Jujutsu Kaisen

>jobs in one chapter
even naoya wasn't this pathetic

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You posting or what?

>activiates sister mode
>instantly loses because he is a women now


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I mean he is fighting the strongest antagonist in the Culling Games

so itadori is unlocking his duking techniques soon to beat him right?

Yuji will die one more time against Kashimo and let Sukuna out

At some point this dude will find him and force him to fight confusing him with sukuna , I'm positive he'd awake one of Sukunas's tc there

I guess I'll dump what I have

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Sukunas's hideout

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5 points

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if panda had prep time he would have won

This is just Gege realizing he’s been a little boring for the last few chapters and knows he needs to crank it up and heighten the stakes.

i literally forgot who this is but I hope him and itadori fight soon

Literally what am I looking at

Did they actually kill Panda for good? That's fucking metal

That's a pretty unceremonious death if he's really gone, he never even got to see Yuta again. Poor guy, I guess Panda really was just a gag character.

That's literally his last chance. From my pov.

>and let Sukuna out
Sukuna burned that bridge a long time ago. Even if Yuji dies he'll sit in the Innate Domain until time expires and both dies. Unless Sukuna uses the vow to heal and run away.

RIP Panda

Oh shit rip panda.

The female figure with a Cursed Spirit looking Rhino head getting wrecked.

So what the fuck is Panda's sister supposed to be, a rhino uh, thing?

Spoiler text would be cool too. Because people believe panda is dead.

......He's not.

Hakari is next

hakari is stronger than yuta, nothing is stopping him

>A sure hit without needing to expand a domain, like a lightning slashing through the atmosphere
>Kashimo: So, where is he, Sukuna

wait so who is this
what happened to the pachinko shit

for me it's yuuchan and yuuchan's niichan

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>w*man thinks they can beat sukuna
on a scale of 1-10 how hard will they jobb?

>Kashimo's cursed energy, which has the same properties as electricity, can be separated into charges
>With his attacks he can move a positive charge to his target
>So whilehe's cancelling the discharge of the negative charge he's storing in his own body to the ground surface
>This attack is
continued in

Did you read that chapter? The fight ended. Hakari broke Charles' pen, he's done.


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He's not dead.

Yup. He lost his main source of attack and defense.

>cursed energy, which has the same properties as electricity
So even without his technique his CE has the properties of electricity? Just like Hakari’s energy has a rough property to it? That’s pretty insane.
Along with a sure hit without a domain. I don’t see Kashimo being defeated in a 1v1.

sukuna will just dismantle her

Retard Kashimo is a man

Posting some more panels. Here's Kashimo tanking Drumming Beat.

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Yuji would tank it for a bit and then rip him apart if he was able to close the distance fast enough
Sukuna butchers him in seconds
Dont know enough about Hakari since I dont understand Pachinko but who knows if he cant win before Kashimo fries him
Megumi Dies
Yuta wins through just pure ape shit power and a dragged out fight
Tranny dies

yuta will just copy them but with even more curse energy

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Since it's talking about him having to cancel the discharge to the ground, I assume the charges he gives his opponents aren't long lived. He gets sure hit as long as his opponent can't discharge.

3rd Core Unleashed.

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Yuta can copy CTs, but we haven't seen him copy CE properties. Kashimo hasn't used his CT yet here.

Pretty sure Panda isn't dead.


He isn't. It's not even clear if her rhino core is dead, but the other two cores aren't destroyed anyways. Kashimo wants information from him.

I honestly think Gege has the best art in Jump right now at or at least the most appealing to me personally.
Also after calming down a bit here's the edit I made of a Genga to look more like how Gege draws.

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no way is this fag beating sukuna

Well, if the Gorilla core didn't got destroyed, maybe just maybe Panda is not permadead. But knowing the Cat, il just gonna cope and seethe as usual.

I can’t believe panda is fucking dead…..

>people actually think Panda died


did he got 5 points? so at least one of his cores died. whatever core was labeled as "player"
Same happened with the roach. Roach player died but Roach Cursed Spirit survived

Honestly Kashimo feels like the sort of character to bring back the interest of the people who don't care about the Culling Game so far. The Sukuna connection, dabbing on Panda and the most build up out of the participants seem like thumbnail clickbait content. I expect thread quality to go down a bit, however unlikely that sounds with all the homosexual avatarfagging.

He didn't get 5 points.

then Panda stills alive

Nobarafags finally have some company


Any guesses on how long Tokyo Colony 2 will go for? Do you see it going as long Tokyo 1 or shorter like Sendai? Now that Kashimo is here I feel the story will move much faster

At least 5 to 8.

doesn't panda count as three people?