What is with all those loot shooters? is it a preppers fetish? why zoomers find it so rewarding?

What is with all those loot shooters? is it a preppers fetish? why zoomers find it so rewarding?

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>all these
>lists two
>one is a forgotten FOTM game based on an arma mod

even if you were real lose with the terms you at best get 10 that had any time in the sun.

>"all these"
>lists only two (2) games

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Is he going to live off of pancakes and chicken broth?

These idiots are going to make supermarket shelves empty instead of buying what they actually need for maybe a couple of weeks until this thing goes away.

Division 1 and 2, Destiny 1 and 2

What do you need to make "these" applicable to a list of two elements? 3, 4, 5? are you retarded?
are you preppers?

borderlands 3?

Nah. Probably already infected when I went to buy pizza as usual. You could really have not said "all" though. Also, Fortnite counts if we're going there

My bad

the pubg/fortnite style of loot shooters are basically moba/assfaggots of shooters. You start lvl1 and level up as you grind equipment, plus you have the external progression of skills, stats or cosmetics across games.

Overall the grind keeps people playing longer than if it was a 100% unlock game like Quake.

Wait, is that boomer buying 2 boxes of butter? Do americans really...

Post-apocalyptic settings and scenarios have been attractive to a certain demographic since society has existed. Nothing new.

its just zoomers watching their favorite streamers and playing the games. the games are largely boring and unrewarding so its easy for a new one to take the reigns as the next big thing as said streamers become bored of the previous.

repeat ad nauseam.

Not necessarily referring to those two games but weapon unlocks can be a good cover up for shit gameplay. It can put the idea into peoples heads that the game will be more fun when they have the gun they want. It also gives people a reason to slog through a shit grind. If everything was unlocked from the start, the retards who play borderland/destiny/ubishit would be coin raping the pokies instead.

Have you never been in a costco? That shit is completely normal.

>old games

butter and eggs keep for a very long time, even if you don't refrigerate.

Usually it's preppers who provide aid to local communities from their own stocks after a natural disaster to stop average people from eating each other when the government inevitably offers inadequate assistance.

>looter shooter

is this your first time playing video games

Buying in bulk means less trips to the store

>butter, pancake mix, cranberry juice, garbage bags, toilet roll

You guys know Costco is supposed to be for people who run businesses right? He's not a panic prepper, he's a fucking breakfast joint owner, stocking up.

It’s because people get a dopamine rush from getting good gear and they get addicted

>You guys know Costco is supposed to be for people who run businesses right?
Well now its pretty muvh your average consumer wholesaler market.
You want jetro for this type of business stuff.

The 2 three packs of shipped cream makes sense then. Also don't really get why tp is a hot item for preppers.

Think they would just get a bidet to go with those already water intensive meals they get that give them the shits.

because if you're going to buy shit for the cafe you buy shit tickets for the customers

It's nice to accumulate some items and having variety.

No. Looks like he runs a restaurant that serves pancakes at breakfast

That's really fucking sad then. No restaurant worth visiting would ever use a mix for their pancakes. That's as bad as McDonald's microwaved pancakes.

Costco stock has gone up $10 today and their earning call is tomorrow so if it's good, it's easy money.

>mfw zoomers in this thread cannot grasp the concept of how Costco works

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First of all $10 up for Costco is 3%, not that remarkable, also it's early in the trading day. Secondly, the coronavirus is going to scare the shit out of investors during the earnings call.

No there's definitely more panic in Costco near me. But maybe it's because I'm in California and there's confirmed cases a city or 2 down.