N-no bro you HAVE to play, like, five long games of this franchise in order to get into the real meat of it...

>n-no bro you HAVE to play, like, five long games of this franchise in order to get into the real meat of it, that's when it gets good, trust me bro
>Series proceeds to shit itself into a laughable yet somehow still boring trainwreck by that point, invalidating the entire point of playing the series and wasting anyone's time that they invested in it
Don't fall for the worldbuilding memes, kids.

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As someone who played CS1 and 2 first, if anything Sky 2 is when it gets good and Cold Steel at its worst is at the "still worth playing if you're already invested in the franchise" level.

CS is pretty good and nips agree

>4 fucking games and at least a third of the new will star these idiots
This nightmare refuses to end


>at least a third
Sky and Crossbell will be two short prologues, the mean Rean machine will take up 95% of the game as he should.

At this point it’s just Stockholm syndrome for those of us who are invested in the series

This game fucking sucked. A lot do people told me that with games like persona you’ve gotta get past the 10-15 hour mark to really get into it. That was true and years ago P3 became one of my favorite games, with P4G and P5 also falling into that camp. Trails of Cold Steel is shit. People said the same thing - “bro just give it time it gets really good.” Okay, I thought. I’ll give it a fair shake. I quit at the 40 hour mark on this shit. It’s fucking garbage. Even at 40 hours dudes were like yeah bro just give it a little more time and it might take until the 2nd game to click. Fuck off. I shouldn’t have to invest 100 hours into something before I like it. Especially not a video game.

Trails in the Sky 1-3 are the only games worth playing in this franchise, you got memed OP.

>He didnt play any other Trails games
>He's not invested in the world or the characters
>He usually only plays overhyped AAA trash

It's not worth getting invested into the world and characters when Cold Steel actively trashes what you liked about them and spits in your face about it with the Machine.

Harsh truth: every kiseki game is shyte and only autismos think it's good.

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That is completely valid.

That’s why I just stick to Ys

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You two are both retarded. Sky and Crossbell are absolutely worth playing. Telling someone not to play Kiseki because Cold Steel drops the ball is like telling people not to watch Dragonball because GT sucks

My fucking fellow adventurebro

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False equivalence, Dragonball isn't a franchise that prides itself on having long continuous stories between shows, unlike Kiseki with its arcs spanning game generations.

Ao > Sen III > SC > Zero > Sen IV > FC > Sen > Sen II > 3rd

Kiseki arcs are both independent & interconnected. You can enjoy Estelle and Lloyd’s journeys without having to play Sen (a little less so for Lloyd because of Hajimari.)

Similarly, if Kiseki picks itself back up in Calvard, Cold Steel wont have too much of an influence because most of the things people dislike about the arc have been resolved

Ao > Sen 3 > SC > Zero > 3rd >Sen IV > FC > Sen II > Sen

Its funny how falcom really snapped with Sen 3, i almost thought the series was back on track

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Those are not the same things at all, faggot. Playing five+ games that all take 30 hours or more to complete just for the following five thirty hour games to shit all over the story, characters and general zeitgeist of the first five is fucking unacceptable. You can eat shit.

I tried playing Tokyo Xanadu because it seemed to be standalone, but the constant Trails references ruined the game for me.

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>for the following five thirty hour games to shit all over the story, characters and general zeitgeist of the first five
Is Cold Steel really this bad?


The old characters arent shit on though.

One of the things Sen 4 actually does right is that its respectful to the returning characters.

Sen 3’s Hamel scene is also powerful payoff.

Im about to finish the first game. I wasn't enjoying the game at first, but after the second field study, I'm liking it a lot. The characters are cliché and Rean is fucking shit, but the world building and the sense of 'going in adventures with friends' are pretty good.

I don't know if I'm going to like 2 that much though.

>its respectful to the returning characters
>oh yeah, let's suck Rean's dick and praise his heroism while being caricatures of ourselves and not showing any of our development
Estelle doesn't even have her S-Craft she inherited from Cassius, what a joke.

>Hamel scene
Pure nostalgiabait for Skyfags

Estelle doesn’t suck Rean’s dick, she barely even interacts with him.

Rean idolizes Lloyd and wants to be like him rather than the other way around. Rean even calls them both heroes and his senpai.

The Cold Steel cast sucks Rean’s dick, yeah, but it doesnt apply to Estelle, Joshua, Lloyd, the SSS, etc.

Rean’s friendship with Randy is actually one of his better relationships because they actually feel like friends who go out for drinks instead of his fanclub.

The Erebonia arc literally had to cover Hamel, the village where the empire slaughtered its own citizens. It would be weirder if it didnt.

As if I would ever care about anything other than gameplay

Braindead people like you are why EA and Activision get away with so much greed.


>implying that EA and Activision make anything other than DLC, lootbox, and microtransaction simulators with gameplay being a crutch

You are one dumb mother fucker with the shittiest taste.

Calvard when?

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Can't wait for CS III on the pc. Cold Steel is one of the few engaging games still left. The rest is all soulless trash even Civ got far worse with VI.

fuck off to your dead general retard

Reminder that Calvard will also have an isekai protagonist with his own fresh brand of harem.

Thankfully the first three games are the best of the series.

>from bracers to church fag to cops to..... Highschool kids

If trails of cold steel’s characters and world is remotely representative of the series as a whole I can wholeheartedly say it is dogshit.

Cold Steel is the definition of soulless trash though, tastelet. Literally made for pandering to fujos, otakus, zoomers, and the rest of the scum.

Considering that Falcom always uses popular tropes and settings when developing their games, do you think Calvard will be an Isekai story?

DB GT doesn't suck.

>he doesn't know about McBurn and Towa

Damn, guess it's my fault for not having played Sen 3?

Just play suikoden

>n-no bro you HAVE to play, like, five long games of this franchise in order to get into the real meat of it
>thinking CS is the real meat

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Dead series

>Can't wait for CS III on the pc. Cold Steel is one of the few engaging games still left.
This is how you know when youre pretentious and shallow when sen is written like your average light novel.

>not dropping the series entirely after Ao
I hope you're joking user.

Same for me.
It keeps Yea Forums seething eternally because they can't enjoy a game without shitposting.

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And this isn't? It's been finished long time ago

The people who have been making the game covers needs to get fired

I liked Sky
I liked Cold Steel
Haven't played Crossbell yet
But I like everything I played and enjoy it all. Not being an idort in the Trails franchise CAN make you lose out on enjoyment.

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>switchfags are going to get into the eighth game out of a series of nine games and counting
Thanks, doods

Today, I shall remind them of the best damn school festival

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the amount of cringe in this is hard to describe with words

>buy Trails in the Sky on steam since there was a big sale
>run it
>literally doesn't fucking work, only brings up configuration menu but nothing else
fucking kill me

Ah yes the Falcom quality animations...

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What the fuck

Wtf this is the cringiest shit i've seen in a long time. Why isn't this more known?

It's only cringe because the rest of the world doesn't have school festivals. Instead, they just have a field day where you run around outside and do nothing all day.


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It's like most of the retards here see a Japanese media product for the first time in their lives. Most of the "golden era" stuff, even "masterpieces" like Suiko 2 had school segments.

Yeah but those aren't weeb cringe

I started with Cold Steel and am having a blast. Don’t even bother with the other games. You can probably just read the wiki

Suikoden is one of the most "weeb" series around with school arcs, furries, OHOHOHOHO'ing ojou-samas and other stuff. Some Idea Factory games seem tame in comparison.

say whatever you want i love it

haha... you go elliot ...

Nice cope weeb. Suikoden is one of the few JRPGs series that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Sounds like you're the "weeb" in denial here, faggot.


Holy cringe

Seethe weeb.

>using "cringe"
That's how I know not to take you seriously

Suikoden stopped being worth playing after 2

>implying dogi will ever appear again
Enjoy your loli blunt characters with gigantic hammers.

Post the rest of them, I know you have them.

My roommate said it was either 4 or 5 that went back to its roots and was good. It's been a while so I forget which is which, but one of them is supposed to be really and the other is supposed to be really good.

user, I think you a word.