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Live in Your World. Play in Ours

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best console ever

This is the greatest home console ever made

I’m convinced that it would take an entire lifetime just to play every PS2 game ever made.

I want to go back

I had a PS2, Xbox, and GameCube back on the day, and out of all all of those consoles, I played the PS2 the least since it was the shittiest console of the bunch. Games were lackluster compared to Nintendo's overall games that were better and still hold up today, and Xbox having Jet Set Radio Future and Halo was all it needed to have a better library than the PS2. Don't use Final Fantasy as an excuse, that's on Nintendo and Xbox now


oh my god, i got mine when the slim came out tho, i believe around mid 2005

>20 years later
>every sony console and consoles in general have not had even half the library of the ps2
what went wrong

>backwards compatible with PSX games and memory card
I still play mine every so often.

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>pc gamers everywhere are LOLing right now

heh fucking plebs

wow that's only a few months before i was born

Development costs

Well i am younger than the ps2
oh well at least i have one!
Shame i can't play psx games cuz i do not have the memory card ps1, and the ps2 one is borked so i need to buy a new one.

I miss AA games bros

never ever, Yea Forumstard

i got mine when sly cooper 3 came out on my 6th birthday

1 more year xbros and it's our time to shine

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Unironically Sony's last good console

Unironically no. the ps1 is sony's last good console

Shovelware: the console


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i can feel it xbros, 2021 will be the year of the green

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underage shitter go back to lereddit

it's insane just how much good shit came out for this thing

Who else here was an idort that owned both this and the Wii?

Sad to think people actually have this opinion. Obviously zoomers first console. Good console but nowhere near the greatest besides it’s sales.

i got mine on my 6th birthday in 2005 so i guess i'm pretty based

>smug post that adds nothing

sorry tendie, your last great console was the SNES and it doesn't come close.

Nah, it's the greatest console ever created. Fuck you.


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>shitch is better than Nes and PS1
takipariu essa criança de [email protected]

i'd put ps1 in A. good list

the tranny is afraid of the SEGACHAD

Agreed for the most part. It kind of stings though that the consoles dropped off after gen 6.

Pcfags were losers in 2000.

Sega is alright, I own the master system and genesis, but never got the dreamcast or saturn. I also barely played any games on them.

sorry your niche console wasn't more popular


>I miss AA games bros
One of the reasons way I stayed behind in the 7th gen when most moved onto the 8th. The gens prior have some good and decent AA games.

shit list

I'm a zoomer but I think gamecube is better than ps2

ps2 was released in 2000?
I clearly remember it being released around 2008/2009. What kinda of timeline shift is this?

My ps2 broke so tomorrow I'm getting a fat ps2 and nocturne to play over spring break.

Found the xBox faggot.

Must explain why I played on my PS2 as recently as 2013

you're absolutely delusional and you have shit taste.

bring me back

Have you been in a coma?

My first console was NES
Shut the fuck up nintensoi

Me. Best console combo, I must say.

im dead serious, i remember playing it 3 or 4 months after its release and it was around that time. there is no way i was only 5 when the ps2 was announced. no way.

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Do you remember your first PS2 game?

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san andreas


Yep It was Ico

It kept freezing every 20 minutes cause it was a fucking bluedisk.

By the time I got a new model that could play it, it was already scratched up by younger siblings. I didn't beat the game until the HD remake.

The groundbreaker. Greatest 5 game run of all time.

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ATV Quad Power Racing 2

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you must be thinking of the PS2 slim

Orphen: Scion of Sorcery

why isn't ps2 considered to be retro by /vr/?

I think it was shadow of the colossus (demo), it was on jampack 13 i think (which came with the console).

well it might be it

Gamecube was better

they are scared of the fact that they got old and PS1 and 2 are retro gaming territory

The entire generation isn't considered retro just to keep PS2kiddies out

bruh moment

>It's this seething Xbro again
No one gives a fuck about your fridge

Holy shit they they're starting to jack up PS2 game prices!!

Examples? I still got FFX original complete for like $10 in 2018

yeah i just looked it up and it really was the vol 13, i was a kid i fucking loved the jampack theme:

5 people worked on doom. over 3000 people worked on rdr2

Zone of the Enders with the MGS2 demo


I don't know how the fuck SMT got the explosion of games and spinoffs it got on the PS2. It's disappointing looking at new Atlus and seeing a few barebones Persona of spinoffs.


they better do some anniversary announcement or something or I’ll completely lose faith in sony

>I think
stop that. you're bad at it

I almost panicked when I checked on Amazon and saw Jak 1 going for $30 dollars.Gamestop still sells PS2 games on the cheap, so I'll buy from them.

PS2 was a shovelwarehouse

user, the PS3 was released in 2006 and the PS4 in 2013

something, something a leaker said Sony would have two year long anniversaries. The PS2's 20th is one of them.

my god, where did time go

>PS4 in 2013


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Struck a nerve kek

and the PS1 is now 26 years old (1994), older than most of Yea Forums

It's dumb because you can consider Dreamcast less retro than PS2. Day 1 downloadable dlc, internet integrated out of the box, better GPU specs &, VGA support, hardware is based on Naomi arcade board which was used in arcades up until late 7th console gen.

Either Onimusha or Shadow of Memories. I also got Code Veronica X with it. Bought the other two beforehand, since the console was a Christmas present I knew I would get(mostly because it also played DVDs so it was something the whole family can use).

/vr/ is about an era, not age. It should really be called "20th century gaming" so people quit asking about this.

>the console with worse multiplats
>no good shooters,
>too weak to play any pc games
>only faggy JRPGS's is totally the best console ever.
Get a fucking grip.

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Literally the single greatest console of all time.

Money, Snoy, normalfags, women and SJWs. Thank god for Steam/PC, I would have quit "gaming" a long time ago otherwise.

PS2 has component support and supports up to 1080i.

PS2 came out before 9/11, that's considered to be a era in it self.

retarded euro that plays only FPS detected

This game turns 18 this year. Say something nice about it.

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>tfw franchises will never have back to back sequels within one console generation

it hurts bros

Warship Gunner 2.
I've actually never had any consoles besides NES, this game just happens to be the first one I emulated on PCSX2.

>tfw R&C is literally older than me

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Component is garbage to VGA though and 1080i is less impressive and way less supported than 480p or 720p on Dreamcast/Xbox

Hey but some shovelware maybe broken but fun

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PS2 also supports 480p. And good luck using that VGA on a new TV.

funny how he didn't include what he thinks is the best console

Either Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction, or Star Wars Battlefront.

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>he didn't play Spider-Man 2 on the PS2
>he didn't watch Spider-Man 2.1 on the PS2

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2000 is not really different from 1998 in era.

Holy shit it's older than me

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why did sony use the spiderman font for the PS3?

>Obviously zoomers first console.
Were zoomers even alive in 2000?
>The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines Generation Z as generation of people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Oxford Living Dictionaries describes Generation Z as "the generation reaching adulthood in the second decade of the 21st century."
>The Pew Research Center defines Generation Z as people born from 1997 onward
The PS3 was released in 2006/2007, that's more likely to be the "zoomer's first console" than the PS2.

no other has managed to impress me like this back in 2002

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what good games does ps2 have?

zoomer here, zoomers first console here in the third world is the PS1 then the PS2 then the XBOX 360 and only then the PS4

Jak and Daxter are trending.

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The most recent console I've owned was a PS3 that I sold in 2014, lol.


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>is the PS1
Neat. That was the console I had as a preteen, with the NES and Megadrive being the consoles we had in the house when I was a younger kid. Almost a full generational gap in time based on geographic region.

Still being played today in 2020

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Surprised hasn't been posted yet.

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>So fucking assblasted he actually had to edit an image to show how mad he is
I wasn't even the OP, nor was I implying that it was a joke. I was clearly commenting on how upset the Switch makes you.

i had a poor(er) cousin that still played the SNES that he got from his father when i had the PS1, i used to lend him my console and he would lend me his console.

The generational delay is not that big nowadays because the games got cheaper and the living standards got better.

No console has yet to have a better year one holiday line up since.

Devil May Cry and J&D.
But pic related got more playtime.
My brother owned the PS2 so technically it was his but he also brought me DMC1 after buying DMC2
Best choice he ever made.
I was still playing my N64 as late as 2003.

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Snitch to C tier and PS1 to A tier
And it will be a good list.

Let's be honest here man, no one is actually upset by the Nintendo Switch. It's projecting arsehurt Nintendo fanboys who can't seem to be able to handle any sort of negative commentary or criticism regarding the handheld that have been on a rampage on Yea Forums since the first trailer was uploaded to Youtube.

As a kid we had a neighbour with a SNES and all the new games. It was so good going over there on weekends and playing games all day. That was such a great little console.

God I'm old

Can we go back in time before the internet ruined everything?

Is that still present? Some banners got discontinued.

You forgot the SS ranking.

Mega Drive/Genesis

Cuz it's fuckin' SPIDER-MAN duuuuude!

The switch is a fucking piece of shit compared to the PS1


I liked the better platforming compared to the rest of the series even though what got me into it was the weapons.

>Is that still present?
Not sure, to be honest. I might have a look to see what the current banners are and upload them.

If we invented time travel in the future we'd have people popping up all over the place and be written in history so It's safe to say we are doomed before we ever invented it. Looks like we're stuck in the post-internet world until the inevitable end.

Love it even now even with the nightmarish pizza delivery side activity.

my first console was an atari 2600, playstation 2 is best console

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>just spouts buzzwords and adds nothing to the discussion
I fucking hate niggers like (you).

>Be Brit
>Had to wait until Christmas before I got mine
Still was great though.

Tekken Tag Tournament.

Yes, it is.
Took me 5 minutes, yw.

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grand theft auto III my friend and I were laughing lite retards every time we run over someone


yw = You wigger
Basically calling you nigger except that you are white

Can relate. I'm a millenial and my first one was an SNES right about 1999 til 2003 when i got my PS1. In retrospective, starting with the older consoles was pretty good since you got to experience a larger pool of games and hidden gems, and since we didnt have that much information or internet back at that time, we didn't felt like we're way too far behind in comparison to the first world countries.

Mobilefag lingo.


Right. Fair enough.

Best platformer

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>PS2 is older than most of the people on Yea Forums

>tfw still have 2 working Xboxes
Feels nostalgic

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>/vr/ gets triggered and deletes ps2 threads
>meanwhile ff7remaster thread stays up

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The SNES is for autistic nerds that get motion sickness over nothing and can't handle anything faster or harder than a menu simulator JRPG

2000 was 20 years ago, user.

>>the console with worse multiplats
I don't remember many games outside of exclusives that I couldn't play on PS2
>>no good shooters,
Black comes to mind
>>too weak to play any pc games
So was the Xbox. Games like Jade Empire and Fable were developed with the console's limitations in mind, which is why so many areas are just a series of hallways
>>only faggy JRPGS's is totally the best console ever.
How could I forget the thrilling turn based combat of JRPG pioneers like Killzone and God of War?

I don't remember if this was the exact one, but it was a WWF game. My older brother and I loved wrestling, and that game was fun as hell. Been ages since I played it, but I still remember climbing the entrance onto the giant fist and throwing people off, riding a motorcycle around the place, and fighting backstage. Good times

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>>>the console with worse multiplats
>I don't remember many games outside of exclusives that I couldn't play on PS2
you got the worse multi-plats. they played worse and they looked worse
>>>no good shooters,
>Black comes to mind
Black is garbage and it's also better on xbox>>>too weak to play any pc games
>So was the Xbox. Games like Jade Empire and Fable were developed with the console's limitations in mind, which is why so many areas are just a series of hallways
Doom 3, Half Life 2, Riddick, Splinter Cell..come on man. Splinter Cell on either ps2 or gamecube are different games compared to the xbox versions>>>only faggy JRPGS's is totally the best console ever.
>How could I forget the thrilling turn based combat of JRPG pioneers like Killzone and God of War?
The "lol Halo Killer" and the "dont give a shit because xbox has Ninja Gaiden" baby action game. WOW