They should reboot Outlaw star

We need space operas with buff catgirls.

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same universe unrelated sequel and outlaw star sucked outside aisha

>same universe unrelated sequel
That's just Angel Links.

i like the idea, but they would wreck it

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She certainly wouldn't suffer from getting rendered with something BESIDES 90's-face

i honestly dont remember that but did it have ctarl-ctarl?

>OP is retarded aishafag
Can't say I'm surprised.

oy cunt. bet you're a hot ice fag

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Don't tell me you waifu'd one of the other girls in the series.

Who the hell wants a catgirl? For what? Scratch up your furniture, trip you as you walk, vomit furballs? As a man of culture, cowgirls/holstaurs are the way to go.

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not hors enough, but good.

Getting close to
>oh shit what are you doing
levels of furry in that gif
also, cows like to drink each others piss right from the vag. ive seen it live, and it is worse than anything ive seen a cat do.

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>a bad thing

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As a kid I thought the caster bullets were the coolest thing ever.

Outlaw Star is really bad and nostalgiafags are certified brainlets.

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Weird nipples

cant draw areolae since it'll need censoring most places

>really bad and nostalgiafags
Haha, ears go *brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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It was the 90s style.

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Is it just me or was the girl in that episode that wanted to fuck Fred 100% perfectly bangable? (Fred was gay so that was of course problematic, but past that...)

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snu snu

Suzuka has a sad Japanese ass.

Anyone advocating for reboots, especially for completed media, is retarded and is actively contributing to the degradation of anime

The funny thing about Suzuka getting pissed was she obviously wanted Gene's dick but knew she she'd never beat melfina for his affection.

She probably jilled off to the memory of him ogling her later that night.

i think she was fine.

they all did. character design wasn't thicc back then

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I liked Angel Links

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Was there any indication if she was jacked before she misunderstood what Fred said about being the strongest woman, or did she get ripped because of it, making the whole situation doubly Fred's fault?

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>wants a reboot
>Newfag retard who abuses subject line

People liking fat or "thicc" women is mostly a recent trend, much like muscle chick fags.

The vast, VAST majority of sexual attraction is still (And always has been) thin, skinny women, its just the internet allows people with more "Diverse" fetishes or kinks to interact and get a false sense of numbers.

This user knows what he is talking about. Most girls nowadays who get called "thick" are just fat.

Sex with melfina.

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No, not really. Body type preferences follows trends that change over time. Usually whatever the social elites are doing, which they usually do to distinguish themselves from the masses, who then copy them. The thicc-to-sticc fluctuation goes back thousands of years.

In that case it's not simply the changing of trends, but more the degeneration of our minds that has led to the modern preference for fat women. That + propaganda

Explain furries.

Modern reboots/remakes are monkey paws

>Ancient Egyptian Guy looking at statue of Isis: You ever think about what it'd be like to fuck that thing?
I think about it. A lot.

I just want merch, why is there NOTHING!?

>they left her to burn to death in the locker

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if she didn't, she wouldn't be japanese.

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Too bad her Weretiger form went full animal.

they didn't show that episode or I missed it on toonami and I freaked the fuck out as a kid I loved outlaw star. I can't believe they didn't rerun it at all. they just replaced it with big o for fucking years and years.

Japan resorting to racial pseudoscience to explain why they're too fucking lazy to do squats.

Never aired on Toonami until 2018.

>They should reboot Outlaw star.
so they can make it look like shit? No thanks. Last thing I want to see is them turning Gene into a twink. Modern anime reboots are a death sentence especially in the wrong hands.

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Gene wouldn't be the tweak, that'd be what they'd turn Jim into; That's the joke half the time, that Gene's the manly/masculine guy and then you have Jim who paints his robot pink and is doted on the "masculine" cat girl.

>so they can make it look like shit?
It worked with Evangelion though.

>It worked with Evangelion though.
Are you trolling? Those Evangellon movies are fucking garbage and completely unnecessary

they were very successful and well liked; They expanded the universe's story a good bit.

ywn be a cute looking astolfo being femdommed by a space cat girl.

why even live?

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Dont ask for reboots/remakes of GOOD series. instead ask for reboots or remakes of mediocre or debatably bad series.

big media companies got a scrooge mcduck sized treasure trove of unpolished gems that could be amazing with a bit of work and new imagination put into it

It's called anterior pelvic tilt, and it's caused by poor posture and extended sitting periods. And yes, it can be corrected by a mix of exercise and using correct posture. Muh genetics is not an excuse, they need to stop sitting on the fucking floor all day.

Once they aired it on Adult Swim they removed the nipples, kinda silly if you ask me since Aisha's nipples are barely visible, still better than the bikini shit they did for Tenchi

>barbie tits are better than bikini
I cant imagine being this blind

Please tell me you have one of these for cowboy bebop