn platform.

It's not really a MODE, TB is toggleable, you can enable and disable it anytime by pressing a button.

>People who feel the need to exhaust ever dialogue option even when they don't want to say that

They also said that a demon will have different aspects like becoming a shadow demon. Presumably some other paths might get the same. Azata is a good candidate.

Because fuck them, that's why.
And you know what? Fuck you too.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HOLY FUCK it's everything I've ever dreamed of in a fucking RPG just being the fucking weirdest, most speshul OC do not steal shit.

Is there a screenshot of the Azata?
I hope it looks like a lamia.
Also is the change permanent? Like, you look like one of those mythic creatures, it's not a skill which changes you into one when you're in combat and then switches back


I can't wait to play a Lawful Evil Lich

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Some people will argue about anything.

>baldurs gate is boomer cringe
just a big YIKES at this entire post

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Because people are bored and that's pretty much it. If you were here when Spiderman PS4 was announced, people were complaining about a stupid puddle

The people doing that are just trying to derail and cause arguments. They don’t really care about their claimed positions.

Unfortunately, no. Game is not out for a year and a half at least and kickstarter is not even over.
There is an AMA in reddit in a couple hours

>get cucked in open relationship with an orc fucker
Actually you get to be the bull and cuck the orc.

Because if he didn't phrase it as a rivalry the thread would be on page 10 with 0 replies. You need a hook to get a thread going.

Google "Azata pathfinder" to get the impression on what it's like.

>Release June 2021
holy fuck
I wish I had found out about this game later on. What the fuck am I supposed to do for an entire year and 3 months? I'm hyped as fuck now jesus christ

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Well it should be permanent if you are literally turning into a new type of creature

Have they said anything about how the mythics paths affect/are affected by your alignment? Can you e.g. be an evil gold dragon or a good lich?

>When your skill monkey has no skills

I am confused. In BG3 is the rogue vampire the set main character you have to play? No character creation? Who is he?

Have a bit of fun with Kingmaker, I guess?

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Play Kingmaker?

>"You're a big guy"

There are many different azata, most of them are angelic elves basically

>>Release June 2021
That's at the earliest too. Pretty sure they said they'd have to delay the game if they met enough stretch goals.

Whats the deal with Pathfinder and furries?

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I know what an Azata is but I'm afraid they'll cop out and just go "oh yeah you're one but you're disguised as a human/elf/dwarf/whatever :) no money for model changes sorry"

But I've already played it like three timesI should actually finish it though
I guess Butterlord will have to do

>you can cuck the orc into suicide
>you can dump the elf slut immediately afterwards and watch her have an absolute meltdown
Why do we hate Reg and Octavia again? They have the most hilarious romance route.

Kingmaker already has a ton of races and classes

Right now, the info we know:
You can start any path from any alignment.
BUT, to progress in the path, soem decisions will be locked and you will need to do specific things. For example, you have to do Evil shit to become a lich. How deep you dive into evil decisions depends on you, I guess

If you play Kingmaker just remember if you polymorph a dragon into a dog it keeps it's breath weapon.

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This time, in WotR, the orc fucker is a tranny dyke so you shouldn't feel so bad. Not even exaggerating.

Well, dog breath is pretty deadly in its own way.

Well, Demons/Angels/Aeons/Dragon will probably get some basic effect/wings/auras.
And Licks become skeletons, it's in the reveal trailer.
Not sure about Azatas and swarms

Just a premade character you can choose the play as. You can still make your own but Larian's biggest problem with their previous game was that custom characters got less attention than the premades. They're aware of it at least.

What's up with this game attracting retards?

Int doesn't give bonus skills in 5e. All it does is give a bonus to the knowledge skills and be the casting stat for Wizards. It's legit more useless than Str for most Casters and Charisma for most martials.

Can I be a chaotic good lich? Asking for a friend.

You can start as one, unlikely you will stay one

I hope they use the naga kind
Being a holy elf would be boring

Fuck off nigger I'm just excited, I've been waiting twenty years for a game where you can play as something other than the standard RPG races

Yeah but chances are you'll change alignment as the game advances. At least from what they've said. Maybe there will still be enough possible good actions to take that you can keep it for a longer time.

The way they describe it it sounds like going lich will lead you down a dark path regardless of your starting alignment. You have the best intentions becoming a lich, but a lich is an inherently evil creature.

You can choose to play as one of the companions instead of a custom protag. It's like if you chose to play as Minsc of Jan instead of CHARNAME BG2.

>Being a good lich is hard
Bring it on!

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It's really not
It's only bad if you dislike D&D in the first place, which is fine, but then you should just play a different system.

>You have the best intentions becoming a lich, but a lich is an inherently evil creature

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You just wanted to stop the demon hordes from destroying the world, but how did you end up justifying turning all your companions into skeleton slaves?

They're using the FUCKING RETARDED OS2 thing where you play as one of the companions

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that what they meant with that is that if you're a lich and you choose good choices you either lose powers or you get powers that are far worse than the ones you'd get as a bad lich.

>be CG
>become a CE lich
>use the Scroll of Atonement

Owlcats is trying to parasite on popularity of DOS

NOOOOOO! Larian raped my childhood!!

You can't do that

Maybe the ritual to become a lich requires you to sacrifice a hundred innocent children.

Don't you wish somebody had told you of the cost?

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No cost too great for saving the world.
If i will have to kill hundreds to save millions, i will gladly do it.

>OP pic was made at the request of codexers because it would be "an epic meme for our cause"

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You repressed the fact your uncle did too.

>level 8 vs level 1
>pathfinder vs 5e
>any kind of relevant comparison

Fucking pathetic.

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>tfw you missed skeletization day but no one noticed because you wore your helmet

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>be presented with 9 different choices that will save the world
>pick the one where you kil babies

Then you'll start thinking that killing thousands to save millions is okay
then hundreds of thousands
then you'll think that killing millions to save everyone is okay

>meanwhile in a parallel universe
>random dude turns into a gold dragon and saves everyone
>children who would otherwise be dead celebrate in the town square, surely this dragon dude will be remembered forever
>not like he'd need them to, since gold dragons live forever anyway

Level 8 characters have just +2 ability points.
Even without them, Pathfinder ones are definitely more minmax approach.

They are minmaxed, that's comparable

Divinity - AAA-tier game
Pathfinder - PoE-tier game
You can't compare these

how many black dicks she had?

Even with the different system you can tell the difference in philosophy just looking at the stat spread.

Divinity is trash

Shadowheart or Camellia?

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Nah, it's objectively great. It has weak story (still good compared to poe and pf) but good oveall

>5e is good
>pathfinder is for grandpas
>baldur's gate is good
You can stop larping now faggot. No amount of pretending to be a female will stop your taste from being schizophrenic/shit.

>kill absolutely everyone
>good alignment people go to the good afterlifes like they deserve
>evil alignment people go to the eliv alignment afterlifes like they deserve
>the neutral alignment people are probably content with the neutral alignment afterlifes too
I'm not seeing the issue here

The best one is the Path where you ignore all that supernatural bullshit, and remain just a normal man. One mortal human telling all the forces of hell or wherever those demons are from, to fuck off. Can't be more based than that.

it's ok to like Baldur Gate 3

it's ok to hate TrannyFinder

>It has weak story
Wow that most important thing in a rpg. Are you a fucking retarded nigger? Do you huffing paint on the daily?

Those things are all objectively ok if they’re the only option. So what if you don’t kill the millions to save everyone? Now those millions are still all dead, along with everyone else.

Why do anons get such a fucking boner for stepping over the corpses of as many innocent people as they can get killed in the name of the greater good when the game presents options that also save the world without being a total asshole?

It's trash, i tried playing it 4 times but got ridiculously bored with the gameplay every time and all the companions and npcs are insufferable so its not like.they added any momentum

The fact that you can call a turd objectively good just shows that you have.objectively no sense or taste

Why yes, thats my answer, how could you tell?

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Wait, this is a BG game where I have to play a pre-gen character!? I can't just make my own!? WTF Larian!?

>still better than poe and pf
Can you read you braindead degenerate subhuman faggot?
It has weak main story but has tons of great quests and small stories in the world itself

Obviously Camellia.
Extra points if she does turn up to be half snake or something.

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In this scenario, you pretend it was the only option.
It makes for a slightly more interesting story than "i went and saved everyone, i'm a hero, gg"

They are not the only choice

You can make your own, user.
They showed the character creator at reveal.

Nah, you're just dumb pleb who can't appreciate actually good game. I bet you just couldn't beat some monsters and got mad

All of the quests are shit because they all depend on reddit writing

>The most important part is shit
Why are you all tasteless faggots?

disregard what I said before, I'm retarded.

It was trivially easy, but worse it was very monotonous
>use same3 skills every fight
>place fields on ground

For a tragic Lich path to make sense, you need to think that is only choice. Else it becomes boring evil for evil's sake.

>You've always killed the minority

Why yes, and I hope to kill a few million more of them if I can.

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Tragedies are fun.

Alright, spilling some tea here.
Watching numbers go bigger is more important than story. Don't @ me.

She is cute for a WRPG girl but she really needs to use some magic to fix that lazy eye

You're fundamentally wrong and should kill yourself

Just play a kineticist

They hated him because he dared to speak the truth...

What is reddit writing?
Your life is shit. I said main story was weak. Can you read, kiddo?
Well, pretty good tactic when you playing on easy

I played on whatever is the second hardest

lol gay mode

Appropriate for a gay game

>more than a fucking year until it comes out
>some people itt will be gone by then

Hold me, bros...

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lol u gay

BG3 looks like a reskinned DOS2 and it fucking sucks ass.
Sorry western devs but your games are shit.

>Gold Dragon

Angels are chads too

Azata is peak chad though
Dragons are incels

Why yes, I remained human and rejected divinity, how could you tell?

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I hope modding will also add skeletal dragons if there will be no skeletal dragons in vanilla.

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>Why yes, I WILL be playing as a legend, how could you tell?

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Okay. Spoonfeed me on what aeons and azatas are. This is what I gathered.
>Aeons are Lawful Autists with sticks up their ass who will go nucleur if you break the law
>Azata are the Chaotic Good flavor of Angels, they are sexy snake girls and they have pet dragons

Dragon: chad
Azata: chad
Demon: chad
Trickster: cuck
Aeon: cuck
Angel: cuck
Lich: incel
Swarm: incel
Legend: incel

Literal gods


>Gold Dragon



But it fucks you out of some nice multiclasses and subclasses. This fucker is an elf and Arcane Trickster that is already pretty powerful is handcrafted for elves. But with 8 int, this subclass in useless. The same goes for multclassing. So this fucker is stuck as a fucking thief (that's garbage) or assassin, (who needs VERY high dex to be viable).
Overall, the stats on all those characters are way too evenly spread and screw you out of really fun builds.

Aeons are true neutral balancefags that flip out and wreck shit unpredictably to serve a greater universal good down the line

Well yeah you've pretty much got it already. Also Aeons can travel through time.

Used to be Aeons were TN, not LN. They were about balance, kinda like druids, but then for some wierd ass reason they changed them.



Say you're sitting on a rock crying
An Aeon will tell you that loitering is forbidden and kill you because it broke the balance
An Azata will sing you a beautiful song while they play the harp to make you feel happy, then they'll give you a headpat and call you a good boy before leaving

1st edition aeon is about balance

the kickstarter description is schizo and mentions both law and balance, my guess is they mixed.some.fluff.up accidentally

I played Pathfinder:Kingmaker for like 30 minutes and then my character glitched and got stuck permanently walking and I stopped playing.

Does the game ever stop being fucking boring? For a game that's meant to be story/narrative focused there wasn't a single interesting thing that happened. Every character I met was a generic fantasy character, every dialogue choice was a boring dialogue choice was boring, including the alignment system ones, the world was also generic to the point of being a borderline parody and the gameplay was mediocre.

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I'm excited for both games, pathfinder because it uses a far superior system and baldur's gate 3 because it's turn based and the verticality looks really cool. Jumping not provoking attacks of opportunity is a bit retarded though. And weak little wizards really shouldn't be able to make huge leaps upwards like we saw.

youre an idiot


If it works anything like it does in DOS 2, and I suspect it does, because BG3 is almost a carbon copy of DOS2, you will miss out on 80% of cool reactivity stuff when playing as custom character. The preset characters were getting all the cool storylines and reactions and your custom char got fuck all.

>difference in philosophy just looking at the stat spread
Yeah, the Pathfinder characters were created by an actual Pathfinder player and the DnD characters were created by a robot who designs NPC stat blocks with shitty stats.

Yes, its pretty interesting and full of plot twists that surprise you

In 30 minutes you were probably still in the tutorial mansion

wow you played for 30 minutes and nothing happened?
kingmaker btfo
which website do you write for?

is combat in it turn based?

I'm hoping you will be able to be a vampire spawn even if you don't choose the origin character, a lot of his dialogue was tied less to his past and more to just being a vampire spawn so they could still give you a lot of that stuff with a custom character.


can I be a cool wizard in pathfinder?

if you play with Turn Based mode on.

It was just after that, I got to the point where the gnome rival guy leading the other group was turned into some monster or something. But literally nothing interesting happened between the beginning and that point and all of the characters and companions were so fucking boring
Would have played further if the game didn't lock me into walking for some reason

Wizard, Arcanist or Witch. Pick your flavour.

Which one of them is going to fuck me over less?
I want to believe Cam-Cam is on the level, but everything around her just screams "this chick is up to no good".
And Shadowheart (seriously, who came up with this name?) is a FUCKING SHARRAN. She's probably sacrificing babies to her nihilistic goddess when no one is watching.

Yes, you can cast frigid touch and cone of cold in pathfinder.

does it have class specific dialogue? can I awe people with my wizardry powers?

It picks up slowly, its a long game, but to me it was really worth it for the story

Sadly no.
There is one specific dialogue at the endgame boss fight which requires very high Knowledge(Arcana) check though.

I find hilarious the amount of fucking imbeciles in this thread that seriously think 3.5 is better than 5th ed.
My guess is either you never played with real people or you're some kind of table-loving autists.
And this absurd shit you do with tierlists is just what I would expect from 14 year old nerds. Pathetic.

Sorcerer, always

Game isn't out yet but they did mention characters reacting to your race/class/god when the Double Reactivity thing unlocked. Here's hoping!

Who gives a shit about tabletop edition comparisons or tabletop tier lists you retard, this is not tabletop

I just don't like advantage as a mechanic desu.

>insert basedjack
>your reply

How is the Kingdom management stuff in it? That's what originally drew me in. Can you customise your Kingdom and deal with internal politics or whatever?

>I find hilarious the amount of fucking imbeciles in this thread that seriously think 3.5 is better than 5th ed.
I like copious amount of character options. If I want to go for a lighter system that wouldn't be 5E. 5E is fucking boring.

tabletop retard at it again
your board is five blocks that way

>Everyone, stop what you are doing and look up the exact ruling on this niche scenario!

/tg/ hates D&D completely. Not that it matters since non of them actually play tabletop.

It's despised by anons who just want to fuck off and waste years of ingame time on adventuring, but i liked it as an element tying together the context of everything

It isnt amazing on its own, just a system for triggering events and conversations

>not the chaddest chad that's ever chadded

Attached: good luck im behind 500 skeletons.jpg (1440x900, 528K)

>Int doesn't give bonus skills in 5e
About the only fucking thing 5e did better than 3e.
Pathfinder was the perfect chance to fix the retarded skill point allocation system and yet instead they decided to neuter the cross class skill system that was the only thing keeping it even slightly in check instead.
Did they fix it in pathfinder 2e?

5E is boring you say?
I guess you just like to play every character the same way, you want copious amounts of character options so all of them can be locked in "Movement before attacking, never after" and "When two enemies take part in a grappling anyone can intervene but, at the same time, nobody can participate in their checks", without forgetting the classic "My level 1 Barbarian with exotic weapon and Asslandic feats will oneshot any challenge up to level 10 and maybe even beyond".

Not boring at all, do you also play videogames on easy?

>traditional games
>hates new updates to an age old system

Video games > Table tops

>5E is boring you say?
>I guess you just like to play every character the same way, you want copious amounts of character options so all of them can be locked in "Movement before attacking, never after" and "When two enemies take part in a grappling anyone can intervene but, at the same time, nobody can participate in their checks", without forgetting the classic "My level 1 Barbarian with exotic weapon and Asslandic feats will oneshot any challenge up to level 10 and maybe even beyond".
Nice strawman. But that was never my experience.
>Not boring at all, do you also play videogames on easy?
I mostly go on hardest setting if hardest difficulty if I don't consider it more tedious. I play Kingmaker on unfair.

You can make your own but if it's gonna be like in DOS2 then its gonna feel like you're playing a bot

That's 3.5 in a nutshell.
Exact ruling being 10 tables, 3 appendices and a couple of pages from a manual that is now impossible to obtain in physical form.

You only like 5e because it is more streamlined for tabletop
Take it into a video game and the systems flaws will be laid bare.


>that was never my experience
Short experience you have, friend. Or maybe you make your own house rules, in that case I do agree that 3.5 is playable.

For lonely people, sure is like that.

>dude I have friends
lol, pathetic

We don't know for sure yet, but I find it a valid point. Could be balanced out with a good narrative and dialogue options, in my opinion.

Poor little sad man. Since you seem simple I'll make it easy for you to understand how stupid your post was:

Movies > Video games

That's 100% right though, seems you've just shot yourself in the foot.

>That's 100% right

As expected from a Yea Forumsirgin, two completely different things that have little common values must be judged as one being better than the other. Hard to tell if it's genuine ignorance or psycological damage that makes you this way.
Let's try again:

Sex > Movies > Video games > Table tops

Still 100% right, right?

Food > Sex

What about now? I have all day.

>I have all day.
Really the most pathetic thing you've said so far. Very sad and low IQ.

>Int doesn't give bonus skills in 5e
Ad what does it?

>waiting for the Rushlight invite to progress my gaem
>killing lots of time upgrading my fucking Advisors and doing event cards
>did that gayass Hellknights chain
>done any other quests that have cropped up
I googled a completed map and found some areas I haven't explored so I'm going to check them out, assuming they're not triggered by later-game quests.

So what's the next hidden stretch goal?

Fallacies and projections, you're not worth my time. Would be funny if you at least could defend any of your arguments, but you just can't.
Enjoy your videogames.

>those stats
just let me make my party. I don't give a shit about cuck based writing anyway. I want my entire party to be silent.

More features per class or something, or was it race I forget.

You can in pathfinder (although it costs a 1 time gold fee) so baldur's gate 3 will probably be the same.

All good Liches are evil.

Kind of irrelevant since good narrative isn't system exclusive. Why try to salvage a bad game with good writing when you can improve a good game with good writing?

Thanks for the free win, and I will! I wish I could say the same for you, but we both know you can't.

I wish Owlcat would've chosen a better campaign than Wrath to adapt. I wanted them to do Reign of Winter but they can't because they're Russian and want to avoid that shit about the Bolsheviks and Russia's greatest love machine

I'd like them to do Curse of the Crimson Throne.

I'm playing an Aasimar Oracle Azata! And in BG3 I'm playing a Dragonborn Paladin
What are you playing?

not the game

nothing yet, the game isn't out

Ratfolk Witch Lich
Angel Aasimar Scaled Fist Legend
Human Paladin Angel

One of those

sorry, but ratfolk won't win, so you can't play the first

slap on some full plate and the dex is no longer an issue.

balance is one of the problem in poe it is just not fun


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With a sword.

his mommy said he's special

Mommy Queen? She probably did.

based isekai protagonist

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Probably not, but someone might mod it in or maybe they'll just decide to add them all in as thanks for huge turnout for the KS.
What is it with furfags and foxes anyway?

>muh balanbse
That's the point you fucking idiot. Fuck "balance", that's just masked mediocrity for dumb-ass bugmen who don't want to get their feelings hurt.

all three are furfags, but the ones that aren't voted in have a good chance of being added later as dlc or something anyway yeah

god i wish we could vote for something other than furfaggotry

Have they said you can't change the stats via rerole or pointbuy? You can't change their class but i never heard them say not changing stats


Based, will probably be my second playthrough
Human male some kind of mage, Lich way

>all three are furfags
Right but every furfag always makes a fox fursona and they're always the most obnoxious

Based and fighterpilled. The one true fantasy character.

it's one of the standard furry races but it trails behind wolves and cats i think, meanwhile the pic you're linking isn't even furry

the most obnoxious in these threads are ratfags by far, who post disgusting images on purpose just to piss everyone else off

Should be impossible from a lore perspective. Becoming a lich requires ripping your soul from your body.
Therefore a lich is a soulless monster. There is no way to be good because being good requires having a soul. Neutral is the best you can hope for.

>dumbass rogue who let himself be enslaved by a vampire
>autist Gith who can't handle people but she'll fuck someone else behind your back
>no AC cleric that will go down to a stiff breeze
>Wizard has the best stats
did he blow the DM for that spread?

>being good requires having a soul

Whats the next stretch goal after Animations?

More Features for Each Race

Fuck yeah, theres Zen archer finally. I made one in Kingmaker via bugs, glad will be able to play one legit.

>he died to spiderswarm
the newfug scrubs is what ruins games. I played Kingmaker before patch where the fist Bandit encounters were teeth breaking and it was great. Now its basically useless waste of time because newbs complained.

It might be a heavy armor cleric
Also default spread is 15/14/13/12/10/8 +3, only the Wizard got above par

>I played Kingmaker before patch where the fist Bandit encounters were teeth breaking and it was great
No it wasn't. Stop lying on the internet to seem cool and hardcore. The game factually did not work back then.

see >he died to spiderswarm

I played half of it as solo monk on max difficulty before they patched it and removed any challenge

So you played using a cookie cutter overpowered build you found on the internet and call others "newfag scrubs", got it.

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Hill Dwarf barbarian

female elf sorceress azata

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>pure monk cookie cutter overpowered build you need to look up

>unarmed traditionalist monk
Now my later "zen" archer with 5 attacks per round with composite bow was OP. Normal monk sure wasnt. The difficulty was overcame by chugging every evailable potion, buff scrolls, using wands and combat scrolls, summons and even just killing one enemy, insiving and disengaging. That said, solo play resulted in him being overleveled quite soon.