The earlier story drafts would've been better.

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Well you don't you post what they were.....

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

You're going to need to elaborate on that user

Would've started in Hemwick and made your way to Yharnam, that one Hunter in the Witch's Abode with Rune Workshop Tool in the final game would've been the one that would've turned you into a Hunter, pic related.

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Does it run not like shit on the Pro?

I would've preferred a straight beast hunting game without ayys

yes unfortunately

Source on any of this?

That pic is from the pre-release Press Kit, back when the default look for the Hunter was what in the final game ended up being the Charred Set + Djura's Cap. Plus both OP's pic and the leaked Project Beast trailer, plus Lance McDonald's work.

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>this unreleased version of a game would definitely have been better, cut content is never cut for a good reason, i'm definitely not blowing up my expectations for an imaginary game and comparing it to something tangible
every single time

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Yarnham is clearly a better starting point though

the ayys in Bloodborne was the greatest twist in a game since Aeris' death. I feel sorry for everyone who didn't get to experience it.

I'm still mad about chairs and ds arena

s-shut up

And every single time you get the same answer: BB and DS3's cut content was going to be objectively better because it would make more sense. Every time the same examples of things not making sense are posted, and every single times you don't have an answer for said things, because in the final games there are none, because there are remnants of like three different story drafts in the final product.

This for BB, but unironically for DS3. True DS3 was a totally different game.

cut content is never cut for a good reason, i'm definitely not blowing up my expectations for an imaginary game and comparing it to something tangible

yeah the devs just changed those things because they wanted to make the game worse

>story story story
jesus fucking christ

>all things are cut for a good reason, that reason certainly not being "holy shit we've run out of money and/or time just put whatever we have together and call it a day"
I'm sure you think BioShock Infinite is a great game.

>The devs always have the final say in what gets cut
>Things can't get cut for time

worrying over ifs and buts and maybes seems needless, it never was going to or will happen so why bother

I'm still fucking mad

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>implying it ever had the potential to be good in the first place
>implying that the piece of shit we got wasn't still better than whatever nonsense it would have been before

Keep saying the word objectively and I’m going to objectively shove my cock down your throat

Why does Micolash beckon Kos? Why does he fight with Augur of Ebrietas and A Call Beyond? Why is the Altar of Despair where it is? Why is there a Rom corpse with spider legs in it? Why is the Church venerating the Beast skull of their leader in the open? Why is Byrgenwerth a small building with a single table? Why does Annalise's questline lead nowhere? Why is Logarius a Pthumerian looking guy sitting in a throne with a crown in his head? Why is there a giant coffin in Cemetery of Ash? Why can't Yhorm fit into his arena? Why does Gundyr look like Old King Doran? Why is Oceiros' Garden full of tombstones in the walls, as well as Pus of Man? Why is Sulyvahn's importance relied entirely via item descriptions? Why is the Profaned Capital a hallway and a couple rooms? Why is the Profaned Flame, a fire that never ever goes out, just chilling there, underutilized and as an excuse to simply power up one of Sulyvahn's swords? Why does the Soul of Cinder exist and act like a human, moving a corpse and kneeling down in prayer with a sword in Firelink Shrine, in the intro? Why is Anor Londo surrounded by sand and with no Irithyll in sight in it as well?

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>Why does Micolash beckon Kos? Why does he fight with Augur of Ebrietas and A Call Beyond?
because he's a scholar studying magic bullshit

it ain't that deep

>Bloodborne's gameplay is fine
>DS3 is a shitty Bloodborne wannabe

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Yeah don't believe concept art or trailers, but they are literally what they say they are.

Even RDR2 had massive parts of the map remodelled literally months before launch.
Even from a gameplay perspective Project Beast seems more interesting and that music.

if you want a story focused movie game then from soft games are not for you

That's true of every From game, so probably

Who fucking cares? The only bad part of the From fandom is retards like you that unironically care about the "story" and "characters". They're clunky action games that just so happen to be a blast to play, they are not deep, moving, or otherwise excellently written enough to make you ask all these dumb fucking questions.

If From didn't care enough to give you the answers you crave, then I strongly suspect the questions themselves are not good enough to be asked. Content cut is time and money saved, I doubt we got a worse product than what was possible given time and money constraints.

>why discuss vidya in the vidya board
Because it's _fun_

But it was well used in that sentence. The story making more sense if all the events present in the final product actually made perfect sense is an opinion not influenced by personal feelings or emotions, but truth.

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No, it's clear that Ebrietas was supposed to be Kos.

But that's wrong because Mensis dislikes Ebrietas, using her tools straight up makes no sense in-universe.

owo whats this?


An environment that would have been the best in the series even though all I have to go off of is a screenshot, trust me my dad works for dark souls.

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It certainly looks better than "exact same Lothric but the sky is orange I guess". Hell you can kill the Dancer and access the Dragonslayer boss at the beginning of the game and if you do so the Pilgrim Butterflies are already flying around but only for that specific boss fight then they disappear until the point they actually should've first spawned, the game is all kinds of a rushed mess.

I miss Beast Souls

People fine with DS3's final product probably clapped when Soul of Cinder appeared.

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Better lighting too
>lighting in Project Beast is better
>lighting in the alpha is better
>Cleric Beast shortcut was cut because of memory issues
>all these things were cut because of the PS4
You can't reason with this retards.

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>>Cleric Beast shortcut was cut because of memory issues
and absolutely nothing of value was lost

You know how every souls game has this elaborate backstory you can read on wikis? Where the fuck does all this information come from? BB was my third game and I don't skip anything in any area but somehow the story and the lore of most areas just go over my head. All I'm ever able to find is little nuggets of information from obscure dialogue or a few sentences from a note, maybe environmental clues but that's a stretch. Where the fuck does all this information come from?

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item descriptions

gameplay yeah, music no.

Final BB music > project beast. No idea why you'd prefer synth choir over a live one.

Mainly when BB's boss themes have lore tied to it once you translate the latin in them.

Project Beast looked like a dark souls mod

and the music is better in the final product, what the fuck

The story is fucked. Logarius in the current game has the fucking skin of the king of vilebloods. Why ?

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Dozens of item descriptions put together. Mention a specific plot point you can think of, let's see if I or any other user can tell you where that info is found in-game.

Depends what lore, a decent chunk is bullshit with vague at best justification.
For the real shit though, item descriptions and noticing familiar stuff over multiple playthroughs.

>Project beast gameplay was better
>Literally the same gameplay at 5 FPS and a block button

Oh so it's just DSfags, move on

Because the simple story of "Healing Church attacks Cainhurst" was changed to "Healing Church asks for help to this third party called the Executioners in attacking Cainhurst". And who once was "King Cainhurst" turned into "Queen Cainhurst's Executioner". Same reason the Executioner Set were simply the robes Healing Church hunters used, but because they came up with the Executioners for some reason, they had to explain "well actually the Healing Church are unoriginal hacks that copied the Executioners style of clothes".

This is a bit of speculation but i think the huntsmen in Central Yharnam weren't supposed to patrol around like retards. I think they were supposed to make their way to the Grand Cathedral and the bells from the clock tower were supposed to play a bigger role. They tried to come back to this idea in the DLC but it's really lame because they are already in front of the Grand Cathedral and just run up the stairs before they get killed by the Executioner guarding the gate.

Yeah, the idea was that the Yharnamites were fighting the Healing Church because of the burning of Old Yharnam. That's the reason they're all barricated in Cathedral Ward, that's the reason of that cut cutscene with the Yharnamites with the dogs and torches storming the place ala RE4, that's the reason there are areas like the alleway where Arianna lives with Yharnamites standing over Healing Church corpses.

The lighting isn't better. The lighting in Bloodborne was made to change over time so the comparison is 100% wrong.

It depend why it was cut and changed. If reason was becouse they couldn't get it run for ps. Then it might be different story.

>this halfbaked shitty gameplay better than the master piece gameplay in the final game
Holy shit that is straight up delusional.

>The lighting in Bloodborne was made to change over time
>It doesn't change over time
They changed that, user. Now whenever there's a change in the map they don't edit the existing map, but load an entirely new one.


I don't really agree, if Sekiro is any indication.

They took away any direct links to characters and also allowed Bloodborne to stay its own entity instead of being linked to Demon's Souls.
The story isn't the clearest but that's all in line with the aesthetic. A lovecraftian-inspired setting falls flat if you know everything that's happening.

>if Sekiro is any indication.
It's not though. Besides a couple cut items it's their most finished game since before DeS.

Item descriptions, rare NPC dialogue and most of the time just environmental storytelling.

Take it with a pinch of salt because people do fill in the gaps with interpretation and neglect to mention it. One of the common themes of Miyazaki's storytelling is there is always a fairly well developed backstory and history to his worlds, but any means of measuring how much time has actually passed between those past events is usually non-existant.

I wasn't referring to the finished nature of Sekiro, more the fact they have the main character be directly involved in the actions of other characters and it ends up pretty underwhelming, whilst also limiting.
They end up being tertiary to the plot which ends up being a Mcguffin fetch quest like any other Souls game. Having the Sculptor talk about Ape Escape valley before you go there would provide a much more satisfying story arc, instead you just go there for the flower and get all your lore after the fact, it's boring. Emma could easily provide some set-up for the Mibu Village route, but you just go there and she basically does nothing for most of the game.

As for its "complete nature", the clearly cut content in the Ashina prison and the entire backstory of Tomoe and the previous immortal boy leading to nothing just suggests something is missing. That extraneous world building would be fine in Souls but Sekiro seems desperate to not be Souls whilst also replicating too much of its behaviour.

Also for a "complete" game there is a ludicrous amount of recycling of enemies and areas.

>Also for a "complete" game there is a ludicrous amount of recycling of enemies and areas.
I feel that's less cut content and more just the nature of the game. Sekiro was a smaller project that what came before it, it was bascially a stepping stone towards Elden Ring which is supposed to be the continuation of the Souls formula.

Would have been far more appropriate if you started the game in the outskirts and had to progress to the city.