Do you buy game keys from shady marketplaces?

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yeah i'll buy from g2a just o piss off those faggots at Tinybuild


I've been tempted to buy UMvC3 from there, but I'm too scared it'll fuck up my account or I'll get scammed.

Its just a CD key user, the hell are you afraid of?

If it's actually cheaper, but that rarely happens nowdays.

I only buy from them. Literally saved thousands of dollars. Never lost access to a game.

Getting scammed/getting put on some list by a bunch of polacks.

Where else would i get us eshop cards?

How's the seller experience in on these? Is it a decent strategy to dump shitty game keys for a buck or two?

Only from games removed from steam, like the original Metro Last light and Call of Juarez The Cartel, that kind of shit

No, but if you point me to one that has the DBFZ season passes and Genso Wanderer for cheap, I'll take em.

No, why would I?

I bought Dark Souls 3 twice from G2A to test how good FromSoftware's anti cheat is

Just buy from a reliable seller. Never had any issues or keys revoked.


>getting put on some list by a bunch of polacks

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He's trying to make it sound nice that he's cheating.

This. I haven't seen keys cheaper than steam anywhere in years. g2a has become some sort of bootleg newegg recently as a result.

>shady marketplaces
>have a cute foxo as mascot

It's pretty garbage desu. Very standard. Since DS3 is mostly a single-ish experience with multiplayer co-op and invasions, the anticheat works by "scanning" what you have in your inventory and character stats. If anything seems off (like having this item before beating this boss), you're flagged and banned. But if you're doing PVP and start flying, cursing other players, breaking their equipment etc, the anti cheat can't detect that since Bamco and FromSoft don't scan anything in real time.

Basically the "anti cheat" is just a check of what is possible and impossible related to your character.

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I'm a sucker for cute animals. It's hard to explain this to people without looking like a massive furry faggot

>I could easily research this online
>OR I could buy a key to have a legit copy of the game so I can justify wanting to cheat in invasions by saying I wanted to find out how the anti cheat works

well, that's because you are a fucking furry user
(I also like anthros not only in a sexual way but also in a romantic one, those creatures are too pure for this world)

Yes, I buy console credit and subscriptions from key resellers.

I buy from, never had a problem.
(not a shiller)

yup, same here - bought anthem for 2 bucks

Of course I do, I buy stuff for my own goods not for the devs goods

and i thought that /pol/ was schizo board

nope they just send you key on email, if you are scared just make new one, and check sellers feedback, have 10 or so games and didnt get scammed once

I only buy old cheap games for

Got Blazblue Tag from some key site for $30 all DLC included, this was before 2.0. Fun game.

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Honestly these sites are the only place to get games on steam not on the steam store anymore like the tale tale game, poker night, tales from b

They are only as shady as the seller you yourself picked.

only for poker at the inventory for the tf2 items when they took it off from the store

Yeah, I preordered Bannerlord for 30$ instead of 50, it's early access payment.

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