I Am Ferdinand Von Aegir

I Am Ferdinand Von Aegir.

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why did you spray paint a belt beige and sling it over your shoulder

I must guide them well.

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I'm Basch fon Ronsenburg

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I am the beginning.

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Best black eagle

I am Ferdinand Von Higher

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I have farded and shitted my pants.

Best crit quote

And then they changed the VA to a meek faggot. It's no longer the best crit quote.

Him yelling that while doing the dumb spinning punch crit animation made me laugh every time, making him a war master was the best decision I ever made.

I like the pope outfit too much to not keeping him as an enlightened

I can't stand the BE routes so I always have to make sure to recruit the best eagle

he kinda cute,i wanna fuck hisss asss

Still not sure who's bigger cuckold him or Hoist
Both canonically are Edelgard bootlickers and would do anything she asks

>I Am Ferdinand Von Aegir.
Of Dalmasca!

Hubert is the biggest cuck sacrificing his life for a girl who'll never love him
Ferdinand was ready to duel Edelgard to death for her title

>Ferdinand was ready to duel Edelgard to death for her title
And in all routes he never does this while in 3/4 routes serves her

>And in all routes he never does this while in 3/4 routes serves her
That's why you recruit him

>recruiting outside your house

>Not recruiting Ferdinand von Aegir

>Ferdinand was ready to duel Edelgard to death for her title
And gets easily BTFO

I am Ferdinand Von Wider.

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>Time for bed, Ferdie honey, it's strap-on time tonight

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>not helping victims of circumstance be on the right side of history and unwillingly support people they'd otherwise oppose (edelgard killed ferdinands entire family and destroyed his family and we're expected to think he'd say "yeah this is fine")

I am Ferdinand Von Buyer

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I am Ferdinand Von Fryer

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I am Ferdinand Von Pacifier

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Independently of Edelgard, he privately implicates to Byleth he's considering murdering his own father as a matter of justice it's not so clearcut.

Haha kek

>Edelgard's father destroyed entire families that refused to submit to his rule
>they start a coup against them
>Edelgard destroys entire families too instead of just the people responsible

>and we're expected to think he'd say "yeah this is fine")
Well yes, this is that he did after all

I am Ferdinand (v)ON Fire

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You don’t know how humans work do you?

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Poor man's Sylvain who is just poor man's Lorenz

>only way to get his paralogue is to use him in any route that isn't CF

Did they ruin him as a unit? Been a while since I played heroes but I remember how poorly they treated Death Knight

Shame cf is canon route, right?

You're playing your hand way to hard, user.

>Everyone in Golden Deer is named after characters from King Lear
>Black Eagles is the route where characters seize power and overthrow their parents
Seemed like a massive oversight on localization's part.

was it autism?

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They have the same names in the Japanese version, so it's more of Koei Tecmo's fault.

I'll cut a bloody path.

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best quote

>tfw Ferdinand's at max HP

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>how poorly they treated Death Knight
Good, DK is a terrible person and didn't deserve a good kit or stats

because he's a strapping young lad

>dancer Ferdinand dodge tanking everything
literally untouchable

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Someone post the image with her saying Nigger

>tfw you hear it in his voice
damn fine voice acting

Hubert is best mage in the game, change my mind

Annette is better
She literally burns her own capital just for chance to stop you and your madness

Not even close.
>"Don't struggle..."
Both Dimitri. But the best crit quote, in the entire series by far, isn't even in Three Houses. It's in Awakening, and Frederick says it.
>"Pick a god and pray!"

Who's the best voice actor in this game and why is it Dimitri? It's not even just the angry, edgy shit he says, even though those are fantastic:
>"A wasted effort."
>"You are a monster too, General. You just have yet to realize it."
>"I'll rip that head from your shoulders, and hang it from the gates of Enbarr!"'
>"Stab your chest, break your neck, smash your head... I will allow you to choose your own death."
But it's just everything he says. His voice actor nails his tone, especially in Part 1 where he genuinely sounds and feels like a kind, loyal man who has a lot of inner turmoil. I especially love his support with Alois, where he actually bursts out laughing at Alois' joke. It's such a small thing, but he seriously, actually sounded like a person who was unexpectedly laughing at a shitty joke. Three Houses' voice acting is spectacular and I never see enough praise for it.

I hate Edelgard's because she enphatizes too much the "s" sound, listen to it with headphones and it'll get very annoying
My favourites are Seteth's, Felix's and Jeralt's

Seteth's voice actor is brilliant too, you can see it most in the chapter where Flayn's gone. Dude actually sounds like he's holding back tears. Also amazing in him and Flayn's A support, when he's begging Flayn to stop calling him Father.
Jeralt's voice actor is incredibly pleasant to listen to, especially in the intermission screens, but he's terrible at emoting and showing emotion.

>but he's terrible at emoting and showing emotion
I think that's just Jeralt's character

Is that why Silver Snow is the default route when don't do Edelgard's requirements, and even then the first option is the Church over the Empire when it comes up?

Annette has a shitty spell list so no

Why do people argue about "canon" routes in a game series where multiple universes exist with people interacting from multiple endings of the same game

I love him so much and I wish he wasn’t locked to the worst route

But CF is the best route

>the route where you kill the two best characters is the best route
gonna have to disagree there bro

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>I am an instant demote.

Game where you play as non CF Ferdinand dropping guerrilla attacks against Edelgard’s forces with his lads when

But Dimitri dies in all routes outside his own.

I am Annette Fantine Dominic

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the boar...

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Nah, he probably survived in SS

Claude sniped him as soon as he pulled off his edgy shit on allied factions

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who is the best wife for Dimitri?

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Seteth confirms Dimitri was one of the major casualties in the three way battle in SS. Byleth apparently talks to his ghost. And Dedue states that he's only helping Byleth's crew to "avenge his majesty." Face it, user. He dead. There's no way Dedue would ever abandon Dimitri for a suicide mission against the Empire unless Dimitri died before him.

Fembyleth, but Dimitri's best paired ending by far is with Dedue.

Probably why that user said TWO best characters, Dedue survives in VW/SS and storms Enbarr.


Annette for future generations
Marianne for sadfags
Byleth for gays and women

Hold on, that's gay though.


If you're autistic and want to cut all loose ends: Hapi. Their pair ending deals with TWSITD and Hapi's monster summoning condition.


Excalibur is based tho

>Dimitri/Hapi paired ending confirms the slither shitters are destroyed
does this mean Azure Moon is the most complete and perfect route by far? the most people survive and you pretty much solve all problems by the games end with minimal bloodshed

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I'm a sucker for the redemption arc so I really like Felix's ending with him more than Dedue's.

>church is still around
CF is still the only complete route

Yup. The Slithers are dealt with, only a few people have to die, Claude leaves on good terms, and no nuke went off. Good ending