One Piece

Is it finally over?

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I really hope that old hag wasnt Yamato's mother
and why the fuck would Kaido kill her for interfering with the Oden fight if she was the mother of his child. Shit is stupid.



It ain't over til the fat lady sings.

>and why the fuck would Kaido kill her for interfering with the Oden fight if she was the mother of his child
You don't have to love someone to have a child with them

cam you repeat the question?

Wano is only just starting!

Prepare for the kurozumi sisters as new nakama

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Hey man, don’t kink shame.
Some guys just like their girls to be a bit on the older side, nothing wrong with that.

So Orochi is Yamato's nephew when Hag is the mother

correct, we still have the wano buster call arc

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I keep forgetting she's 28

The BMP are STILL trying to climb the waterfall

>The people at the Flower Capital still have no idea what is happening
literally what is the point of them being so clueless as to what's going on

This happens when smoothie is the captain

Who are you most looking forward to seeing once we’re done with not-japan?

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Why doesn't kaido breed King with Yamato?
His grandchild gets wings

The crew can enjoy the festival and Nami and Robin can get new costumes that will sell statues.

They are right now celebrating their "one free night" of suffering. Imagine how it's going to be when its the next day and they realize they are actually really free

The funny part is it took them like a week to climb the waterfall the arcond time, and marco JUST knocked them down as the raid started so it’ll be at least another week for them to climb back up, which by then they’ll be greeted by a fully armed Wano samurai + healthy SH/Heart/Kid pirate crews

Would kaido want another autistic child to raise?

seeing Croc would be pretty kino

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My only hope is that Orochi is dead forever for sure this time. Dude was fucking Hody Jones tier. I feel he could have been neat but holy shit he just sucked the whole time. And I get his character is supposed to be a little bitch only propped up by the strongest dude on the planet, but I feel he somehow failed at even being in the bitch role and I dont even know how.

apparently I had a stroke.

reminder kaido is just faking being suicidal for attention or else he would have just eaten another devil fruit by now

>Kaido finally gets his big flashback
>no Rocks
>no Gods Valley
>no Yamato’s mother
>no reason revealed for why he chose Wano
what the fuck is this

Yamato will raise her own child

yamato is almost 30 she can raise her own kid

Rocks mentioned, crew dissolved because of 0 teamwork (yonko are on their bad ending futures)
God's valley mentioned but skipped
Yamato's mother is implied (?) to be the hag (or maybe she gave kaido the idea of having a son)
He chose wano because oden was prepping the country for joyboy

It's not over yet, obviously
This should be the biggest tell of all that Kaido's not finished

Luffy will need to be licked by Yamato's AWOOO form to survive the burns

I want to see admirals again, especially my boy Borsalino

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>we get another flashback of the god valley fight when kaido is defeated...

>He chose wano because oden was prepping the country for joyboy
This makes no sense, he established himself in Wano two years before Oden even met Roger

make it literally like a wish come true
the festival ends, dawn breaks, and s7ddenly both orochi and kaido are done for, oden jr is here with his best friend joyboy and the scabbards here to tear down the factories and turn the guns into ploughshares so everyone will have enough food again

vegapunk will be on elbaf


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So is the "One Piece" just sake?

>Lesson for the wano citizens is 'make a wish and maybe someone will make all your dreams come true for you without any effort of your own put in'
That seems like a really clashing theme for One Piece
And it just proves Kaido was right in that the people of Wano are complacent losers who need to have someone save them

big mom would find out and want one too

That's Big Mom's gimmick.


Where is Kaido's flagship?

A lot of the people fighting right now in Onigashima are ordinary people who took to arms to fight against Kaido
Most of the ones in main Wano are woman and kids
Besides they have endured years of slavery and abuse and starvation

Well Kizaru is closely tied with Vegapunk so perhaps we’ll see both
We know Kizaru’s powers are the inspiration for the Pacifistas and we know Sentoumaru, Vegapunk’s personal bodyguard, is on a casual basis with Kizaru so it would make sense for him to appear together

One piece is imu's swimsuit that joyboy stole. The swim suit allows any df user to swim.

Why didn't Kaido trade samples of King's cum for weapons from Big Mom?

Too busy drinking and waiting for Joyboy


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>Higurashi might actually unironically be Yamato's mom
Kaido what the fuck man

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Kaido's a bipolar alcoholic and you're surprised he'd be willing to fuck that thing?

>why do (((they))) have all the power
Koido asking the real questions here.

Probably in that underground port

She literally has the same unique hair coloras Yamato . I don't know why people didn't connect it before

So WG can draft anyone they want anytime they want from the 170 allied countries?

Higurashi can turn into anyone, so maybe she turn into Rock

The series? Basically yeah.

24/7 beer goggles on Kaido

>the battle isn't actually over, time for the Sunny vs Kaido's pirate ship


She can turn into anyone with her df

So this is how Kaido sees everything...

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>more yamato lore
>More yamato panels
Denialsisters... I'm starting to get nervous

I mean, Higurashi can turn into different people, so maybe she turn into peak Big Mom

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Thats fucking overpowered. I just dont understand what does the WG offer them for countries to want membership so bad? It feels heavily one sided.

Congratulations gentlemen, we've finally survived half-way through Wano.

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>Be Kaido
>On Rocks ship as a raging hormonal teen
>Constantly getting teased by a hot older babe who calls herself "Big Mom"
Kaido had to have developed some kind of fetish or complex

Kaido could have had THIS
Instead he went for...

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>Give me or else i nuke
So really, they are like America

if they don't play along and pay tribute, the wg retracts their human rights and sends in a fleet to enslave everybody

They offer them "protection" from pirates and I'm pretty sure there's unsaid threats of "and we won't have any reason to target you" there too


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Is really all you can talk about from this chapter is this Kurozumi mom meme theory?

Well it's not like Kaido's actually defeated so this is the most interesting element

Kaido choosing to fuck a granny is far far more damaging than anything he's taken over the course of the entire raid

user we for some reason still have people who think Kaido is getting up even after Luffy clearly ran out of energy. It's this or fights

Nothing else relatively interesting happened. Kaido better gets his fucking full-fledged flashback next chapter.

Now that I have seen kaido go down, I am fine dying by this earthquake

There’s too much ambiguity to the outcome of the fight, the title story has grown dull with the whodunnit theme, and the rest of the chapter was spent with padded out reaction shots that didnt fucking mean anything, so conclusions drawn from the flashback stuff is the only thing worth talking about
and the biggest conclusion was that kaido actually fucked the hag


>Kaido fucks an old hag who’s a member of the rival clan
>Luffy big punch Kaido
What did you expect us to talk about?

A full-fledged Kaido fucking ganny flashback