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Can't belive his daughter is a kurozumi

>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Funniest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato

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Yams' Oni-Slav daddy is cute CUTE

Could current Luffy save Ace from getting penetrated at Marineford?

I can't believe young Kaidou was Rambo

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So, Luffy acquired allegedly the most ridiculously creative power in the universe and his best move is still... punch hardererest?
So, Oda just forgot about Gear 5 laughing "just have fun lol" gimmick?
This "Joy mode" is just as serious as normal Luffy now...

>I can ONLY lose to Joy Boy!
>Luffy is now Joy Boy!


She isn't
Higurashi isn't a Kurozumi by blood


It's the drums of liberation, 'dum dum dadat'
Not the drums of comedy, those ones go 'ba dum tss'

>the giant sword that Oda kept showing in so many panels never got used
For what purpose?

First person in the archives to predict that Luffy is Joyboy in any form. eight years ago. F

a few years prior, the assumption that Luffy and Joyboy are related in some way

>Regardless, we're going to have some heavy "Luffy is the chosen one" in the future and Yea Forums is going to rage over it.
Lmao is joyboy/page/133/

>Kaido flashback was 14 pages
>Oden flashback was 14 chapters
Is this fair?

Seems to have been pure set dressing and not a prop utility
May be used later in the story

poor kaido isn't a self insert mary sue

What pisses me off is how BM's flashback was longer

Young Kaido was handsome.

Seems that Gear 5 was only toon-like when he started and Luffy couldn't control it properly. It feels different now.

>Shinobu now does her job, actually uses her DF and keeps Momo safe
>the samurai bosses are now useful and hold Kaido back... or Marco does it... or Denjiro doesn't disappear for 1 year
>Oda now doesn't waste 20 panels on reaction shots and has Law and Kid punch BM into the basement earlier and she kills the flame spirit in the same way

I just wrote Yamapoochie out of the story in 3 sentences and nothing would change in 60 chapters

Oda had instant writer's remorse when writing the whole toon thing and had to step back a bit. Still, the fact remains the Gomu Gomu no Mi was retconned for seemingly no reason. What a Hack.

You can't do that to oda's daughter's self OC

it is standard one piece action comedy, some retards just started spamming "toon force" for no reason

But who was his wife? or Yamato is a rapebaby?


the flame spirit was irrelevant as shit
it died to 1 bomb
so if yama wasn't there it would have set off 1 bomb and died to it

Nice cope. Yamato still saved the raid on multiple times. Why it boils your piss, other than braindead nakamafaggotry is a mystery.

Luffy using it in his giant form to defeat Kaidou would have been better than the giant punch.

-Shinobu isnt strong enough and doesnt have Oden's journal
-Lol, only Marco could hold Kaido back and he was busy with King and Queen
-That doesnt prevent the bombs from exploding the island
Keep seething

> braindead nakamafaggotry
Holy projection, kek. Are you even aware of the shit your write?

Oda really skipped forward 6 years to GV in a single panel

Imagine being this retarded.

see you when luffy drops an anvil on Imu's head bro

I hope he actually does this kind of stuff. Either go all in or don't do it at all.

Are you Mr. "Guys this is how Yamato's contributions couldn't matter"? You nakamafags are the only ones who desperately need to downplay a character you don't like. You always do a shitty job of it and you always get triggered like little bitches when you get called out.

>those digits
nakamafags blown the fuck out

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My wife, my flame, my muse.

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nigga you are a nakamafag

What's next for Kaido and the boys?

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Carrotnisans, Yamatobros, we got too cocky...

>Iceburg now succesfully kept the blueprints of pluton safe and builds the sunny himself
>the carpenteers of galley-la are now useful and defeat fukuro and that guy from the train
>oda doesnt waste 20 panels on reaction shots and has ussop snipe the marines faster by making robin escape

I just wrote Franky out of the story in 3 sentences and nothing would change in 60 chapters.

>Oda purposely skipped Rocks part of Kaido past
Imagine thinking this fight is over l

He's saving Rocks for later

The raid WILL fail, and they WILL cope!

Oda needs more pages per chapter. He said deciding the cramped panel arrangement is the hardest part of doing a chapter and if he just had 30 pages to work with instead he could finish each chapter in just three days.
Reminds me if that Pompo the Cinephile movie where the director/editor has to compress or outright discard all these great scenes to get it down to a 90 minute runtime like the producer wants

it unironically is going to happen either against Imu, Akaino or blackbeard, no way is oda making these gimmicks an one-time happening, but saving them for the most climatic moments in the series.

I never really got why people wanted a Kaido flashback so much.
I mean, okay
But that'll be it's own thing eventually

When? This is literally Rocks duo arc

fukuro wasn't anywhere near those guys

well most manga are 19 pages but he cut down to 17 years ago, 15 if there's a lot of double spreads


I so want Luffy to make Akainu who is an authoritarian hardass slowly loses his sanity but putting more toon bullshit

Because he is the main villain of thr biggest arc in the series? Because he has knowledge about important stuff for mysterious reasons?

the raid succeeded

He probably wanted to surprise the readers since sales were dropping but nips didnt like it


What is stopping kaido from just getting up again?
Is g5 just going to be luffy's emergency "I win" button from now on, removing all tension when he's losing?

Getting smashed hundreds of feet through the earth

I literally told you faggots there was no way Kaido would get a 7-8 chapters long flashback like a lot of you retards believed. It would clash with the pacing and the only reason Doffy flashback felt long was because it was intermingled with Law's who is a pseudo straw hat.

most of the anticipation probably comes from how good BM's flasbhack was, I was expecting something equally as disturbing or interesting.

however im also extremely tired of wano and wouldnt mind if kaido is never mentioned again is just brought back whenever we get the inevitable ROCKs flashback.

here's you motherfucking proof, kaidotard

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is this the first story you've read in your life you moron

>What is stopping kaido from just getting up again?
He's buried deep underground by that punch if you hadn't notice. A lot moreso than his sky island jump.

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Kaido going on road trip with King and Queen, dodging the fuzz. Jack, as usual, won't be invited; he'll be too busy getting spit-roasted by furries on Zou.

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I was expecting the beast pirates to be full of awakened monsters who constantly get back up after being defeated.
Only Jack and Ulti got back up and Jack's hybrid form and second defeat was just pathetic

BM's flashback was great

Broken horn = broken glasses

Most strawhats didnt witness G5 Luffy taking down Kaido, but Yamato did. She's more connected to him than 80% of the SHs.

But without Franky you don't have him beating up Usopp and them storming Franky House.

Kaido's past has been shown in tidbits this whole, and Big Mom's was only 2 and half chapters.

Cavendish witnessed G4 while half the crew was absent, fucking dipshit.

So where is Kaido's wife? Yamato's mom?

Franky has a 1v1 where he beats one of the CP9 tho, your comparison is not good.

Blackbeard probably.

>>next cover story
>>Big Mom is tired of supernovas coming to challenge her
>>Kaido finally got taste of defeat in the hands of Joyboy
>>both met each other under Wano ground and began their own journey, give no fuck about anything else
>>just 2 boomers hang out with each other
Will it be kino?

>Gear 4 had cool themes and moves that also kind of intuitively made sense of rubber properties (aside from python and snakeman's acceleration)
>Gear 5, despite being the "most free" and "cartoonishly wacky" ability, ends up just being PUNCH BIGGER

kaido's flashback is actually pretty kino.

Will caesar buggy moria judge and enel finally become important characters again

Where the fuck does the Yamato's mom meme comes from? Did I skip a page? She doesn't matter, that's it

Obviously this. His flagship is called 'The Sabre of Xebec' ffs.

Kai D Ou

why is she doesn't matter?

Damn luffy knocked kaido deeper than doffy. Wonder if it was because he was on fire