Can't lewd lolis

>can't lewd lolis
>OK to lewd shotas
why the double standard?

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because they are dumb

Female gender is a protected class, more news at 11

Men are weak and desperate and they idolize any degree of affection from a women even if it's predatory behavior. They don't have the spine to call it out. Being so attention starved, they protect it, in fact.

Why are shotas so curious about booba

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The advertisers like shota, confirmed.

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if women didn't have double standards they would have no standards

Nothing from saucenao

Shotafags are either women, motherless men craving affection or faggots, of course they'd have double standards.

Shotas are cute and pure and shouldn't be lewded!

oneshota is too good

It's the best when it's a loli and a shota

not as common as it should

Shotas are pure. They’re the only people that can just be naked without censorship.

Trash taste. Lolis are for domination by much larger men and rape correction.

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The surest sign of a fake pedophile is trying to force adult sexuality on kids instead of embracing the wonderful sexuality of children

Isn't this the big boobed nee-san being lewded? I don't see how this is the shota being lewded.

She is purposefully inducing lewd thoughts in his brain

Maybe a little.

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What the fuck? Selling naughty magazines to minors is illegal.

It's sexy because oneesans know they can get away with it 100%

Based, loli x shota is the gateway to the righteous and vanilla childhood friend route, only homos can't enjoy it.

>grown women face legal repercussion and social denigration for indulging in natural desire for /ss/
>women who just happen to be the same age as shota do not
If you think about it logically it's the smartest possible choice you know.

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Me on the back

im so lonely id take it any which way, but this shots stuff is nasty. at least its all catered to men, rather than actual female pedos.

>can't lewd lolis
says who?


Do you guys actually fine shotas hot or do you self insert as them? Both?

Me. I'm the owner of Yea Forums btw.

I think grown women get the pass because what's the worst gonna happen to the shota, his dick would fall out? Of course not, small screw big nut. Men x loli in the other hand implies physical scarrings to the later, poor things gets gaped, blood everywhere and onesided satisfaction, a complete mess with longlasting repercussions. Shota gets fucked and that's it, little girls don't have it easy.

She's preserving his innocence in a way. He doesn't know about finding magazines in the park yet.

Yeah, reasonable opinion.

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Some of you guys really need to leave that woo-is-me, lifes-so-unfair pity party. It's embarrassing.

"Fake pedo", " Ironic lolicon"
You guys are insane

A true gentleman focuses on petting techniques

*sighs* Artist's name or account?

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the point of the term "ironic lolicon" is not gatekeeping, but calling out pedophiles coping and pretending they're not pedophiles because the children are drawn.

Because I was molested[m] by [f] and instead of traumatizing me it fetishized it forever.

I exclusively date women who are 10+ years older than me.

I have a mental illness.

You know the rules

what's she saying? i need some fucking sauce. in exchange, i offer a rare lewd.

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this never made sense.
>i like loli
>i'm not attracted to real children
what's the issue, exactly?

>be me, 13
>be her, 27
>takes me into the park on 'walks' where we go into the bushes and she plays with my dick
>basically teaches me everything about sex

Tried to have girlfriends my age later and their lack of development/princess syndrome made it impossible.

It's also impossible for me to even get aroused unless my partners sexually aggressive.

you just haven't seen the right children then. ;DDDD

To clarify, not aggressive as in 'oo she kiss me', aggressive as in if our genders were reversed she's be risking prison time.

If you know anyone like this fax me

The shota magnifies the mommy energy
The loli magnifies the daddy energy
Basically /ss/ are Chads and lolicons are turbo fags

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i like both, making me a gigachad and a homosexual

Don't know sauce, but
>It's the boobs of your big sister you like so much

People can have preferences, in both 2D and 3D. Shocking facts, I know.

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I like nether. I'm a homosexual.


Wait, who's the degenerate here?

me, definitely me

>The surest sign of a fake pedophile is trying to force adult sexuality on kids instead of embracing the wonderful sexuality of children

Wtf does that even mean, as if the "ironic lolicon" stuff wasn't asinine enough
I'll stop here, i don't have the will to argue

Some retards here don't seem to understand the implication of drawing=pedo.

To be fair, drawing a bomb and putting it somewhere is considered by most authorities to be a threat to actually bomb that place.

Does that mean if I draw a busty onee-san molesting me, she will come?

i disagree with that statement anyway, i just wanted to clear that up. loli on shota is good. loli on old man is also good.
pedophile just means you're attracted to children. drawing or looking at loli not the same as actually victimizing a child, it's a victimless crime and pretty much morally ok. but, we shouldn't pretend we're not pedos. that's all i'm saying. i think a lot of people get mad when i say that though because they think i'm calling them a child molester.

Could anyone please share the artist name?

Based, just like how shotas are made to be dominated by large futa cocks

appreciated, but still, being into drawings as opposed to the real thing is a strong distinction, as is the distinction of anything real or fake. I am no murderer because of what i've done in GTA, no hero for all my Dragon Quest clears, no master of combat for my prowess in Street Fighter.

contrary to what they taught you in your gender studies course, men and women are different

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that's something, thanks moonman.

of course. killing people in gta is the same. a morally ok, victimless outlet for a taboo urge that many of us have with zero real life consequences.

God that image turns me on so much

i don't -want- to kill real people, and i don't want to interact with children in a sexual manner, is the thing. it's not a replacement or substitute: one thing is fun, the other is awful.