How do I make friends in video games?

How do I make friends in video games?
Preferably ones with anime avatars

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Join Discord servers and don't be an obnoxious faggot.

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Please stop making awful posts with Madotsuki

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Not OP but. Because I hate women.

I'm serious, where do I go to make friends? Is there something I can do in games that increases chance of making friends?

I don't know, but I'd like to know as well.
My best guess wold be to play MMOs, but you'd have to make the effort to talk to people, and there's no guarantee they'll be receptive to that.

MMOs nowadays are not conducive to talking unless you're autistic and can just randomly strike up convos in the one dedicated hub everyone gathers in. But at that point it might as well just be a random discord server.

Internet friends aren't real friends

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Vrchat. I actually met up with a friend I met years prior in vrchat and hung out for a week and got drunk.

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Faggots with anime avatars are usually condescending and annoying

because 3D girls are ugly and 2D doesn't exist

I wish i had a Yume Nikki gf, or a gf like the girl from Ib.

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

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provide sexy services ;)

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They can become real friends if you're not some shitlord who hides behind layers of irony and is scared of just being honest with people and yourself

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nah lol

But 90% of people with an anime avatar are full-on ironic weeaboo trannies/closet-trannies