Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution

>"Actually we changed our minds it's an entire new game instead of an update, buy it again goy!"

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>He isn't a SwitchCHAD


What are you even complaining about? Link Evolution adds hundreds of cards and shit.

>Link Evolution adds hundreds of cards and shit
>Outdated 4 months in because Komoney can't be bothered to update it with new cards and banlists after they come out just like with the first Legacy of the Duelist

>Makes the same thread again

Keep seething.

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Fuck off ya fuckin JEW

Or you could play on YGOPro and not be a mong.

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YGOpro became shit to play an AI though, I lost all interest when the removed the mode and put in a half baked one.


Has it ever been possible to mod these games

How exactly do you mod a card game and for what purpose

To add custom rules or custom cards for example

Why the fuck would you want to do that?

For fun

git gud

Fun is just a buzzword

For my own enjoyment then

Your own enjoyment is just a buzzphrase

Could I beat the storymode with the Skeleton King or will I just get my shit pushed in during the GX era?

For (You)?

A (you) is just a buzzmeme

For infinity and beyond

That's just a buzzquote!

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I'm buying it as long as it isn't 60 dollars on steam since it doesn't even come with the collective cards. Were the cards that came with the swith pricey anyways?

>as long as it isn't 60 dollars
user I...

YGOpro hatemail is KINO

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It's $40.

Which one should you even get? There's like 50 different versions.


Nice background faggot I can't read shit

True Draco makes retards seethe even more IRL kek

Percy is the best, check the OP in the /dng/ general for a link to download it

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