Mob Psycho S3 trailer just dropped

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>Mob Reddit
Who cares?

That was sex

Kino is back on the menu.


Anime is fucking saved

Is the Manga worth reading?

Ok satan

What did One sacrifice to Moloch to get a perfect adaption of Mob?

FPBP trips of truth

>mob shitco

One-Punch Man's anime

Oh look, someone is already bored making bait threads about SxF.

basically this


Really not helping with the buzzword

Satan understands the truth

Nice, looking forward to it..

is this any good?

I stopped liking mobu when I saw all the trannies on Twitter obsessed with it.

Blessed by satan trips

how the hell will they make 12 episodes when there is so little left to adapt?

I gave it a shot after the 2nd season came out and I was upset with myself for not reading it sooner, the manga is really charming

And manga

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>Satan seething

>letting trannies control the media you watch

And Gaming!

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A big chunk of troons are anime fans and play video games, but who the fuck cares about that shit

Either a shorter season or they'll do the Reigen volume. There are still about 9 to 10 episodes worth of content left in the main series.

Go back to pol election tourist

this lookin' fire fr fr no cap

Based Satan.

that’s what you get for browsing twitter cuckboy

Trannies also breath so you should stop doing that too.

This but unironically.

>reddit: the anime

Go back to hell, contrarian

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>That PV
How will CSM even compare

Holy hell this thread is a dumpster fire

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just like shit psycho 1000%

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have made it.

I heard that breathing is reddit. You know the gist.

OPM >>>>>>>>>> mob


Why are the europoor's obsessed with reddit? Save us Americadono

Congratulations, you single-handedly turned this thread to shit

refresh my memory. didn't he get rejected in the anime already? so what are they going to do with supposed "i'm doing this for her" motivation for s3?

if you hate trannies and redditorinos so much to the point where you avoid the media they obsess over then wouldn't the logical solution be to just obsess over it even harder to drive them all away? Why are we allowing these so called "trannies" and reddit fags to win? What happened to the time when Yea Forums ironically called the ok symbol as a signal for white power and everyone believed it to the point where it became a reality? Why are you people such pussies?

>didn't he get rejected in the anime already?
no, the second season ended with the fight against claws boss.

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Reddit Psycho sounds better.

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October is going to be fun. New director is looking good.


Mob will be anime of the year fag!

Here's your (You), brainlet

Mob is just like me.
A polite and quiet personality but if he snaps you know shit is about to get real!

Worth it

YOOOOOO actually? Not bait? I'm so hyped can't wait to watch it
What is it gonna adapt besides the mob walks through town and everyone stops him arc? That's all I recall. Kino arc

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And yooooooo fall is stacked. Mob. Bleach. CSM? What else is there

The brocolli arc and some mini arcs like the aliens.

>goes to (((twitter)))
>spacifically to read content made by troons
>and that's why I don't like anime
>Yea Forums - Anime and Manga
What did he mean by this

Literally forgot all those
Oh wait the aliens gave Inu the NDS right? Kek


Mob is the best shounen ever

Mob psycho > FMA:B

Is it shonen?