*Hard counters Corona*

*Hard counters Corona*

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>coughs without covering mouth
sorry :)

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*AoEs everyone*

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literally just SARS v2.0

Dude wtf that's disgu

*Speeds up the process of the creation of superbugs*

fucking palette swaps

>America gets infected

>up to 80% of the infected don't even experience any sympthoms
>mortality rate is 3% only for the heavy registeted cases
>which may bring corona's lethality to generic flu levels

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>farts can infect people
>poop fumes can infect people


Oh no no no melee bros

Keep playing it off as nothing until we're all dead user, you're a champ.


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This. What a fucking retard.

Not a single person in this world deserves to live.

*attempts to kill humanity*

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You may want to actually see the fucking statistic of lethal cases

ok i will. u mad?

>i can't read

pretty poor attempt

irritate some hippos

top kek

>wojacker can't read
of course

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>i'm a fearmongering retard who lacks common sense and get all my news about a possible pandemic from /pol/ and other unreliable sources but i deserve to be taken seriously

who is the source of these statistics? the country thats literally completely shut down and has been for the past month?

>giving (you)'s to wojacks
do your part

*grants immunity to the disease

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I think the stuttering "b-but" means that he's mocking people who think like that

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Normal soap doesn't do that.

Yes because clean hands will stop you from breathing in pathogens floating around in the air or someone coughing and you walking into it without knowing. Genius.

You said this about mad cow, swine flu, bird flu, ebola, sars...

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>N-no bros it's just a common flu they locked down every live event over the world for nothing haha

>muh empty bun
How embarrassing

spreading panic and fear is the chaddest move

i hope one day you'll grow up and realise the type of embarrassing and counter-productive shit you're doing.

I'll believe it when I see it. Eat an orange or take some vitamin c pills, sport.

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Nigga, the common cold has a higher kill count.
Anyone with a half-decent constitution will fight off the infection with nothing to worry about.

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Based, alhamdulillah

Proper hand washing takes about 20-30 seconds. Most Americans just rinse their hands in soap and water. We're fucked.

lmao seething negroid

more like pretty pooh attempt

how old is she

does this look like corona or it's just there's chinks and paid pro chinks among us?

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