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Yamato won't join
Wano is dogshit

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Doomp eet

Keep dilating, Morj.

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She could fit Zunesha's dick in that mouth

She really looks like Nami like this


So who WAS this bitch? She was scheming even way back when. She’s obviously met Shiki too and is probably Yamato’s mother.

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Sorry your headcannon of her not being in the chapter was wrong. You should dilate.


Oda really thought wasting nearly 20 chapters on Oden/Orochi/Scabbards was more important than Kaido and Rocks

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she is likely Yamato's mother
someone should write a letter to Oda and ask him

stay mad, narutoad

Obviously Bon Clay

Probably the wofe of Orochi's grandpa or someone from that time

I wanted baby yamato to be in the chapter
IF she is a kurozumi, and if tama is one too...


THE ANIME PRETTY MUCH CONFIRMED IT BY GIVING HER YAMATO'S COLOR SCHEME (white hair with green highlights, light brown eyes, red candles similar to Yams red horns, etc) AND YOU RETARDS CALLED ME CRAZY.

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Yamato will marry Momo and peace will come to Wano


Chapter 1049 The World we should Aspire to

Cover: “How?! The book at the research faculty start burning and the two brothers are freed!”

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She'll replace Carrot as resident jobber for the next arc or two before being dropped off somewhere

Kaido made her turn into young big mom while they conceived yamato
Therefor my yamato is big mom daughter theory is correct


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So predictable

Luffy: Aaahhhhhh!!
Kaido: You’ve come a long way!!
You’ve done well to have fight against me for this long!! However…
There’s no way you could change the world!!

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What is her hair color in the colored manga?

Well it has to be the brother right? He's the one with the fire powers

>she is likely Yamato's mother
The shitposting is working bros!

Oda is saying “burn it all”

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Imagine fucking that.

Vodka people: That’s amazinggg!! Kaido is the strongest soldier…and he’s only ten!!
Kaido: that’s not enough battles…!!
「46 years ago, at Vodka Kingdom」
Vodka People: our country can’t afford to stop participating in wars…we have to win and gather enough money for the heavenly tribute…or else we will lose our human rights in this world
Kaido: why does everyone obey those “celestial dragon” guys?!
Vodka people: Kaido that’s enough

Vodka King: you’re being drafted, go serve as a marine soldier
Kaido: why do I have to become government’s “dog”?!
The king: you’re too much for our country to handle
Marine: once you hand over Kaido, this country shall be granted the right to participate in the reverie starting…
Kaido: I’m not your political tool!!!

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White with black lines.

Based Kaido

Either that, or Sabo escaped Mary Geoise and is on WCI and is going to meet up with Luffy post-Wano

Wow, so he was a retard just like Roger huh? He should have at least waited until he was strong though.

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Marine: Kaido has escaped!!!

Bounty 70 million berries

Marine: Kaido has been taken into custody!!
He ran away again?!
It seems that he’ll be caught whenever he’s hungry!!
Does he think our prison ships are dining halls?!!!

「44 years ago, at pirates Island “Fullalead”」
Pirates: who is he?! He’s crazy strong!! And He’s only 15?!
Whitebeard: hey you damn kid, have you ever considered becoming a pirate?!
“Rocks” has been wanting to meet you…what do you say?

Pirates: Kaido has joined the Rocks Pirates!!
Aren’t they freaking invincible now?!!

Big Mom: Kaido this is big! Come immediately!! We’re going to “God Valley”!!

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He likely did it with one of her more attractive faces.


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Kaidobros...we only lost the minigame


Pirates: Rocks Pirates has been broke apart?!! That’s a joke right?!! There’s no way, with all those monsters together!!
It seems that a marine soldier called Garp took them down!!
It must be internal conflicts, the concept of team work doesn’t exist in those guys’ brains…

Big Mom: where did he go?! Kaido!! Are you kidding me that bastard!!

Kurozumi Higurashi: it’s been 10 years since that incident…
Kaido, you are the “embodiment of force”
Brute force has been the solution…to all kinds of problems that occurred throughout human history…
And that’s no surprise, because humans are “animals”!! Survival of the fittest!! That’s how nature is!!
Kaido: Indeed, you’re completely correct!!
Higurashi: the remnants of Rocks will be taking the stage soon..!! A world where weapon is reason…
And I have a great deal for you…

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Kiss Kiku's KOCK

>Jaaaaaaack, JAAAAAAAACK I dont feel so good

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>Kaido: why does everyone obey those “celestial dragon” guys?!
The question everyone in the fanbase makes. They clearly are a bunch of pussies if divine lightning didn't fall on Luffy once he punched one.

> Big Mom: Kaido this is big! Come immediately!! We’re going to “God Valley”!!
Just to job

God I wanna rape her mouth

Kaido: There are people who are born into nobility!! People in power who take peace for granted!! Let us drag them down onto battlefield!!
Pirates: yeahhhhhh!!!
Kaido: that is what equality and freedom means!!
Only in “War” is a person’s value defined!!!

Kaido: I don’t know from where, but Yamato has brought up the name Joy Boy…
King: !
Kaido: “Opening the border of this nation”…looks like Oden’s wish was a preparation for Joy Boy…
If it’s the same person as who you’re waiting for..then King, I know who Joy Boy is
King: ..? Who is it?

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> Yamato was born from someone who was still using the Mane Mane during sex
Explains a lot

Momo: Luffy is going to win!!! He will win!!
Yamato: Do it Momonosuke!!
Momo: come out flame clouds!! Do as I say!!

「Inside the Skull Dome」
Kid pirates: wahhh!! Kya!!
Kid: huh?

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>And I have a great deal for you…

Yamato's vivre card doesnt specify where she was born, so she was probably born before Kaido reached Wano, and now we know that Higurashi met him in that same year in his ship.....everything really points towards her being the mother

What’s an Admiral’s salary?

That’s momo

>And I have a great deal for you...Kyokyokyokyo
The hag let Kaido hit it to have his child be the next ruler of Wano (because she didn't know there were still Kurozumi survivors)

Did Yamato fucking mentioned Luffy in front of Kaido?

Samurai: what is that sound?!
Raizo: save everyone, water of Zou!!
Brook: Ms.Robi…bohgouhbohgouh
Nami: water?!

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Makes sense. Also makes sense why they aged up Momo to 28. Party will never a wedding.

Sanji: OSome chan!! Where did these waters come from?!

Franky: watch out you guys! Don’t be taken by the stream!

Denjiro: you..have done well…withstanding it for so long
For all these years..!! Lady Hiyori!!

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Wait a second so Oden’s journal contained the name Joyboy? I thought the specifics pertaining to Laugh Tale were torn out

>Save everyone
>Not only do they get pushed around by the water but also fall down from several stories tall

Finally, some insight into Kaido's character. For the longest time, we thought he was just a meathead who wanted to fight and destroy because Kaido am strong. Now we see.

thread theme

Luffy and Kaido are tapped out. Here comes the World Government to take advantage. Screencap this.

Thats momo, retard



Samurais and Pirates: ahhh isn’t the island falling?!
Yamato: the flame clouds has disappeared!! It’s over!!
Momo: Onigashima is..!! Going to fall!!

Kaido: Tell me Strawhat!! What kind of world would you be able to make?!
Luffy: ..!! I…

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Bepo can’t catch a fucking break


Momo and Yamato still have strength. They’ll handle it and bond.

Momo: come flame clouds!!!

Luffy: where my friends..!!! huff huff.. Can eat to their heart’s content!! That’s the…

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That's hilarious.

oden first learned of joyboy on skypeiea

>Buckethead getting the hell out of town
Good to wrap up the CP0 subplot.

>kaido flashback
uhm yamatobros... you d-dont think he'd join right

>get mission to capture Robin by Lucci
>mission gets interrupted by being told to kill Luffy
>one of your comrades get killed by a jobber Dino
>your other comrade goes to sacrifice himself even tipping his fedora before Kaido's mighty wrath
>you watch from another room as a giant impact hits Onigashima
>watches how the one you were supposed to kill is bashing Kaido's shit in
>leaves the island leaving your comrades behind without even trying
What an asshole

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Luffy: world I want!!!

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Keep ‘em coming Oda

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Joiners shaking

Also the BMP, but the strawhats mostly can fight bar Luffy and Zoro

So in the end this was Luffy's secret wish.

>bar luffy and zoro
So they're fucked.

>Thats the world I want!
Is that Luffy's dream?

>why do THEY have all this power
holy based kaido

So if WB looked like that already in Rocks days, then when/where was this?

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Past Kaido: King, I know who…
Joy boy is
King: who is it?
Kaido: the guy who can defeat me in the future!!
King: If so…then it’s unlikely that he will appear

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Its hilarious how they are pushing their Momo ship with full force as the last cope against Yamato joining

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A few years prior.

Sanji, jinbe, franky and Brook can handle them easily only smoothie should be a problem

Older Crew before he got Davy Backed by Rocks

Smol Kaido is cute

ah, so D stands for Dinner

>it was just the world's biggest party

>Luffy’s out of gas




Wait Kaido didn't land in the Flower Capital at all. Where the fuck did he went? Law's hole?

Oda asking the JQ through allegory is kino beyond fucking belief.

So Higurashi is looking like she could’ve really been Yama’s mother and the thought of Kaido either getting catfished from her df or just actually banging some old woman is hilarious.

That would also mean that Yamato is a Kurozumi. If Tama turns out to be one too, that’ll make for some interesting revelations with the people of Wano if they ever find out.

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How to beat kaido
"Just punch harder and bigger"

Hey, fuck you

>both 28 years old
>both the heir of competing ruling families
>spent most of the battle together
It’s happening.

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We don’t know that yet, fair guess though. But that’s a hilariously generic thing to say for a starving 5 year old.

Momo has a better chance of joining that Yamato

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You're highly underestimating the Straw Hat pirate's enemies, user.

Kaido is going to climb out of that hole

So was this the thing Luffy/ROger yell back then??

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Literally this but dragon-shaped instead, he got fucking pushed so hard he made a cartoon hole in the ground

I don't think this is his finishing blow either but the sheer force / absurdity of this feat is hilarious

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So Kaido didn't even land in the Flower Capital. This is no "Dressrosa 2" like some anons were claiming.
This really means the Wano citizens really went the WHOLE raid not realizing what was going on

If she's truly a Kurozumi, then I see her fate becoming even more tightly connected with Momo than it already is right now. Those two are going to have a future together regardless

Well said