What was AOTD again Yea Forums?

What was AOTD again Yea Forums?

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Non Non Biyori

Ping Pong and it's not even close

Isn't it obvious madoKEK?

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So what is it user?

sangatsu no lion

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prillya ofc

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I can't believe it Raoh is a fucking womanizer

Little Busters!

Madoka, anyone that says otherwise is delusional, it had the biggest cultural impact and spawned numerous other grimdark mahou shoujo.

Then I guess DBZ is the best anime in history?

It didn't have a cultural impact everywhere, only in the 3rd world.


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>random nonsensical cope
Go to sleep madokek

Hunter x Hunter and there's no debate

For me it was Fate Zero, but I'll accept if other people have different opinions

A typo for HOTD

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based F/Z is a masterpiece

I've regained faith in Yea Forums, every answer so far is a great pick.

Well, except for this one

Pop Team Epic

based huntards are retarded

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>Then I guess DBZ is the best anime in history?

and it wasn't even close.

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This one had a bigger cultural impact, so it means Shingeki is the real AOTD.

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Cringe kill yourself I'd rather just read muv luv

Now you understand how dumb "muh cultural impact" argument is.

More like cultural pleb and no it didnt lmao it died as soon as it became crap and it was crap from the gitgo

Yes, madokeks are retarded. Next question.

Cry more. The word "culture" in "cultural impact" refers to popular culture. The Beatles were crap too but it's considered to be one of the most influential rock band in history.

Oreimo, a whole generation basically grew up with Oreimo, is the real most influencial anime from the decade.

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More cultural impact than Madoka

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This one and its sequels too had more impact than Madoka, and probably more than most of the titles mentioned here

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Girls Und Panzer, everyone else is wrong.

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In Japan

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Ninja Slayer

Last but not least...
Viewed by some as the pinnacle of Japanese animation, while others viewed it as the biggest tumor killing the industry.

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Realistically, Puella Magi Madoka Magica Is Wayyy 2 Mythological In Its Treatment Of The Character Arcs, Something That Makes It Beau-T-Ful, But Not Necessarily Compelling, As The 5 Personalities Aren't As Down-To-Earth Or Teen Or Slowly Developed.
The Historical Witches Sub-Plot Was Too Unexplored For What Could've Been A Groundbreaking Feminist Statement. However, It's Still Good.
My Personal Choice Is Mawaru Penguindrum, Aesthetically Ideal::: «Stiletto Pumps Cuz I'm Looking Fine; Subway Drama; Modernist Ornamentos Of Glass Constantly Falling And Touching The Flesh» And Has Double The Episodes To Properly Handle The Characters. Its Presence Is Also Eccentric, So I Luv That! Imagiiiiine!
That's For TV Anime Tho. Overall, The Best Is "Children Of The Sea", The Movie

Madoka, and it's probably the best "modern" anime.
It's not my favorite, but I think that it deserves its acclaim and the many industry figures who have claimed it is the best ever. However I think a distinction should be made between modern anime and older anime, and so while it is the best of this era, it is not the best ever.
ANy one who says it's not Madoka is either trying to force their own personal favorite into contention, doesn't understand or like anime, or has abysmally shit taste and probably is too dumb to understand why Madoka is as highly regarded as it is.

>the many industry figures who have claimed it is the best ever
No such thing, PPTA is claimed to be 1 by more important figures than your tranny show

Are you autistic?

Based autist retard

Ghibli producer Suzuki, Hideaki Anno, and others have all called Madoka the greatest anime ever. In fact Suzuki said something like it is good for a newer anime to overtake an older one in terms of greatness.

remember Japanese males of all ages voted Madoka the greatest anime of all time in a national poll

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>Hideaki Anno
hahah good one user tell me more

Both were judges for some award Madoka won along with other industry figures
Anno specifically mentioned the Kyubey character as being a standout

Hideaki Anno (of Evangelion fame):

This is really good, Kyubey. Be it getting rid of lip-synching, or working it as a character, doing it so thoroughly makes me feel great. And the symbolization of the witches is also skillfully done. The music is also good. My urge is to own the three BGM tracks like the "salesman's theme" [editor note: refers to Kyubey's song "Sis Puella Magica"] which I love, got me to buy Vol. 2 of the Blu-Ray. Ep. 10 was good too. The way HomuHomu was depicted was good. I think in terms of the released form of anime works, going for a movie series instead of another TV series is a good way to establish it even further. I have high expectations of it.
Hideaki Anno: It feels good to see Kyubey to be so thoroughly worked as a symbol as well as a character. The symbolization of the witches is also skillfully done. And then the music is good. The way HomuHomu was depicted in Ep. 10 was also good. I have good expectations of the movie edition.
Couple of Anno quotes when he voted it the top anime for Newtype I believe. Took one minute to google and I'm sure there are plenty more. But you don't really care about anime, do you? That's why you can see something like Madoka and not understand what makes it great. Have fun pretending to be a fan of anime. Ping Pong is great, with interesting animation, but it's not the best of anything. Sorry.

Where does he say that it's the greatest anime ever? If you asked him, he would probably say Gundam, Ideon, or some other thing. It's Anno, after all

I'm starting to think this thread is just a falseflag attempt by another fanbase to shit on Madoka

Kyubey is fucking trash of a character.
He says emotions entirely are "alien to him" yet his voice still contains a tone of, even slight joy or any other emotion when he's talking. Not sure whether it's the lazy VA or the lazy writing but either way he's the worst character in the series.

You must be really desperate to quote someone as pathetic as anno who got shat on by pretty much any important figure in the anime industry since his works were needlessly depressive and not good for the young generation - literally worthless.
Again as I said Kyubey is garbage although the lack of lip sync is interesting, but if I were to name the best alien character that actually acted like an alien, that'd be Mugi from Parasyte. Far tops Kyubey in pretty much every aspect.
>but it's not the best of anything
It's the best sports anime madokatard.


Your fanbase is just that retarded. Nothing surprising actually from someone who thinks le subversive mado shoujo shit is the best the industry has to offer, delusional.

Way to out yourself as a troll.

I'm not the one who posted by the way.
Please take your medications.

>didn't understand Kyubey

>Please take your medications.
Speak for yourself, antiyuri schizo.

>now he thinks im his boogeyman
Go to sleep madokek you're tired

>le classic 2deep4u cope
Typical madokatard, nothing of substance just the usual

ITT: a seething brainlet angry that Madoka will always be higher regarded than his favorite anime

>higher regarded
Please finish your English before trying to claim superiority over anyone again, ESLmadotard.

Why do you need everything explained to you, can you not try to understand why Madoka recieved such acclaim or why a character like Kyubey was particularly singled out?

there is no rule that says everyone on Yea Forums has to speak or type perfect English, a man who begins insulting his opponent has only proven that he has already lost the argument . . that is if you are a man, which I question seeing as you type like a woman

>wont even deny he's esl

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More like why can't you understand you and hacks like anno are obviously wrong. Please watch parasyte and stop embarrassing yourself already

one piece

>won't even deny "he's" a woman
fujoshi's hate Madoka, I get it.

>yuritranny talking about manhood
Neck yourself tranny

And Demon slayer: Mugen Hassha hen was next AOTD for both was broadcasted in the time of despair. Earthquake for PMMM, Mugen Hassha for Covid.

Madoka was voted the number one anime of all time among men in Japan. It was the women who didn't "get it" or "like it", so you trying to call an actual man who likes Madoka a tranny is laughable.

For me, it's Yorimoi!

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can't believe demon slayer is going to be the next aotd