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Crocodile enjoys Garfield

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Crocodile enjoys Robin

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>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Funniest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato

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panel leaks?

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Tits way too small

Will Croc join Luffy at the final battle?




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It's from before her bimbofication.

Can someone post a pic comparing Luffy/Momo inside Hancock/Yamato clothes?

He has been too busy reading papers for a decade

Spot on.

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robin gives great handjobs

>and the finisher this time around will be a gear 3 punch all over again, but this time 10x bigger
Oda has unironically started to run out of ideas, which I dont blame him after 1050 chapters but still.

I agree


LuNa is endgame.

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What was the last good chapter of One Piece?

To my dub fellows, who do you want for future characters?
Personally I want Ruben Leon for ivankoff

he could at least copy some of his most original moments. It would be cool to see them finish Kaido with a parallel to Oars in Thriller Bark (all Strawhats coming together to combo Kaido and Luffy dealing the finishing move).

the one where he punches kaido with a giant fist

She gives great blowjobs and dp too.

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>Miss All Sunday outfit

there are too many strawhats

>Oda legit is stalling for chapter 1050
>He finally let the punch connect just in time for his break to to make people believe Kaido is down for the count
>Instead he'll subvert it and it turns out Kaido is still capable of fighting it's luffy who seems down for the count
>then next chapter it seems Both Luffy and Kaido are still about to exchange some more attacks
>they charge each other
>Break next week



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How long until Yamato shows her tits in the anime again?

You know, I wish Oda would dip into Nami's cat motive more like maybe a cat hoodie or something

Are you BLACK, a FISHMAN or posses a HUGE CYBORG COCK? If not then Robin is not interested.

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Bonney gives great footjobs

uta and yamato both have the same mother

I have a huge cock but it's not cyborg agumented

Cute and canon

It's going to be a while until she heads to the roof, but I expect some massive rack shots.

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Robin only fucks revolutionaries.

Romance is also an adventure. Checkmate.

Doesn't she show her tits to Momo soonish?

no she only fucks me_____________________

>born in Vodka country
>depressed and suicidial
>invades other countries
>turns the whole country into a weapon building factory
>starves half its population
>Onigashima is full of nukes and other weapons
Ruski bros...

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There’s only three

we're back to a three chapter schedule after this break

That would be super cute.

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Maybe he isnt actually defeated, and this is just another fake out for Luffy to beat him in flower capital again or some shit, idk.

Nami should be naked at all times except for a collar and on all fours in every panel, I agree.

Ulti is the only good thing from Wano.


When did Jinbe return?

>LuNatics still exist

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So is everyone in Vodka country an oni or what? Or is Kaido itself and anomaly?


Too bad cute nami died in the time skip, we're stuck with bimbo nami for life now. I hate her with long hair now makes her look like a hag, at least Yamato's long hair makes sense,she's a 28 year old woman child who I'm almost certain has a certain degree of brain damage from all the beating Kaido gave her, especially if he wailed on her with his club all the time like he did in their fight, I bet you the anime will make that moment even more brutal

Spoilers say it's the king who sells out Kaido so he's probably the only oni

We will see this chapter, if vodka King is an oni we can safely assume everyone on that kingdom is one too

Maybe. But after all the disappointing finishes of this arc, I feel like it is really over.

I can’t respect someone what prefers small tits.

Dude when you see it all the time it becomes boring that's why i hate that her fishman island outfit is what's constantly used in promos and video games since all of them start from that point now

>Are you BLACK
So CoAlets need not apply to ride the Robin train?

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Didn't ask for your shit and wrong opinion.


Robin doesn’t care about your haki skill, just your opinion on the Celestial Dragons

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>dad is an ogre looking motherfucker with rough features that are barely human
>daughter is just Nami with horns
Why cant Oda into female design? Why cant he be as creative with female design as with his male designs. If Yamato was an actual man I doubt he would be Luffy or Law with horns.

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Her theme has always been more about being a weather sorceress. The cat thing is practically nonexistent. Dress her up like a witch or something for an arc, maybe.


Literally built for Big Celestial Dragon Cock.

So she definitely goes nopan right?

The cutest.

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Because she was made to sell statues and statue buyers have normie taste.

Does this count as lesbian sex?

What killed the hype?


Going by Wano alone, she definitely does. There's literally a shot of Nami bareassed while fighting Ulti and missing an attack. Either that or she's wearing a fundoshi, which I definitely doubt.

Trying to boost his IQ by solving lots of crossword puzzles so he doesn't job to meddling kids again


Oda himself.

Assuming everyone in that kingdom is an oni then I wonder why its not one of the strongest countries in the world, at least in comparison to the likes of Elbaf or Wano. Imagine an army of onis.

Can't wait for Nami's flashback where we learn she's from a race of void century redhead sex slaves.

This shot?

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you not getting trips. which means the hype is very much alive.

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Arc length.

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For Marineford 2: Final War? Yes

Remember to always smile even when… no, ESPECIALLY when the times are rough, user.

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no pantylines in sight. hot.

she is the Onihime, of course she looks like Nami

You not being this user

We were robbed.

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Oda like 99% of other shonen writers too cant into writting females, Oda cant into designing them either for some reason.

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The 5ch leaker said they sold kaido to participate in the reverie
I guess that an oni country being secluded isn't that weird when elbaf, the giants country, is also

too much screentime diverted to matters that didn't need to be, such as Luffy, too many reaction panels, and not enough focus on the rooftop.

Oda is a H A C K

He could if he just designed a guy first.

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Zoro/Wicca is better

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Shut up, ZKK schizo

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Kidd and Killer are a cute couple

I pressed send wrong, I was gonna say such as Luffy climbing to the rooftop when everyone else got there before him and he'd been running for chapters on end.

> Female Uroge, Apoo, and Bege
Wish there were more unique female designs like this

I disagree, Oda can design plenty of distinct looking women, he intentionally makes princess types look like Nami and probably has an asspull for that but the likely real reason is he finds drawing variations of Nami easy

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Why is Law the only one who's line didn't change?


There possibly were others that I enjoyed a lot (like Queen's transformation), but 967 is still the one that impacted me the most in the recent past

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Zoro will Kiss Kiku

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