Dragon Ball Super

What's your opinion on the relationship between Goku and Bejita?

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What is running through Jiren's head right now?

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>those stubby little legs

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Do they even consider each other friends?

We know Gokubro.

Me too!!

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goku's whore

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>Android 17 manhandling the jobber alien

How was your day?

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How the FUCK do we go from DBS Broly to THIS?!


A cinematic masterpiece.

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I like Jiren too

No really, do they? Rivals, sure, but do they even, ya know, like being around each other unless they have to?


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What's your favorite episode of Dragon Ball?

Who is your favorite Dragon Ball character?


Toei Animation.

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I like Mr. Satan.

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The manga kind of sucks, to be honest.

Today they showed Goku's uncensored penis during the original Dragon Ball reruns in my country

I am patiently awaiting for Episode 3 of Ultra God Mission to be aired. The release schedule is off by one month.

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This big guy.

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You know the drill

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Zamasu is back?

GT Godku

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A fellow Gotenbro. We are few and far between.

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I submit..............

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Yall like SSJ4, SSG, SSB, or UI the best?
you can say UE too for that one wierdo out there

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4 > Omen > MUI >>> SSG = SSB.

My clone Saiyan wife.

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UI (Only Omen) > SSG > SSB = SSJ4

DBM got this right in one panel while the Manga is taking years to reach this conclusion

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That's Heores, there everyone is back.

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It's an evolution an acquired taste.

Good for you! I don't think it's good but I certainly enjoyed a lot of it.

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I like Dragon Ball Super. I have watched all the episodes and read every chapter thus far.

Here's a screenshot I took from TV during the airing using my potato camera.

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>Ultra Ego

Even Garlic Jr and Dr. Wheelo?

Bros I just finished a rewatch of DBS and yeah it's rough at points but I love it. I genuinely enjoyed watching it even more than the first time.

The entire beam struggle with Cell purely because of everyone's efforts trying to help making it feel grand as hell

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I don't remember seeing Gralic Jr.

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My beautiful wife

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I just finished watching Dragon Ball Super. When Jiren the Gray lost in the Tournament of Power at the end there. Man, I teared up so much.


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Jiren is my favorite character, unironically.

Shit I was about to say I want a female fighter in the series
Man, that's how irrelevant most of them are these days


Femnolah is so cute...

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>I unironically like the cgi and can fully enjoy the movie because of it
Feels good

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I will force mankind to love Dragon Ball Superâ„¢

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