Pathologic 2

Truly a one of a kind kino game. pls recommend games to fill the gap I now feel after finishing it

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got it today, what am I in for?

>Truly a one of a kind kino game
And that's a good thing, if it is anything like the first one.
>recommend games to fill the gap
Yeah, try playing good games now, that'll work
Walking, do you like walking?

It's kinda like Death Stranding, but done right.

>do you like walking?
irl yeah, idk about vidya tho, should i refund it?

I mean, if you didn't play Pathologic 1 then do it. I think it's even better than 2. It's one of the best games I played in my life. There are not many other similar ones to it really.

>instead of making a new game, kickstart the remake of an old one that was actually working just fine
>release time
>release one third of it
>complain about not making enough shekels

The Void also by Ice Pick Lodge

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Don't forget about
>release the second campaign only instead of the first one that was perfect for new players
Good lord, at least i felt bad when i dropped pathologic, this one i didn't even bat an eye, what fuming garbage

50% off on Steam, no GOG sale unfortunately
Releases on PS4 in 2 days
TinyBuild suck at appreciating this masterpiece, there's virtually no marketing for it

>what am I in for?

Lot of stat management, interesting story, kino everything, feels. Lots of starving... very cool characters that you'll care for and be devastated if/when they die, because you cant save everyone

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>what fuming garbage
look at the no brain nigger monkey

Well, there's at least Mandy's review.

Some more spoiler-free newbie advice: Dont buy food directly from grocery shops, only snacks (kids trade crazy stuff for these). Stock up on food, you'll always be starving.
Every kind of NPC will trade for different stuff, women will want sewing supplies and soap, men lockpicks and weapons, kids snacks. They also give different things.

There are some items that are worth a lot of money you can sell at shops like pocket watches, rings and other jewelry

Never sell water bottles and herbs. Try to collect a lot of herbs in the steppe at night in the first few days and brew some medicine asap.

Talk to everyone, always. They'll tell you a lot about the town, and sometimes give you clues about your missions.

Dont worry about dying, it's part of the game.

Buy the bull

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The Wuhan doctor guy feels when you know shit is getting fucked but you're helpless to stop it as the town gets increasingly fucked from big gov keeping a lid on things and just a flu normies that refuses to budge until shtf.

actually no, dont buy the bull

Did they get enough money to make the other 2/3 of the game?

Does still runs like shit?

heard good things about it for years, picked it up right now cause I saw the half price off. So far buying blind off Yea Forums recommendations has paid off (underrail, rain world, hollow knight, starsector and a dozen more), I trust this one won't disappoint either

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>devs say game isn't a remake
>its literally a remake
>But minus having a Bachelor and Changeling scenario


glhf user, i hope you'll love it like i did

tbf Haruspex and Changeling campaigns were just shitty copypastes of Bachelor's from what I heard

this, me too

The three PCs are generally difficulty settings to an extent with differentiating stories. Changeling also has abilities that neither Haruspex or Bachelor have and she even has an encounter with her own doppleganger.

i sure hope the coronavirus leads to the devs finishing the other two stories

What difficulty should i start my first playthrough on?

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Intended. If you are struggling really really hard by day5, i'd suggest you turn Intended off and very slightly adjust the different sliders, but be careful not to make the game too easy.

Intended and don't worry about failure, it's how the game is intended to be played. People who savescum in P2 are doing themselves a disservice.

Intended, the way it was meant to be played.
Seriously though, the game isn't so hard, as long as you go to prison after completing all quests on day one and make sure to complete hospital task every day you'll be fine.

So at least start with the intended difficulty and only lower it if you feel like you're completly stuck though I recommend to never lower it at all.

play on intended it's not hard if you figure out how to make money

very interesting read about studio founder kino man Dybovskiy

>“I don’t think anyone in the studio is aware of what Patho is really about. Only I know that”, Dybovskiy bragged several months before the release. After the release of the game, it turned out that the intents weren’t understood not only by his colleagues.

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>So far buying blind off Yea Forums recommendations has paid off (underrail, rain world, hollow knight, starsector and a dozen more)

I can't recommend you and everyone ITT World Of Horror enough, then.
This is my post from the other thread: Also Return To Obra Dinn.

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see for spoiler-free tips, this should help you not struggle too much on Intended.