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Was the remake even good or what I just remember the ugly backgrounds

it's fucking good

>it's actually a remake
good that it's available again I guess

>digital is ba...

cope physical retards


>play duck tales "remastered"
>walk 5 steps
>walk 5 another steps
>walk little more
>another cutscene

fuck off

Great now where's Marvel 2

why was it taken away


Because disney and capcom got pissy at each other after MAHVEL bombed


Basically the contract saying X game can use X thing. The devs weren't able to sell the games after that contract was over

Some games dies like that because they use a song or a specific character

it's not

thread theme faggots

I brought it out of FOMO and still haven't played it so now I just feel silly that it is back
But is it back with all content intact?

Please, if someone knows of any archive with scanned eurodonald comics, let me know. That shit is my childhood and I can't find it anywhere.

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I already own it but I've never played it.

Played this on the Wii U a few years ago, I really enjoyed it. I still haven't played the NES ones though.

>content intact
it would cost more to remove content

darkwing duck remastered when ?

On one hand they made levels longer and more challenging. On the other there's a map system and former secrets are now mandatory to advance.

It's gotta be next

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never. ever.

Chip n Dale rescue rangers HD when

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That game breaks my heart because you can hear that the VA for Scrooge already has one foot in the grave.

>One of Alan Young’s final performances as Scrooge before he passed away.
He and everyone else did a great job in this.

>no credits to tonomura at all

Does this mean it will come to switch?

>play duck tales "remastered"
>walk 5 steps
>walk 5 another steps
>walk little more
>another cutscene

fuck off

The year is 2020. Marvel 2 is not on PSN. It is at the EVO mainstage.

>move an inch
No thanks. Fuck you.


it's a very good game, a few achievements weren't very nice (like the underground pogo and art gallery) but otherwise it's an improvement over the original. make sure you save every life, you're going to need all of them for the last part of the game.

it's on wii u
why not

you guys are talking about another game

HERE IN ___ ____


see you next time the game (alongside many others) get perma-deleted on store fronts again...

How's the Scott Pilgrim game, user? :)

>he doesn't know about the Quick Cinema mode

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why do people fixate on Scott Pilgrim (delisted but X360 and PS3 servers are still up so those who owned it can still re-download it I assume) as an example of digital distribution being bad when the entire Wii shop servers were shut down?

I brought up the Wii shop closure elsewhere in the past as a topic point to this, but for some reason people just care more about that one PSN/XBLA game rather than the Wii's online games

Must be due to 'muh console wars/Wii is for kiddies' spiele, iunno

because he was a teen and identified with the story when scott pilgrim was trendy and bought the comic book and watched the movie fantasizing about having a gf
but couldn't afford the game at the time and just shit on digital distribution

We're not. Duck Tales Remastered is the one with cutscenes everywhere. You might be talking about the Afternoon Collection?



anything exclusive to the Wii Shopping Channel is extremely easy to emulate on Dolphin without much overhead. Although 360 and PS3 emulation is coming along, the same cannot be said for it's simplicity in setting up,

there are like 4 cutscenes

There's like a million* interrupts where the characters has to talk about stuff.

*give or take


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no it doesn't really

>make remake
>call it a remaster

Enough to make me annoyed with it. We didn't have to deal with shit like that in the old days.

>A week in charge and Ducktales is restored.
Based Chapek. All those doomsayers saying he'd ruin the company.

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This makes me wish the reboot was better

What don't you like about it?

Stealth of Sonic Mania fame proposed one to Capcom but it seems they weren't interested.

Probably more due to the excessive piracy that's easy to work with on Wii.

Where's my Donald in Maui Mallard sequel?

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It is decent. 7/10

Holy shit. Please tell me this is something being worked on.

Mind you I don't dislike it, I think it's OK. In theory it should have everything I want out of a modern duck show but the quality really varies for me from episode to episode. Some of it is good, some of it is kinda generic. Art style could definitely be better, the characters could be written a bit more seriously, the adventures could have some better stakes. Also a big problem: way too many fucking characters till the point that some characters just get shoved to the side a lot of the time and a lot of important plot points like what the fuck Donald was doing during most of season 1 and where Lena lives had to be explained online instead of properly in the show, which also sucks duck dicks.

I like tits ideas like making it more like the comics, doing some new things with old characters, adding in a more modern billionaire character, Donald etc. but it's nowhere as good as the comics the show is supposedly inspired by. I'm a sucker for ducks so I still watched the entire thing, mind you, and some of it is really good, but on the whole, meh.

>remastered is back
It went away?

It's just fanart.

Fuck digital

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How did you steal so many games?

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>original ducktales made donald seem expendable and damaged his reputation in the US
>new ducktales makes a huge deal of portraying him as clumsy yet determined family man hero like he's supposed to be
>still shafts him most of the time

Who is stuck with all the bad luck?

>ape escape

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That's racist user.

Eh, let him think digital is the future. He'll probably have second thoughts down the line when most modern games digital only games get taken down.

Donald should be the way he is on his Italian comics.

Having adventures where he's star-crossed lovers with space monarchs through time and space.

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Nice, maybe this will mean prices on physical copes will start going down back to normal now.

>You need to beat the game once to unlock Quick Cinema mode
>a game that can be finished in less than an hour and doesn't have that much replayability in the first place
Top kek.

>Amazon level
>You need to collect 9 coins
>Collect a coin
>Talk to Launchpad
>Collect a coin
>Talk to Launchpad
>Collect all coins
>Cutscene where magic bridge forms
>Talk to Launchpad
Remember, each stage is about 5 minutes long, so there's about 10~20 seconds of actual gameplay between those coins.Those are still 9 keypresses too many just to skip cutscenes and another 9 to confirm each.
Also remember that skipping cutscenes had to be patched in months after the game's original release. Wayforward is just fucking retarded.

Probably because Scott Pilgrim was taken down during a time X360 and PS3 were still in their prime so naturally there was the fear that other games could be removed with little to no warning due to licensing issues.

The Wiishop servers shutting down at least happened long after the Wii's lifecycle (unless you like yearly Just Dance iterations) so there was no real shock when it happened thus no media outrage. That said, the more the industry moves away from physical media the more attention it may get, since Xbox and Playstation have at least been able to generally maintain their store services for their older platforms so the Wii shop closure could be seen as an indicator that Nintendo views all their storefronts as essentially platform-limited with no plans to let you access your library of titles on their next console.

Also overuse of Webby to the point where they turned the triplets into retards so she can outshine them in every scene.

I would like Donalds deadpan personality from the comics but that's not possible with his voice.

A rotting dead corpse where it fucking deserves Capkucks.

that's the tutorial, which wasn't in the original version. the tutorial takes like 5-10 minutes to complete even with cutscenes.

>fuck digital
>neir automata
>shovel knight
>crash nsane
Like 20% of those games are on the discs. You literally can't beat Nier offline

you definitely played another game dude


wasn't the guy who voiced Scrooge like 90 something and they got him to do the voice again?

96 and skipping chemo therapy

yeah, he's been voicing Scrooge since his mid to late 60s

Unironically one of my favorite games.

Super comfy to just jump into after a shitty day at work of if I've played tons of grimdark games.

The music is also great

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Yes. This game is the last time the voiceacted the character before he died.