Castlevania: SotN mobile

Get in here, lads.

Also, tomorrow we will have a brand new season of the animation.

Good week.

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emulators have been a thing for ages,who cares about this?

People who want to play native, not in emulation, I guess.

Buttons for magic attacks will make it the definitive version for fighting game-lets

I like it's the improved translation but does anybody know if they kept all the songs (including "i am the wind")? otherwise i won't buy
Well, it's easier, just install and play

It could have used the Saturn's item slot too.

I can't fucking imagine playing SotN on mobile, let alone any game that requires more input than a JRPG. This must be hell to play.

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Based Konami singlehandedly saved mobile gaming. Although the fonts are vector shit and they kept the PSP voice acting.

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>Mobile port before a PC port

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>implying that the voice acting and localization overall isn't better
Reminder that the original ps1 translator thinks his lousy 'translation' (read "rewrite") is unironically brilliant.
I don't mind adaptations and i think his work with MGS was good but in Castlevania it was terrible

>Sotn on touch screen controls

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pc gaming is dead senpai

>touch screen controls
Kill all normalfags

>phone game
Son are you retarded?

>mobile port before a PC or Switch port
ftfy. And no I'm not portbegging since I've been playing it recently on Retroarch fine. I just have to laugh at how often companies will leave obvious money on the table. It almost comes off as spiteful at times, such as this.

Let me know when they port the ds and gba games to consoles/pc.


dude the phone installed base is several levels of magnitude bigger than console or people who play on pcs

expect all games coming to phone, including metal gear solid

You are right, 100% right, The original PSX translation was stupid as hell, that is why is officially a meme. But THATS THE POINT!

No matter how stupid it is, it should ALWAYS be there, because when everything is said and done, that translation IS part of the original experience people played thru when the game first came out, you just cant change it and act like it never existed, even if the new version is better. Specially when thats the only goddamn change in the game!

And thats what pisses me off, every single new rerelease of SotN HAS to be the incomplete PSX version, or a halfassed hybrid like the PSP one. Why, OH WHY is it that hard for the devs to port the saturn version?

>Fully playable Alucard, Richter and Maria
>More items
>New areas
>More enemies
>An actual payoff to all the Maria scenes rather than just 'here, have these weirdass glasses'

Tldr: if they want to still use the PSX version, then use the PSX version! With the original translation!

why would the install base matter?

Anyone know what the network-like button on the middle left is? I was thinking fog transformation, but what do all the other buttons under it do?

How are you even supposed to play that on a mobile? Tried Valkyrie Profile when it came out for android and it was really shit to control during platforming, can't imagine the struggle when you add combat to platform in SotN.

theres directional buttons, an attack, backdash, 3 transform, an attack a shield and a jump, theres a map button as well, are u retarded?

It's not the best way, but this is going to be the first time of a lot of people, so it's not just about nostalgia and memes, the "original" experience is what conveys better the original Japanese text. I agree the option should be there, at least.
Porting the Saturn version must be really hard nowadays and this version here is that very PSP hybrid. You can play with Ritcher or Maria right off the bat

The original was fantastic, the what is a man scene is more than just a meme

statistics are the industry standard for any product user

SOTN is piss easy
no one will have a problem with the combat desu

No, I mean the gray button above the directional pad, if you hold it it shows 5 other buttons. Maybe a familiars shortcut?

Can someone confirm to me that this is playable on an iPad with the Apple keyboard ?
Would be awesome

Symphony is my favorite game of all time, and I have it on literally every console it released on, but yeah, I think I'll pass on a shitty mobile port. Cool though.

not about being easy or hard, it's about the controls being inadequate for the genre. VP's platforming wasn't a challenge either when you had a proper controller, yet mobile version made me quit because of it.

>How are you even supposed to play that on a mobile?
With touchscreen. Or a gamepad if you prefer.

>combat, what's that

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fuck metroidniggers
fuck alucuck
fuck shitphony
bring back SC4

sasuga konami-dono
Mobile is the future, it can't be helped.

touchscreen is garbage for these kind of games, for anything other than rpg actually

>Or a gamepad
Yeah I go around with a console gamepad I can get out of my pocket in transports or during my 15min break at work, mobile gaming is so practical!!!

whoa, alucard is dracula backwards

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why EA is allowed to make bank with mobile with plant versus zombies and konami are not?

we understand that the playstation was your childhood console user
now kys and go back to resetera

How the fuck does anyone enjoy playing games like this with touch screen controls? Every time I've tried to play a mobile port that wasn't a simple RPG or puzzle game it's been a miserable experience that largely consists of fighting for my inputs to actually fucking register.

i have $10 google play credit shall i get this on my new phone?

>does anyone enjoy playing games
they don't
they post on social media about purchasing the game on the phone store and mobile is the future

As someone who has beaten sotn a few times, it holds up and is really fun if you like action adventure 2d platforming. I've been a huge CV fan since the 80's though cause it was the most unique game for me on the NES.
If you don't own any other way to play it, or have never played it. It's only 3 dollars, so yea. If you have a controller even better, I saw it's controller compatible.

That being said, I guess the portability would be cool, but if you have a playstation, buy it there. Or emulate on pc.

Are you talking about Dracula X Chronicles unlockable version of SotN? You keep saying psp hybrid.

yes, you are completely right

you are also forgetting the vast majority of those people will never play anything other than Candy Crush or Clash of Clans

Good luck farming that for hours

*laughs in X-X!V''Q*

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Why are we complaining here?

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never thought I'd agree with someone posting a family guy picture

I can't believe it's that cheap either.

It's on PSP and Vita too.

Why do subhuman boomers love this game so much

Even back then, the Saturn version was functionally pretty garbage

playing any game on a phone is the definition of soulless