Boku no hero academia

Getting ass kicked 2 chapters in a row
No wonder he is called Jobi

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boring chapter

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kino chapter

No Deku?
Good chapter.

But Deku was in it

>25 minutes and only 4 posts
Holy fuck what happened to MHA in Yea Forums?

Why do you ask this literally 15 times every thread?

If I was here in every thread I wouldn't ask that question.

Remember when Dabifags thought he will be gone by the blaze of glory?
Kek, he is getting cucked every chapter now and will be imprisoned while his family gets a happy ending.
Jobber till the end.

>The All Might statue

He's autistic and has no life, don't worry about it.

Ngl I was kinda looking forward to seeing Dabi go out like laughing like a demon in a blaze of fire. Woulda been cool.
Not too late for it to happen!

Did I miss the translation?

we waited 3 weeks just for another jobi chapter
the hype is reaching negative levels at this point

Yakuza arc
its all been downhill from there

how can bnha readers stand this shit?

Maybe there is a plot twist. Dabi scored S+ in stubbornness, I can't imagine him giving up.

Remember when All Might hyped him up as some kind of big threat? Jobbed in 2 chapters. Even Twice lasted longer and achieved something.

I stumbled upon this post, I used to post here.
What happened for me? Lost interest.
If I have to point out 2 specific moments that killed my interest for the manga they would be Mirio's comeback and the whole forced Edgy Deku sequence.
Now I either don't read the chapters or just scroll them quickly on sunday on mangaplus.

>"We will be the ones who get the last laugh"
>Got ass raped by autistic brat
Seriously, how can someone job this much?

What were people even expecting? A failure against the perfect specimen Shouto. It's more of a dramatic battle.
>No Endeavor, Deku, Bakugou or waifu

>What were people even expecting?
Dabi pulling Prominence Burn and winning even in death.



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Realistically, would blue fire lost against ice fire?

It is adorable.

Yeah, when the blue fire's user is a fucking jobber.

I feel like extreme heat is better than extreme cold, but whatever.

The fuck is ice fire

>hatetranny absolutely can't stop living 24/7 in our threads

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I'll repost my dumb and stupid question here, but is there a chance that Dabi accept defeat and stop, Shoto said please and told him people can change? He should have realized he can't beat his brother at this point, right? Please no joke or shit posts

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I'm assuming it's ice that acts like fire
fire but very cold instead of hot

>Getting ass kicked 2 chapters in a row
Did you expect anything less from The Prince of Jobbers

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No cares hattefag

Shut up loser

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so what the fuck is the point of shoto's powerup, it's just more ice?

it's fire ice

Fuck off, faggot

We waited 21 days for a fucking Dabi chapter

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yeah but that's retarded, it's ice

but also fire

Stop pretending, if you truly didnt give a fuck about the series you wouldnt enter a thread

ice with the properties of fire

So many expected Dabi to die now they are silent with rage after all the Breaks Hori took.

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IF the fight still going to continue and Dabi didn't faint, then I fully expect him to hug Shoto back and pull a final attack, a double suicide.

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Nah, I expected him to die, now user opened my eyes to the new realization. If Dani died then he won, but now he is a cuck who will rot in jail waiting for his death penalty while his family lives happily ever after. It's really a win win either way.

>Another terrible fight

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is there a single fight in the series that isn't terrible? hori has zero creativity when it comes to using quirks, and his fight choreography is Oda-tier

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>Fujos are a mistake...

Deku vs. Kacchan 2.0 was great. But I think that was due to all the sexual tension.

>is there a single fight in the series that isn't terrible
Twice vs skeptic
Endeavor vs High end
Miruko vs Near high ends

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Is the fight really over?


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no one knows who that is

Epilogue chapter or start of a new arc in the US?

You know, that is an actual thing, right?
Sodium Acetate aka Hot Ice. Can be used to isolate DNA and destroy acid.

I mean it depends. Cold is the absence of energy, and heat is an abundance of energy. It's difficult for something to retain energy consistently, fire needs fuel, friction needs motion, kinetic needs potential, losing energy and heat is the natural state of pretty much all forms of matter, so I'd think extreme cold would trump extreme heat

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