Are you going to buy her game?

Are you going to buy her game?

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yes i also avoided the demo so her boobs will be fresh to me

Yeah when all the other parts come out and also,it is yuffies game not tifas.

She isn't in the demo.

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>implying Yuffie isn't just an unplayable tag-along character who is now manditory

Don't you have a cat to be molesting right about now?

Sure, when the PC version comes out so I can fix her with mods.
>inb4 fanboys come after me
Chill the fuck out, I’m part of the true mustard race.

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No, I refuse to because she is too thin in it. I will continue to jack off to R34 of the Tifa I know and love. She has a hairy bush, sweats profusely and is also 100 pounds heavier than remake Tifa.

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Maybe if she loses some weight first.

>Porn tourist sticks to porn.
Odd flex but aight.


No, I'm buying his game.

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Only if and when they fix the dogshit AI for both allies and bosses.

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When it goes on sale.

Learned my mistake when buying the last FF game at launch

just played the demo and it was a slog

It did put me in the mood to play the original though

How was is a slog exactly?


yeah the ai is pretty bad. pretty sure they have a %100 block rate in classic mode though. they should to let you modify how the ai works but i doubt they went that far with it.

I agree the AI is really bad. That's why people who beat the Scorpion under 3 minutes are constantly switching characters.

He's just another brainlet who got filtered and is going to pretend the original wasn't the actual slog to try to start some old good new bad shitposting.

I played on normal difficulty

>try to start some old good new bad shitposting

exactly this

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No, I'm buying Aerith's game

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You mean the one where everything dies in a few hits, and the boss only takes 5 minutes? Is pic related you?

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how many fights in the original are 1 on 1
I can think of 2 mandatory battles, 3 if you include the final one

So you're a fucking retard. Noted.

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Tifa looks exactly like Aya Brea

If someone was here to instigate shitflinging it would be the one calling others retarded for their subjective opinions

I'm thinking of getting the PC port of FF7 since its about $5. The new version of FF7 I'll wait for it to be fully out and on sale.

SE reuse their shit as much as they can

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When it's heavily discounted yeah.

Definitely. I don't even care how much they ruin the story.

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No because you fags are the scum of the earth.

>ant posting

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Yes, I like to make fun of shitters.

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No, but Tifa is still a cutie.

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...How did we go from this...

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Buy our game, user!

Attached: 1583144457292.png (1024x768, 1.52M) THIS?

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I have a feeling the AI in the demo is dumbed down to encourage character swapping as they don't act nearly as useless here, or in the Aps footage.

can somebody post that vid with loli Tifa in it?

not in a million year. I'm not a gamer nor an idiot to buy remakes. And i'm not a FF-fag yikes

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I mean that one from the demo

You're not literate either.

>dfc to disgusting lumps of fat
What a fucking downgrade

>i'm not a FF-fag yikes

When it comes to PC, sure

>middle looks like a create a character gone wrong

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Is there affection system?
How'd that shit work in multi parts game?

I did in 97. It included the whole game which I thought was going to be an industry standard forever but here we are.

>doesn't recognise the architect
I figured all the FF7R shills were newfags.

it's called puberty

There seems to be a affection system, seems like you can still tell Aeris to fuck off when she tries to jew you with that flower, which kinda implies that you can still favor one slut over the other

>industry standard

game was such a rushed mess you had to buy it a second time to get Weapons to show up and armor didn't even work plus the game is missing basic spells like Aero and Zack was literally created last minute to give cloud any sort of fucking personality or depth

Yes, I'm gonna buy the complete edition in 2030.

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nice fupa

I'm buying it for him.

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this. i'll get the complete edition eventually. maybe even the special one if it all turns out ok.

No, i'm gonna wait till they release all the parts then pirate it

only if her armpits are fully detailed


That's a crime, user!

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Only if you get caught

I got you, Pierce

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Imagine not wanting to impregnate Erica Lindback. Imagine being that homosexual.

>dat Midgar
>dat music

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Did our boy already review the demo?


Her pits have been censored.

thats a dirty lie

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>i'm not a FF-fag
why are you stuttering?

What the fuck, classic mode isn't even actually classic styled combat? It's just auto pilot?

>demo has grenades in a somewhat missable chest

I'm in.

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i didn't even use them. were they any good? i doubt they would be worth using over an ability though.

by Azura, by Azura, by Azura...

You don't understand.

It's a speedrunner thing. Grenades steamrolled all of Midgar. Also, grenades are full as hell in the demo. You can literally bind them to a shortcunt and throw one out mid-combo. It's hilarious looking. It's a nice ""easter egg"".

3DPD not even once

The chick on the right is fucking hot as hell, are you gay or can you only see in anime now?

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>i doubt they would be worth using over an ability though.
They're amazing in the base game.

>painted-on cesnorship stockings
>mediocre tits with no jiggle
>"hurr durr, sports bra stops jiggle"
ugly KH face
>censorship bra
>butt shield
>comical clown shoes
>no dolphin hair

remake tifa is 2/10 at best, would not bang

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what the fuck was she thinking with that choker

they do decent damage to the scorpion

Probably not. I've never been interested in final fantasy as a whole

Dubs are shit

>I did in 97
go to bed gramps

What the fuck? They went from turn based suddenly to action? That is fucking retarded. Here I thought Flatifa was the worse but this tops it easily.

>not recognizing some shitty new Yea Forums meme created by fatfags means you're a newfag

Can't wait to see her feet

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fuck off you desperate ESL faggot

>caring about how voice actors look
who fucking cares?

>console exclusive
>got the FFXV taint all over it
I'll pirate a PC version if it ever comes out with the possibility of modding a decent-looking Tifa back into the game. Otherwise, not bothering.

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Imagine if you were sparring with her and she were to knock you to the ground and press her feet on your face Hahahaha :D.

Built for a CERTAIN type of men....