Reading pic related first volume

>reading pic related first volume
what the flying fuck

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What is it about?

little girls suffering

No user, it's about a little girl meeting a cute alien and playing with all his happy inventions.

In which way? May but it.

im afraid to read more

Keep going, the chapter where she plays with his jump rope is the best part.

>just realized it's on Jump plus

I thought is was boring until Thank You, Takopii! and then it was kino

yeah i guess jump fans are getting a bit of a horizon-broadening

what the name

Takopi's Original Sin

Boring ending

Can't wait for the inevitable anime adaptation

Is the bullying of jap kids really that hardcore

kuso rushed ending, artstyle is nice though. I wished they gave the tako a little bit more common sense or develop him more, but it is what it is. The bullying was for once, at least, believable

Those kids are vicious to each other
t. Taught english in japan for a couple years

This fucking manga hurt me like a broken bone, 10/10

Hobozuka a best!

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All kids are vicious as fuck.

Was it canned? It felt unfinished

It was launched as just a two volume miniseries

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>tag: yuri
damn, dodged a bullet now

Yurifags are mentally ill. The two female leads end up friends at the end, anyone who reads more into it than that is retarded.

Female mangakas are really something else....

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It's not even remotely yuri

If you love suffering play this:

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It's more loli/hebe plus tentacles on the side

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t. user from LATAM

>Not vicious
Dude, I grew up in Venezuela. Growing up I got into so many fights, I bit off a part of a kid's ear when I was 8. I almost lost one eye and a fighter after fighting a guy 4 years older than me when I was 11. Maybe I was the vicious one

Yes they are. What changes is the adults around them.
And sadly in Japan, it is seen as a bad thing if your class has problems, so you pretend there are no problems.
And in other countries most people just don't like to get involved.

t. assisted to gruesome bullying in school

Not very good

>softcore loli torture porn

Guess I'm just not """cultured""" enough

t. didn't stay after school

Never forget the iguana flu

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I might have missed something, does Takopi keep going back in time or does he clone FMC?

He resets the timeline at the cost of his life, but the character development somewhat remains leading to a better future through talk no jutsu.

It's not that much different from the original timeline, Marina still gets glassed and Shizuka is still Shizuka.

At end game, he resets the timeline one last time, but a sense of deja vu remained with the kids that made them near-miss their awful futures

> difficult subject portrayed with tact and purpose
>noooo violence, blood, and child abuse are evil and can't be in fiction because it makes me uncomfortable and it could trigger someone! It's just torture porn; it can't have meaning!
I hate moralists so fucking much.

>im afraid to read more
Don't worry friendship is made after emotional damage from everything.

It's edgy shit for fags and incels, now onder user likes it

Brainlet here, how did blond girl get revived?
I thought takopi couldn't use the camera anymore

Is this good or just edgelord pseud misery porn trying (and failing) hard as fuck to be deep like anything ever made by Inio Asano or like Homunculus?

Takopii just wants them to be happy

yes, they are

>Bullied junior high school girl froze to death to escape torment

>Boys B and C began to verbally insult Saaya Hirose. They told the new D women and E women that Hirose had sent nude photos to all male middle school students and even flirted with them.
After that, they forced Hirose to masturbate on the spot, saying, "It's the same as what you did in the video."
Realizing that there were other people in the park, they dragged Hirose to the disabled toilet of the primary school near the park, where they forced her to masturbate.
Being surrounded by many people and unable to escape or seek help, Hirose could only choose to obey.
Hirose, who was only 12 years old at the time, was scared and didn't dare to tell her mother, so she did what they asked.

it happened last year

Jesus Christ

Echoing this question except Asano writes the good kind of sad

He sacrificed his life to reset the timeline one more time

That one I understand, im talking about when takopi met her as a teenager

Started strong but ended poorly

Somewhere in between

hetfags still seething

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That was in the previous timeline. So the real story has three timelines:
>original timeline
Takopii lands on Earth in 2022 and meets Marina in high school. Marina loses tardbowl to Shizuka (who previously tried to hang herself because of Marina's bullying, but the rope broke). Takopii goes back to kill Shizuka but loses his memories.
>Chapter 1 timeline
Takopii lands on Earth in 2016 to kill Shizuka and succeeds unknowingly (rope wasn't alien tech in the original timeline), he resets the timeline again and kills Marina after befriending Shizuka. She then goes to rescue Chappy and finds out his dad abandoned her. Takopii vows to reset the timeline after seeing how badly things are and remembering both the original timeline and acknowledging his 'sin'.
>Last chapter timeline
Takopii resets time at the cost of his life and Shizuka and Marina stop fighting. Apparently remembering Takopii. They then live their lives as friends.

That cleared things up, thanks user

You think shizuka likes to rub her scars?

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What happens to Takopii's mother? Will she invade Earth with an army to take revenge over her dead child?

Sell this series to me.


Terrible ending. The blonde girl hated the other girl in all time lines, why would those memories cause the blonde to be nice
Why would they stop her being a psychopath without empathy.
And why would the dark haired girl even want to be friends with her anyway
The manga seemed like it was being brutally honest about human nature, and just completely ignores human nature at the end to force a "happy ending"

It's short, you can read it all in an hour and the girls are cute.

Takopii's mother is too stupid to know what death is

Sometimes you just need to dirty your hands before it gets really bad.

You managed to speedread a 16 chapter series, impressive.

The're is a group of subhumans that refuse to see the things as it is and just ignore everything that they don't like.

Back out now it turns to complete fucking shit

your morality and understanding of human nature is just crap

>a psychopath without empathy
She wasn't really, she clearly loved her mom but the relentless abuse/family falling apart because of Shizuka's mom fucking her dad filled her with hatred
>why would those memories cause the blonde to be nice
>why would the dark haired girl even want to be friends with her anyway
Probably because having fun with takopii was the best thing that happened to them both and he's no longer there, but now they have something in common. Also they're totally alone otherwise.
Yeah it's a copout but makes sense somewhat

Shizuka's mom was the true homewrecker all along

lots of psychopaths have a sort of selective empathy
and its not really empathy. The mom and dad being together was just an easier less stressful life

You seem to have made up your mind about the characters and ending so I dunno what to say. Avoid the author's future works I guess

What's annoying about this is she gets beaten up again by the older brothers of those little cunts.

worst bully story?