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>random faggot tweeting his inane opinion
>better make a thread about it
This isn't Yea Forums, faggot.

personally I think twitter screencap threads are extremely low quality, that's just me though

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garbage twitter thread, may you get purged.

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one piece says (((globalists))) are evil

twitter faggots are always the most retarded people on the planet.
80iq subhumans that think they're 130iq

Gee, I'm super interested in what some retard on twitter has to say. Thanks for posting, user.

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hi just a friendly reminder to please not shit up /pol/ with threads about anime when these people run you off



Nobody cares about you getting triggered by twitter faggot

>Look up tweet

OP capped his own post.

I could go on twitter and immediately find a bad opinion at any time.
Nothing new or controversial.

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It says global GOVERNMENTS are evil. It is very clearly a libertarian manga. Pro Free Market, pro Open Borders, Anti Taxes, Anti Prison.

That is the most retarded image I've ever seen in my life.

>t. legal immigrant for Trump

I still don't know or care what constitutes right or left wing and I'm sure the people who make comments on twitter barely understand it too.

But the biggest faggot of all is OP for bringing this to my attention.

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its commentary on global governments is much more specific to ones controlled behind the scenes by an ultra-rich hereditary elite who believe themselves to be a divine race so far above the rest of ignorant and impure humanity that they treat all others as cattle existing only for their benefit

One piece messaging feels more libertarian than authleft. The main characters are literal pirates, the CD+marines are basically ZOG, etc.

If you care about politics you shouldn't be here
Fuck off and die

>Whole thread of newfags bumping OP's thread because they don't know about sage
Put sage in the options field to post without bumping.
The thread will die faster.

What the fuck does that mean? As opposed to illegals for Biden?

You need to be 18 to post here child.

You sound like someone who doesn't belong on this planet

I heard Japanese nationalists hate Eiichiro Oda

>Twitter screencap thread
Fuck off

You sound like someone who's better off decaying in your parents basement after hanging yourself, now go do that, thanks.

>newfag just found out about sage so he thinks we didn't know

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How does Yea Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

Tell me in 3 sentences or less why I should care about your picrel or thread.

You sound like a triggered twink.

>Yea Forums starts turning into Yea Forums
Please god no

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Is that so?

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I don't want this thread to fall off the board. Fuck dipshits like OP thinking they can just make garbage threads and have them preserved in the archive as some testament to shitposting. No, I will bump threads like these to keep them on page 1 so the mods can see them faster and delete them.

Fun fact,

masadluffy was a major tripfag on /cgl/ for many years. He's still active on twitter.

>laughts in /dbs/, /opg/, /snk/, etc.

nobody has any business reading One Piece.

You sound like uhhh FAGGOT!

>twitter screenshot

>literal who twitter screencap
is that way faggot

You also did hopefully report this thread for being extremely low quality and/or off-topic, didn't you?

Back to twatter, twat

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Of course, I did that the moment I saw it in the catalog. I think I'm gonna hop on some mobile IPs and report it some more.

Anime at the core will always be more for right wingers even if trannies have been trying to sink their claws on it using traps and the likes as their self inserts that said take your twitter screencap thread to faggot.

Underage retard confirmed. Lurk 20 years kid.

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That's literally all governments, retard.
You are cattle in a human farm.


posting twatter bullshit should be a permaban.

Why the fuck is this thread still up?

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Where the fuck do you retards fucking come from?

I'm not american and I don't care lol, put some hydrogen peroxide in your axe wound faggot.

You don't even believe what you're saying
Stop trying to fit in

I hate Lain, but like this post.

>mass d luffy

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>implying any genuine right winger cares about trump

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yes anime is leftist in general chud

>stop trying to fit in
Been here since 2007 kid. Stop talking to me.

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i expected roll replies already

Literal raids from discord servers by literal trannies or schizos, he probably is the OP or one of their friends, they can't help bringing politics to fucking everything as if someone on Yea Forums of al things cares.

That image literally means nothing and if you think the world is better now you have severe brain damage kid.

And people still try to convince me that /pol/-fags aren't fucking cancer.

>right winger
giga kek

Truth has been spoken also checked.

>Almost an hour
>Thread still up
KYS jannies

Yeah, I'm sure you have. Improve your LARP game by using gifs instead, more people will think you're an oldfag.

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but user think about the white people

They are demanding a raise probably.

I will personally double their pay.


>OP making this thread

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neither side of a two-party system oppose each other in any meaningful way, nor do they care about improving anything at all, so of course it's not better now. why would it be?

>jannies deleted the mass-replying but left the thread up

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>Far left
You don't need to be anything other than non retarded. The "muh globalism" retards need to off themselves.

It's almost as if both the left and right hate the small cult of elites who run the world. The two sides just call them different names, but they're talking about the same people.