Which VR games are you looking forward to in 2020?

Which VR games are you looking forward to in 2020?

Are you getting Half Life: Alyx? It's coming out this month.

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Pic unrelated? That's AR, not VR.

That's augmented reality, not virtual reality.

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Back when I was a kid all the girls in the neighborhood used to play this game, but I never learned the rules. I think a jump rope was somehow involved in it too, or maybe I'm mixing it up with something else.

How do I meet friends like this?

You never learned how hopscotch worked by watching other kids play?

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No. Half-Life is boring and shitty and I hope it fails.

Nope, never had the interest.

Gonna be a fun few weeks for me. Getting Doom, Animal Crossing, Half-Life and Bannerlord in the span of a week. Feels good man.

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>Genre defining game
>Setting standard for industry
>hoping it fails because youre angry inside

Animal Crossing is VR?

HL:Alyx and then VR is dead.
I already have it.

No wonder the genre is both shit and dead, half life "defined" it.

You just hop across putting only a foot in each box, it’s hardly a game.


Seeth, cope, dilate and have sex tranny

Only half-life is, I'm just expressing my excitement

Mainstream AR when?


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Once you realise why Alyx is vr only you will see why HL3 will be a vr exclusive aswell

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>most hyped game is actually trash

makes sense, after the whole Duke Nukem thing

It's going to be another genre defining game.
But this time vr defining.

I honestly don't know whether I find it scary or cute.

HL3 being VR only would be amazing to witness desu

Imagine all the salt from poor commies


>eyes dilate when she focuses before the first jump
Nice detail


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Important question; Can I pat her head?



Where can i find more of these?

Cute daughter you have there user.