I want to main sniper, Im good enough to consistently get topscore on pubs but I want to get even better

I want to main sniper, Im good enough to consistently get topscore on pubs but I want to get even better.
Anyone got any tips on getting good?

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Stop trying, you will never get good at sniper. I don't say this because I hate you I say this because I want other people to actually have fun in matches. Nothing ruins games more than a stupid good sniper.

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don't try to aim all over the place while shooting tards, instead place your cursor strategically and watch them walk into your aim

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Fine shot, mate!

OP don't play that shit class of sniper, to then just stay next to a sentry in a awful designed map

Use that aim in any other class

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you scrim againts a good team and good snipers

>maining in a class/objective based shooter

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Learn proper positioning
Aim where your target will be not currently is
Turn off mouse acceleration/smoothing and similar cancer

Now you're better than 70% of the other players

>Im good
>consistently get topscore (I don't but I only remember when I do well)

Im saying im decent, i want to take it up to being able to consistently do le epic cqc headshots and shooting down soldiers going at mach 5 rather than just racking up points going for straightlining idiots.

you're not decent though
just keep shooting the idiots that are as bad as you just further away from you

*Declocks behind you*

>Heh, nothing personal :)

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>Aim where your target will be not currently is
lol you don't have to do any of this because the netcode in tf2 is so lax you can trail an entire length of a fast moving target and miss but the server will recognize a hit

it's how they cheat now, they abuse the netcode, increasing the trail and your forward prediction pattern before you've reached that position so they have a large swath that they only have to hit and it will detect a direct
they even have the nerve to get annoyed when you tell them to fuck off
works really well with projectiles, like in combination with the direct hit;
or in a situation when scouts duel- server gets confused with your distance between one another, you can apparently lag and thus you are further from the target when you shoot and do less damage from the same distance asnd you receive full damage even if you backtrack after; this is not even mentioning the floating point bug they can abuse for minimizing weapon fire spread
usually it's trash playing soldier, scout and sniper because they can dish out the most damage
they're stupid enough to think people can't tell

I have ears retard.
now that I've seen you I have 3 options,go for a quickscope and humiliate you with skill, throw jarate and humiliate you with piss, or go for a melee hit and do 195 damage and humiliate you with luck because crit ramp-up is fucking insane.


or maybe you should not post here any more

Love making retards like you seeth when backstabbing you a mile away.

Based, OP should kill himself like the worthless nigger he is.

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I did notice some really fishy players lately, it was almost like playing against those interp shitters but they all had a constant 5 ping

Bad advice since only in the sniper v sniper matchup do you need to completely change your playstyle if both snipers are very good. Game then becomes "whoever scopes first and commits to a shot loses 95% of the time", which shouldn't be how you approach fighting all the other classes

Practice and don’t worry about it. The comp scene for this game is nonexistent and being “pro” just gets you kicked from pubs and targeted by spies. All those “god tier” snipers have 9k hours and have been playing since they were in middle school. You’re probably never going to be like them. Just pick your favourite rifle, rename it some stupid shit you think is funny, and play however you like. You’ll contribute more to the game by having fun than by being good.

just practice. i went into tf2 with garbage aim with sniper rifles, every other game sniping just wasn't my thing because i sucked ass at it, 1000 hours later and i'm pretty good at Sniper, along with sniping in other games, it just takes a massive amount of practice

or OP could play an actual good FPS instead of autism: the shooter.

>im a good aimer
Ah the classic "i can aim at still targets haha"
Install quake/diabotical and we'll see how good your aim is

sniper mains are cringe

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>those faggots who always call awpers/snipers pussies in game after dying to them the same way 10 times in a row

play counter-strike dcs aim training maps