*Ahem* fuck the old gods, fuck the order, fuck the sutherlands, fuck the masons, fuck the shepherds, fuck alessa...

*Ahem* fuck the old gods, fuck the order, fuck the sutherlands, fuck the masons, fuck the shepherds, fuck alessa, fuck dahlia and claudia, fuck pyramid head, fuck nowhere and fuck silent hill. This post was was made by south ashfield gang.

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Forget it, I won't have sexual relations with any of the.

rip senpai

i like 4s villain, i feel like you could make a cool movie outta 4s story

this man is speaking truth


it could do well considering that 4 was under a different title.

Based pervy Henry

how can anyone compete against the hermit chad

SH4 was heavily inspired by The Cell, you might want to check it out. It isn't very good, but it has a lot of cool visuals.

It was always intended to be at least a spin off in the SH universe

I love the album artwork, it’s really disturbing.

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movie is 20 years old, jesus

i really thought it was an ip of its own

what does that have to do with the game? i can't find a reference in that art

The descent of the holy mother following the completion of the 21 sacraments. You can see the dyson sphere on the left.

is the person in the sphere supposed to be eileen

Could be, or maybe just whomever would be used as the 20th sacrifice. Here’s the other side, but I don’t know if it’s connected to anything specifically in the game or is just monsters tormenting humans. Creepy nonetheless.

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damn, imagine getting your flesh pinched with hot metal. bad way to go out.

>movie is 20 years old, jesus
so are the games

just making an observation of time flying too fast.

>stripped naked
>hands bound
>put in a big circle of fire
>chased by 12 foot tall demons with tongs who’ll pull your flesh off when they catch you

So am I.
>if SH1 was a person, they'd be allowed to drink in US now
>SH2 could get blown up in one of the forever wars
>SH3 and 4 are jailbait

She didn’t quite come out looking like that, but I guess Walter did the best he could.

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wonder if he got his foreskin back in the dream world

and it doesn't kill you right away.

would that make silent hills a stillborn



i can see the resemblance

Now why would you write this.

I really really really like this image.

you worry me user

Nope it was a ritual sacrifice by Jews, so its a spiritual loss of self. That foreskin when to do better things, like make a rabbi feel better. Demons in hell laughing at ya for losing it.

>Now why would you write this.
Few years back some schizo on the SH wiki wrote novels worth of articles about circumcision relating to Walter and the whole internet had a giggle about it.

oh i remember seeing a thumbnail about this in justin whangs channel

>Here's your umbilical chord bro

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This game was really mixed to me.
Great idea with nice story and soundtrack.
Few gimmicks like the room and Eileen status were cool too.
Even the very sparse selection of new enemies were good too.
But the rest of the game felt like such a downgrade, the levels were small and not really interconnected as previous games, the room gimmick made the levels extremely non-threatening as you had exit holes in several places.
Re-doing the levels with Eileen didn't feel fun at all because she didn't have any additional gameplay mechanic other than affecting the ending and wasting item slot. Plus the back tracking was even more annoying because of the idiotic tedious tasks to progress though those levels once more.

Back tracking just kills my enthusiasm to go through the game again, even sexy outfits for the girls just isn't enough motivation.

I may sound skeevy, but I wish they'd done more with the whole spy on Eileen through the wall gimmick.

So how did Walter chain the door closed from the inside?

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It's called 13 ghosts, and it has Tony Schalhoub in it

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Same way he walled his corpse inside of a hidden room.

With all of his skill he could have gone into construction instead of demon worship.

Fuck Japan
Fuck weebs
Fuck team silent
Fuck slow burn horror
And fuck my dad

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>tfw prefer Homecoming to Shattered Memories, Origins, and Downpour

That prebossfight cutscene about the daughter killed the whole game for me.

You can get the UFO ending on your first go from answering two questions that have nothing to do with aliens.

It's called 1408. Evil room traps John Cusack in it and tries to torment him until he kills himself.
Skip to 2:40 this shit is straight out of SH

>would that make silent hills a stillborn
Nah, early term miscarriage, after a very promising ultrasound.

This. It’s the best western game.

Not exactly a mark of quality.