What are some subjects that only appear on Yea Forums because someone is being paid to shill them?

What are some subjects that only appear on Yea Forums because someone is being paid to shill them?

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Anything Xbox related

current AAA shite

video games


EA shit, faggots will shill masseffect until the end of time even though they know it sucked cock

No one is shilling CliffyB.

They should, he needs all the help he can get.

cunny pedospam (google/CIA)
league of legends/riotshit (CIA)
anti free speech/consumer rights (right to censor AKA google/CIA)

Ubisoft games like AssCreed or Farcry
Borderlands (original game was confirmed a paid marketing op here, other games questionable but as likely as any other AAA game)
random indie game that hasn't been previously discussed before (95% of the time the very first threads about it is the creator shilling their own game)

He needs to save Gears.

I haven't played Gears 5.

Does that include Doom Eternal?

animal crossing, doom 2016 2, disco elysium

Anything where its generic as fuck, like a ubisoft game

Whenever a big AAA title is close to release you get paid shills for it. They are normally fairly easy to identify from the anons who actually want to talk about the game.
Nearer the USA election this year there will be paid shills for either side of that.
There are paid shills who promote anti-consumer practices when the industry wants to push more in that direction.
There are so many pieces of shit who migrate from the likes of reddit and resetera who come here to shill social issues, but normally they aren't paid, they do it because of a sense of purpose.

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People like you concern me because you sound serious and that's fucking sad.

>Disco Elysium
Holy shit this. Thankfully the endless shilling of that dumpster fire has come to an end now.
I don't think they were all paid shills though, given the game's small budget.
A lot of people were theorising it was people from the dev team.

>people like you concern me
>thats fucking sad
Get off your high fucking horse Pierre. Make another good Rayman instead of the endless tower climbing repetitive bullshit.

I mean in general. It's why there are subjects I'm actually hesitant to make threads about because someone with a chip on their shoulder will just try to shut it down from post 1.

Even discounting the bland by the numbers pandering campaign, the MP is being terribly managed. You don't earn anything anymore, just shell out for whatever characters and skins that appear for a limited time. What used to be baseline is now restricted and seperate. They have the option to grind for some characters if you're so inclined, but shit will take you weeks for even a single one. The map selection is as sparse as it's ever been and only a single map has made it out since release. I just want to go back

t. terry A. davis

Borderlands and any upcoming Ubisoft title.

Nigga, being hesitant to make threads because you're worried about getting flamed? Grow a pair. There will always be someone who wants to divert or ruin your thread.
So long as it follows the rules and won't get you banned, just fucking do it. If the majority of people come in and try and shut it down, accept there's not enough calling for it on Yea Forums right now.
Why would any pussy be afraid of being called names on Yea Forums?

people bitching about supposed politics or forced agendas in video games

Ubisoft games tend to be the worst culprits.

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Yeah, I guess you should just accept it by this point, because no one's even trying to hide it anymore

Damn dude idk. I lost the job I had in 2011 and no lifed mass effect 1 and 2 back to back without any days off until they were beaten and I loved them more than anything I've played since. ME3 was immediately noticeably fake and gay so I quit like 45 mins in.

Sorry about the job. But mass effect was a shooter on rails and the story of aliens coming from another galaxy has been done over hundreds of time if only youd take the time to read books

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