One Piece

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Chapter 1049 The World we should Aspire to

Cover: “How?! The book at the research faculty start burning and the two brothers are freed!”

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Luffy: Aaahhhhhh!!
Kaido: You’ve come a long way!!
You’ve done well to have fight against me for this long!! However…
There’s no way you could change the world!!

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>“When Kaido appeared for the first time, I said that Luffy can’t defeat such a strong character yet. And I’m yet to know how Luffy would defeat Kaido. Probably my audience will not be satisfied if the reason for defeating Kaido is just because Luffy’s punch is so strong. Luffy and I have to find a solution somehow.”
- One Piece author, Eiichiro Oda

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Vodka people: That’s amazinggg!! Kaido is the strongest soldier…and he’s only ten!!
Kaido: that’s not enough battles…!!
「46 years ago, at Vodka Kingdom」
Vodka People: our country can’t afford to stop participating in wars…we have to win and gather enough money for the heavenly tribute…or else we will lose our human rights in this world
Kaido: why does everyone obey those “celestial dragon” guys?!
Vodka people: Kaido that’s enough

Vodka King: you’re being drafted, go serve as a marine soldier
Kaido: why do I have to become government’s “dog”?!
The king: you’re too much for our country to handle
Marine: once you hand over Kaido, this country shall be granted the right to participate in the reverie starting…
Kaido: I’m not your political tool!!!

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Marine: Kaido has escaped!!!

Bounty 70 million berries

Marine: Kaido has been taken into custody!!
He ran away again?!
It seems that he’ll be caught whenever he’s hungry!!
Does he think our prison ships are dining halls?!!!

「44 years ago, at pirates Island “Fullalead”」
Pirates: who is he?! He’s crazy strong!! And He’s only 15?!
Whitebeard: hey you damn kid, have you ever considered becoming a pirate?!
“Rocks” has been wanting to meet you…what do you say?

Pirates: Kaido has joined the Rocks Pirates!!
Aren’t they freaking invincible now?!!

Big Mom: Kaido this is big! Come immediately!! We’re going to “God Valley”!!

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Pirates: Rocks Pirates has been broke apart?!! That’s a joke right?!! There’s no way, with all those monsters together!!
It seems that a marine soldier called Garp took them down!!
It must be internal conflicts, the concept of team work doesn’t exist in those guys’ brains…

Big Mom: where did he go?! Kaido!! Are you kidding me that bastard!!

Kurozumi Higurashi: it’s been 10 years since that incident…
Kaido, you are the “embodiment of force”
Brute force has been the solution…to all kinds of problems that occurred throughout human history…
And that’s no surprise, because humans are “animals”!! Survival of the fittest!! That’s how nature is!!
Kaido: Indeed, you’re completely correct!!
Higurashi: the remnants of Rocks will be taking the stage soon..!! A world where weapon is reason…
And I have a great deal for you…

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Kaido: There are people who are born into nobility!! People in power who take peace for granted!! Let us drag them down onto battlefield!!
Pirates: yeahhhhhh!!!
Kaido: that is what equality and freedom means!!
Only in “War” is a person’s value defined!!!

Kaido: I don’t know from where, but Yamato has brought up the name Joy Boy…
King: !
Kaido: “Opening the border of this nation”…looks like Oden’s wish was a preparation for Joy Boy…
If it’s the same person as who you’re waiting for..then King, I know who Joy Boy is
King: ..? Who is it?

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Momo: Luffy is going to win!!! He will win!!
Yamato: Do it Momonosuke!!
Momo: come out flame clouds!! Do as I say!!

「Inside the Skull Dome」
Kid pirates: wahhh!! Kya!!
Kid: huh?

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Samurai: what is that sound?!
Raizo: save everyone, water of Zou!!
Brook: Ms.Robi…bohgouhbohgouh
Nami: water?!

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Sanji: OSome chan!! Where did these waters come from?!

Franky: watch out you guys! Don’t be taken by the stream!

Denjiro: you..have done well…withstanding it for so long
For all these years..!! Lady Hiyori!!

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Young Linlin really reminds me Bonney a lot

Samurais and Pirates: ahhh isn’t the island falling?!
Yamato: the flame clouds has disappeared!! It’s over!!
Momo: Onigashima is..!! Going to fall!!

Kaido: Tell me Strawhat!! What kind of world would you be able to make?!
Luffy: ..!! I…

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Momo: come flame clouds!!!

Luffy: where my friends..!!! huff huff.. Can eat to their heart’s content!! That’s the…

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nice art


>Zoro's final panel in the big finale of the arc
How could Oda do us so dirty Zorobros... Wano was supposed to be our arc...

>dude just punch harder lmao
Bravo Oda.

Luffy: world I want!!!

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Past Kaido: King, I know who…
Joy boy is
King: who is it?
Kaido: the guy who can defeat me in the future!!
King: If so…then it’s unlikely that he will appear

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>*Dude, Just git gud with your devil fruit and combine its ability with Two types of Haki

>ODA: If Kaido was defeated by just punching harder it would be cheap as fuck
>does it anyways

Is Morj finally going to concede he was wrong or double down on the cope?

>>dude just punch harder lmao
Sovl Piece is back on the menu, boys.

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Looking forward to the next cover story of Linlin and Kaido in Hollow Earth shenanigans.

>Yamato irrelevant to the climax outside cheerleading for Momo

Can't wait for the next arc to be "the worst" and everyone to miss Wano

Literally just punch harder with a bullshit power-up lmao. How can you fags enjoy this shit?




Kai D. Ou ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Oda apologists will be the end of One Piece

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>>Kaido: Tell me Strawhat!! What kind of world would you be able to make?!
>Luffy: ..!! I…
>Luffy: where my friends..!!! huff huff.. Can eat to their heart’s content!! That’s the…
>Luffy: world I want!!!
This is a good contender for Luffy's true dream.

So Kaidou's whole speech about how haki is what is important a few chapters back was proven to be wrong with Luffy beating him with his giant punch, right?

Are all the D. members related? Did Roger marry his cousin?

Luffy beat him with a mix of COC coating and awakening. So both matter

> vidka... Russia
> anti globalism
What did Oda mean by this?

ZKK and it's ridiculous cultists being destroyed this chapter

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I can't wait to see Niji and Yonji double team Anana

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Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Kaido is sleeping

Vodka ? Kaido is from Vodka Island
Vodka is from Russia
What did Oda mean by this ?

Keep coping

Keep seething

Maybe it's a self statement

Is this true?

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KAIDO.............. LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You think they are gonna get actual personalities once they get their emotions back?

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>Vodka people become slaves for the tenryubitto because they can't pay debt.
Uhh, based Oda?

I'm at chapter 100, why does the art look so bad here? When will it get this bad?

>Wtf why is the mc sticking to his skillset


What does this aura mean? What triggers it?

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Takes a long while, just enjoy your ride.

god, king is so hot

>Kaido's left horn is completely gone
Fucking hell. I don't know if it Kaido is getting blasted through solid Earth or he's bore through the Earth already and is swirling downward in a spiral underwater. Either way goddamn, that's a lot of fucking force behind that attack.

As an aside, with Luffy and Momonosuke seemingly all out cold, there's literally no one who can vouch for Kaido's daughter fighting with them, other than the Beast Pirates, Shinobu and Franky. So unless Momo wakes up, this is a perfect time for misunderstanding.

Luffy's a fucking brawler. Of course it was going to end in a flavor of punch.

Is this a reference to current Russian war (special operation)?

Around Dressrosa I think, Oda just free hand his inking at that point. Also he tend to add meaningless "spectator" and their reactions to big moment, wasting tight panel space further.

you can find 6 years old translations of Oda's interview that reads
>Oda "When Kaidou appeared for the first time, I said that Luffy can't defeat such a strong character yet. And I'm yet to know how Luffy would defeat Kaidou. Probably my audience will not be satisfied if the reason for defeating Kaidou is just because Luffy's punch is so strong. Luffy and I have to find a solution somehow."
This is just a cope twisting his words after the facts to pretend he never implied he wanted to find a different way out, Oda just failed miserably at writting a different end for their battle and wrote a unsatisfying battle

After the Germa, who gets the next (and likely last) cover story? Ulti and Pay-Pay?

So Kaidou is going to awaken next... right?


>Higurashi is Yamato's mom
Kaido what the fuck man

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>the last cp0 guy just nopes away from the scene

Just get the Japanese version of the interview in question. All this faggot shit of drawing lines in the sand doesn't mean shit.

I think it can be salvaged if kaido gets up and says 'you defeated me, that means you are joyboy!' and then stans luffy for the final war

>Thought it was Kaido falling from the sky
>It's actually him being buried into the ground
>Luffy punched him so hard and he flew down so fast he flat out passed his own island and is probably buried under Onigashima now
>he flat out lost a horn,too

God damn, Luffy was right, he was sending him straight to hell with that punch.

Someone remind me, was Yamato on the island or still on Momo's back? She's probably gonna be the one to catch Luffy as he falls because he's really high up right now and going unconscious like Zoro.
What a thing to wake up to with the runs. And of course, after this is a 2 week break. Oh and why do people think the hag is the mom now?

so the sword of Onigashima is going to get used right?

Holy fucking shit

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Man, what a bitch. He could have at least recovered Maha.

bodies are meant to be left behind

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wait a fucking second. Why does the guy in the bottom leftsilhouette look like he has a strawhat?

Thats linlin

young big mom had a funny hat but not that kind of hat

>Fucking hell. I don't know if it Kaido is getting blasted through solid Earth or he's bore through the Earth already and is swirling downward in a spiral underwater. Either way goddamn, that's a lot of fucking force behind that attack.
Wait, he's in the water?! Good lord that was some punch considering how much terra you have to burrow through to reach the ocean. And he ended up that far down before the island even touched ground?

I wonder if Law's hole is that deep as well

That's Linlin in her old cowboy hat you idiot

Wasnt this guy just attacked by Kaidou few minutes prior? How is he still alive?

It's young Roger coming to recruit his boy.

What is this blind idiocy about water? You can see the Flower Capital and Mt. Fuji right there, there's no water

fuuuuuuuck i just realized that the cp0 guy's corpse was LITERALLY MELTED by Kaido's Awakening fire armor.

fucking brutal

I thought it was WB with the moustache

on the island. iirc she's been talking to momo from the hole in the armory

I want carry King's babys

ウォッカ, that's right chucklefucks, the same ウォ(Uo) from Uo Uo no Mi, or Kaido's laugh.


Not the same CP0 agent

It's her

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Can't believe he literally just did the same attack from doflamingo finisher

I thought Orochi and Oden's daughter were in the armory? was Yamato on the side the whole time screaming to Momo while they were having their moment?

Bury this fuck with sea stone. Take no chances.

Zorobros, is that it for us in the arc?

He said haki exceeds all not haki is the only thing that matters. And he's right haki is what allowed Luffy to damage Kaido in the first place.

Yamato literally had 2 dads. I won't be surprised if King hatched the egg Yamato popped out from.

I hope we get to see more of my wife soon

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Based GODa

>Orochi and Oden's daughter were in the armory?
No they were in orochi's secret safe room on a higher floor

no. he's the third glowie who was watching the fight. the other two went to capture robin then the order came to kill luffy, where the the other guy gets got fighting izo, the bowler hat guy gets a mortal wound thanks to drake then goes to interrupt luffy vs. kaido, getting kaido to kill luffy, before he's splatted. last faggot just ran away to report to the gorosei how deeply and fully they fucked up and failed.

next arc will be direction to Elbaf while Zoro and Luffy are inconscious having funky hell adventures and Usopp and Chopper are searching for a way to save them

The only reason Luffy didn't melt is because of his comic character zoan and Haki.

CP0 guy was knocked out/dead so he had no way to keep Kaido's big ass fire dragon armor from melting him.

Bro, did you read this chapter, Kaido is not getting up from this even if he does he's not gonna be anywhere near Luffy by the time he gets out of that hole. Hell by the time he regains consciousness he'll much like Linlin will have probably washed up somewhere's else somehow having not drowned or been eaten by seakings

that's momonosuke

There's a secret water passage that goes right under Wano into Port Mogura. Maybe Kaido fell there.

enjoy his next few panels because it'll be over soon

OK. I said I couldn't tell if it was Earth or water. Calm down.

I was the blind all along

who is this fagget?

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the visible wishes on the lanterns

“I want to see my mother”
“someone please take down the scary dragon”
“I wish the Kozuki clan would come back”

Well, what I said but also what you said
He wakes up to be a future asset

that's it ?
kaido goes out like that ?

I don't get why Zoro is so beat up. I feel like he's been hurt way worse before. The mink medicine thing feels like such a dumb plot point.

Good job momo. You did a banging job

Big mom look like a guy

So everyone on the rooftop melted?

You know Yamato cannot fly right

>no kino parallel moment of Zoro killing Kaidou like how Ryuma killed a dragon in the past
It would have been such a better ending...

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>turning cheap coal into diamonds

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Yes , just like that !

>even odadrones can't fully excuse Oda's hackery this time

>right as the BMP are making steady ground getting back up the waterfall, Kaido and Big Mom's waterlogged broken bodies come floating out from behind the falls like turds in a sewerage pipe

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we will be in Wano for the rest of the year, and I already made peace we will never see her again after Wano is over.

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>luffy gets btfo and literally comes back to life multiple times in a single fight
>kaido gets knocked out once and he's done

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Can someone please translate the sound effect that's being made while Kaido is being blasteed downward? Someone with the early spoilers said that Luffy's new attack is like Toriko's nail gun, so if all those characters following Kaido down is multiple impacts, that's just fucking insane.


>Incels on suicide watch
stay mad. Odachads cant stop winning

It's over guys, Kek wills it

it reads

Maybe its her daugther, the reason why we never see her is because she died after gave birth to Yamato.

He's not Sanji he's fragile

Fatigue was bound to catch up to him eventually.

That would be Hack Piece times a million. Luffy is not declaring himself The Joy Boy.
Kaido silently acknowledging him as such in his own mind is the best outcome.

Didn't we have something similar in Punk Hazard already?

Oh shit luffy got burned up a bit

Zoro already killed a dragon in Punk Hazard

Fuck off Morjfag. The raid didn't fail.

That was shit, I drop this manga after this arc, literally fuck this shit, he crossed the line

she died because Kaido killed her after what she did during his fight against Oden
she had Bon Clay's fruit, we've known that she died since her first introduction


thanks. his flashback was too brief for me I guess

Then whose gonna catch his ass as he falls down? From that height there's no way they can catch him without hurting themselves

Remember when Zoro used the Ryuma attack to cut that horn off of the island after missing Kaidou? All his fans thought for sure it was Oda setting up Zoro using the same attack later that would hit Kaidou but nope hahahaha

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Luffy had prep time. Kaido didn’t.

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Yup he's getting up raid is failing Morji has tested high IQ

Yes, Kaido belted out of his magma wyrm armor all the way down to the water table after soaking up damage from a dozen of the top 1% of warriors in the world and the second pirate king for 50 chapters and 6+ hours

Would a fall even hurt him? He's rubber

luffy vs katakuri > luffy vs kaido

>there's literally no one who can vouch for Kaido's daughter fighting with them,

Oda probably set up the samurai to try to kill Yamato for being Kaido's daughter or using Oden name.

welcome to one piece

Jinbe, you killed Robin. Why did you do it?

Now that it's over, was this the worst major One Piece fight?

He never had the makings of a varsity pirate king

He used a different attack there.

And this is why no one takes you guys serious anymore.

I can't I think it's time I dropped one piece for good and go back to Hunter X Hunter...

>Luffy gets his shit pushed in
>activates jesus mode
>still gets his shit pushed in, near dead
>Just punch harder boy! You still have oxygen in your NIka!
>Luffy punches harded and wins lol
>"The one who will beat me will truly be the chosen one piece all along..."
Epic. Amazing. Genre-defining. Boundry-breaking.

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>Oda probably set up the samurai to try to kill Yamato for being Kaido's daughter or using Oden name.

Robin is used to being wet around Jinbe

Yes because he's completely unconsciousness is already beat to shit and overtaxed from awakening. especially from thousands of feet in the air

He didn't use Ryuma's attack for the dragon in Punk Hazard.

>Kaido gets ungry
>Get caught intentionally
>Eat their food
>"...Uhh bro, just be a pirate." ~Whitebeard