Pirates all single player games

>pirates all single player games
>reeeee why are there no good sp games anymore

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I will keep pirating games and nothing will stop me.

>be a singleplayer game
>can't compete in profitability with microtransaction-filled cancerfests
>die out
T-thanks, capitalism.

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>Let's make a single player game
>Oh wait, If we make a multiplayer game we can milk it for longer and some retard whales will spend all their savings on it

>Installs ad block

>being a whale
>being a fucking EA whale
Tax the rich harder

>buy single player game
>your individual choice doesn't matter and good sp games aren't made anymore anyway

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The shittiness of games happened before I started pirating.

Exactly. The same reason you should never vote and enable the system.

>pirate all of my games
>if its good and I feel that the devs deserve money I donate directly to them

Don't they get paid based of view count? It doesn't matter if you have ad block.

>buys every single player game
>reeeeee why can't i afford gas or food or rent or power

>puts invasive and shitty porn ads everywhere on the internet

You act like people are gonna buy the game if they don't pirate it.

i pirated Yakuza 0 a while ago. But my hdd that it was ok died. Saw 0, Kiwami, and Kiwami 2 on sale for around $25 on steam. I liked 0 enough, so i bought them. But unfortunately my old Cracked save file wont work with the paid version
>feels bad

>Buy single player game
>Microtransactions out the ass

>buy sp game
>lmao what a cuck just pirate it lol

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The lie is that your vote doesn't matter
The truth is that your vote matters
The actual truth is that your vote doesn't matter in the grand scale of things and the only thing you could ever hope doing that actually matters is getting thousands or dozens of thousands of people at least to vote

>it only works if the outcome is what I wanted
I'll assume you are not American since you don't know how democracy works.

There's a difference between voting as a system working and an individual's vote mattering.

I am not american.

>pirates all single player games
>whales for cute gacha girls
I will not apologise

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>Buy games I personally enjoy and want to see more of
>Sequels and similar games are non-existant
I do nothing wrong, therefore (You) are the problem. Please cease your existence.

why would a pirate even care about the industry, they're already doing damage by pirating lol

Post the full image next time

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america has never been a democracy
it's a republic, look it up, buddy

>pirate game
>delete game file
>repeat 99 more times
>developers just lost another $6000

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