Language: English (machine translated)

Language: English (machine translated)

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Hey guys :D I heard a lot of requests to translate this game so I'm going to give it a shot!

I don't know any Japanese and English is not my first language. I'm going to use google translate to get the jyst and then correct it into proper English.
At least your got something, no one was translating it anyway.

A shitty machine translation is worse than no translation because it technically fulfills the request and ensures no one who could actually make it understandable ever gets their hands on it to fix it.

I just fucking watched a Vtuber vdeo where the "translator" managed to fuck up rock paper scissor.
why the fuck do they even try

Will machine translation ever be worth giving a shit?

No, it doesn't.

How does it not?

anyone passionate enough to fully translate a game they care about isn't going to be swayed by the fact that there's a barely readable version floating around

still better than playing a game fully in ching chong bing bong


Talking about f95 here with the requests forum, not some eroge savant translating niche shit from dlsite.
Most games never get the chance to be translated properly by forum users because they just get an unedited MTL slapped on and removed from requests.

oh, well i can see why you might be upset then
i was thinking about how ex troopers recently got a machine TL a few months ago when nobody else has tried or bothered to touch it for like eight years and probably never will regardless of the MTL existing

>anyone passionate enough to fully translate a game they care about isn't going to be swayed by the fact that there's a barely readable version floating around
As someone who has translated before, you're completely wrong. Unless there was some public outcry for me to go back and re-translate viet MTL garbage, I'd never even consider it.

99% of people will just use the first available option. This is why decent subs got killed off by speed subs, and why speed subs got obliterated by CR. You might still find the occasional autist willing to re-translate a 20 minute show. You're not going to find one willing to re-translate a porn game for an audience of 1%. It's just madness.

it can still happen if people care about the game, a recent example being fire emblem thracia 776 getting a new translation because the old one was shit, incomplete in some areas and had broken menus

Thank god for being ESL.
Now i can enjoy untranslated Japanese games !

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We've had spergs doing shit like "avalanche-gumi" and "kuraudo-kun" for years, but that's only for real games. Nobody is ever going to care that much about a porn game.

>be me
>learn japanese for 2y
>friends asks me to translate a hentai
>literally have to make up some stuff cuz it either made no sense or couldn't be fucking translated in a way that a non japanese would understand
It's around 90% that was translated accurately and I told him there are parts there I had no idea what was going on though.
I'll never translate anything ever again.

>>>literally have to make up some stuff cuz it either made no sense
You sound like an absolute shitter. Glad I don't have any friends who think I'll do free work for them.

Yeah it does for allegory from completely different field see blender, the open source free 3d editing tool. Its horseshit. It has the worst controls in human history. Its buggy. Its UI is shit. Its learning curve is not a curve but a fucking wall. Most people hate it to the core and yet no one is doing something new. Why? Because "there's already blender" and everyone are using that. Honestly fuck the incompetent idiots who made this shit, sometimes nothing is better than something.

Blender is good. You're just a pleb.
>it's bad because it's difficult
Go become vidya journalist or something.

>just eop things

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It was a super weird hentai with tons of weird stuff like how he explained the feeling on his dick with some super strange word to explain that the vagina is pulsating like the movement of a earthworm and shit like that.

>>it's bad because it's difficult
>>Go become vidya journalist or something
>tools should be difficult to use
Fucking retard. When you use a hammer you take off its head and hit the nails with the handle? Blender is not "hard", and I did manage to do amazing things in it, it's just shit. Tools should be as easy to use as possible and make you're life easier, not harder. Also lots of bugs is objectively bad. Or you gonna call me pleb for not liking crashes in my tools too?

>other people use it just fine
>i think it is difficult
>my opinion is the correct one
>other people must have use it wrongly if they don't think it's difficult to use
If it's buggy why don't you help fixing it you whiny bitch? Also blender have alternative, it's called 3ds max and maya.

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Here read this my friendミミズ千匹

This is a "super strange word" to you? I mean, the meaning is instantly obvious. Imagine fucking a jar of worms, job done.

Welp I guess I just suck at translating then.

>tfw septic system is backed up and the toilets won't flush anymore
what do

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You are such a faggot holy shit

Even blenders community agrees it's learning curve is insane, and they recently overhauled (finally!) their UI and key bindings because they realized it was shit. This is not just my opinion user, blender devs agree with me and work on fixing that, which is good for them I guess.

As for bugs and crashes I dont know any world where trying to export leading to app crash or access violation while using the animations editor is acceptable. This was years ago though I'll give them the benefit of the soubt they are more stable today.
>Also blender have alternative, it's called 3ds max and maya.
Yeah they only cost hundreds (or thousands?) Of dollars to use. That's why I was talking about a FREE tool no one makes now.

shit in the woods

"The open-source tool I get for free should be as easy and powerful as the constantly maintained software people pay thousands of dollars for!"

People are fucking spoiled nowadays holy shit. There have never been such good options for the casual user for anything as there is in the modern day

What a horseshit opinion so just because it's free it's ok that it sucks? Also they get lots of donations so it's not like they're not getting anything. There are plenty of amazing free tools out there (ever heard of notepad++?) blender have zero excuses to suck balls so badly.