Destiny 2™

This game is absolutely amazing, i can't believe how wrong you guys were.
Why would you lie, Yea Forums?


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it's exceedingly okay. PvP's a bit too fast for my tastes.

the game is infinitely better if you have friends, so Yea Forums hates it
as do I :(

Game has serious faults, started playing 6 months ago.

My main issue is the whole shield and champion bonus for creeps, why the fuck have an amazing variety of exotics If we can't use them in difficult content. Can't even mod exotics with anti champion, legendaries are the only moddable weapons and now you can't upgrade them past 970, fucking stupid

>Can't even mod exotics with anti champion
*laughs in Leviathan's Breath*

>now you can't upgrade them past 970

>wasting the power And Exotic slot for such a shitty gimmick weapon


It's a good game but after a few seasons it's the same shit over and over again

>9 and 15 months
>past 970
are you legitimately retarded
that shit won't be in the game until 2021, you fucking retard

its ok until you hit endgame and realize there's nothing to do

I've gotten great mileage out of it on strikes, especially on those awful occasions where I'd be matched with fuckers without anti-champ perks, so don't knock it till you've tried it.

It’s shit, adding their subscription thing was the final nail in the coffin.

>subscription thing
>completely optional 10 dollars season pass every 3 months
damn dude
what a world-ending feature

I already have a legendary that explicitly says "cant upgrade past 970"

holy shit you are actually legally retarded
970 is the current pinnacle cap, of course it says that
it said 960 last season, and 750 before shadowkeep was released
you inbred fuck

Ah, my bad then, still, making legendaries worthless over time is shit.

>you inbred fuck


>Yea Forums

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Yeah, not the filename at all.
Complain about Yea Forums being capitalized.

shills are nothing new, but at least get your Yea Forums right

It's more well-made than halo.

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The Division 2 is superior

It’s a boring game for boring people. The second to second gameplay is fun. The hour to hour gameplay is a slog. Skinner box.

It would have been more impressive if all the cutscenes were done in-engine, I think.

It's not completely optional though is it because you get the problem that happened to Battlefield of completely splitting up the player base to the point you can't play certain game modes.

>Literally Promotes FOMO, And Season pass dog shit and the removal of Content for each season pass
Yeah no

Good game to play while doing something else, incredibly lucky they get to use the shield of Bungie or else they would be long dead.

Which doesn’t even make any sense, almost no one from the halo trilogy days still works there. All the big names (Marty, Staten, Lehto, Griesemer) have been gone for years.

Fried tofu please

It’s literally nothing more than an expansion, just that they put a “2” in the title so they can sell it as a full priced game. If you were there at launch you’d realize how absolutely fucking horrible it was.
>but all online games are shit at launch! It’s to be expected!
Not only were there no new races (playable OR enemy), but they couldn’t even add a fucking new class, which is absolute bullshit. The only thing they added was a new SUBclass. The whole world was shitting on this game when it came out and that’s exactly what it deserved. I haven’t played it since then and I’ve heard it’s improved quite a bit, which good for them I guess, but the bullshit they pulled at launch was unacceptable.

my dumbest friends play this game the most

Until you do everything there is to do, and get all the gear you want in about a month. The guns and armor themselves look and feel boring. Good engine, good concept, a lot of wasted potential.

It's okay until you smash facefirst into the level softcap and the grind begins.
The F2P model is surprsingly fair and has a lot of content to go through, but man, it really drops off hard one you hit the endgame.

Even if you go deep into the lore on Destiny with there co-opted youtube creators, it's amazing how bland and generic it all is.

There's a lot of bad to say about Destinies lore, but "generic" aint it, chief.

>The guns and armor themselves look and feel boring
Yeah, what the hell happened here. I hate comparing Destiny to Halo, but even Reach with its godawful sound issues still feels more weighty in regards to weapon impact. And the armor... fuck. Gold visor’s so close now...

>bland and generic
lmfao ur fucking clueless