Boku no Hero Academia

Spoilers in FIVE. Buckle the fuck up for some hype as fuck disappointment.

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why'd the last thread get deleted? outside of a few mirukoomers it wasn't that bad.

mod has autism (many such cases)

Bakugo? Simply one of the best supporting characters in shonen manga ever, he has painstakingly demonstrated to ALWAYS be there to give GODku a much needed though love, which he lacked since his absent father was having a little vacation in Tartarus. Just like the truest of friends he was never afraid to criticise GODku's weaknesses.
I am happy because such an excellent rival and BEST friend will be there 100% when GODku inevitably SAVES Shiggy (sugoi, kino and canon) and the three of them unequivocally DESTROY AfO (padre) for good.
God, I love Bakugo so fucking much.

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new chapter this week? it feels like ages

One (1) fucking month

Yeah, probably in a few hours

Mods are maidenless.

why did they delete the last thread?

What is it going to be?
>Shoto and Dabi's fight conclusion
>Endeavor vs AFO
>Uraraka vs Toga
>BJ vs Shigaraki

Did last threads OP get banned for an unrelated post?

but that's the best part

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I like edits.

They give us a peek into a world where the series we love or hate are even better

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fujoshit ruining yet another thread

most likely more Shoto and Dabi but I'm hoping for Spinner or AfO.

It's 100% more Todoautism

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We're not getting the Dabi fight conclusion this soon. A fake-out victory at maybe before plottwist hes not dead. Rei and the other ice Todo's agreed to help stop Dabi and they've yet to show

me too

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But Dabi's body has basically fallen apart. There is not much he can do to become a threat that involves the whole family unless AFO did something to him secretly that gives him full regen and perfect usage of his Quirk.

I love this woman

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Spinner chapter

Spinner manga

Did you read the last chapter? Shoti explained how are they going to work together, he pushed his father to fight AFO and he is going to fight Fabi, all of them will do their parts, and how are they going to work together. Can't obviously didn't die from Shoto's attack, he will pull a Prominence Burn and kill himself

Imagine her bodycount if this were a seinen manga, all the flattened, smushed and "disappeared" criminals. All "incidents", of course.

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Kek, no. AFO despises Dabi. Besides, the manga is already rushing to the ending, why would Hoti stretch this jobber's fight by giving him healing quirk?

What killed the hype?

Miruko not sitting on my face.

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AFO didn't despise Dabi during the 3-year gap his comatose body was sitting around.

>Shoto's attack hitting hard but not being enough
>Dabi taunting and letting off an attack of his own
>14 pages
>break next week
screencap this

>AFO despises Dabi.
Nice headcanon, Endeavorfag.

>screencap this
Don't need to, you're already wrong on the break next week part

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He was an object to him, he even shat on him after the war arc, and called him a friendless retard.

>Touya, you and I see the same, except I have lots of friends and I'm not a retard, here look at me praising Spinner and giving him a new quirk while you die as a cuck
Keep seething

people would pay to get their bones shattered by this rabbit

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This. Kek, remember when some retard thought he will have a quirk awakening. That was hilarious.

p-phoenix quirk soon dabisisters...

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Sex with Mina!

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Dabi's quirk is confirmed to be: blue fire.
It has been also confirmed on the official anime site.
Hori talked about his inspiration for the villains in Hawks' villain report, and Dabi is zombies, with no mention of Frankenstein.
Mirko says when Dabi comes around everything stinks.
Hawks says out of all villains, he's the one you should absolutely never trust.

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hope dabi dies lol

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Hoping for Endebahsan and AFO

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I sware I feel like Hori felt the need to make the villain report just to shut down that stupid headcanon. Hagakuri didn't even get her quirk named yet.

We all do. Twice deserves justice.

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>Twice deserves justice
He really does

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I shouldn't be aroused by the thought of giant women killing me.

But he IS a friendless retard!

She'd do it for free if they were villains.

I know I'd kill to be between those legs

They're big girls

And then they take turns fucking Ochako?

Heh. Hawks didn’t even try with that name.

Bakugo runs out to fight crime and get a head start, Deku and Shigaraki take turns with Ochako.

Hawks comes up with the most boring quirk name possible then gets his friends to talk about how stinky and lame Dabi is, the article is just Hawks being salty

>Bakugo runs out to fight crime and get a head start
Based SIGMA male, no time for hoes and bullshit, just grind

>I shouldn't be aroused by the thought of giant women

>killing me.
Oh, OK.

Phoenix quirk

kek was Hawks that pissed about Dabi not so hidden hate boner for Endeavor?

>Twice died
>Spinner is a literal who
>Gentle hasn't reappeared; probably will get the Mirio treatment and be ruined if he does

Why do all of the potentially sympathetic antagonists get thrown into the trash? Shiggy, Toga, and Dabi have way too many crimes under their belts to be plausibly redeemed without also being thrown into a maximum security prison.


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Remember to buy merch. Thank you.

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spoilers very soon