Boy's abyss 93

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Dumping the chapter

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wow he is literally me

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He reminds me of another character from another manga. Maybe they're both based on Mads Mikkelsen?

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Esemori posted cringe.

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End of dump. What did you think of the chapter?
Who was in the wrong here?

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Esemori is the abyss.

>Gets told he is a weak faggot and to give it up if he wont get stronger
>Gives up despite the mom head over heels for him
>Do nothing for so long that you kill any chance of a happy ending
>Most likely walk in on her fucking the other dude(s)
Esemori was in the wrong for giving up immediately.

>Who was in the wrong here?
Esemori, and it's not even close.

Nobody's really in the wrong. They're all just victims of circumstance projecting their insecurities onto each other.
It's hard to break a cycle when you don't trust anyone, yourself included.

Small towns in Japan must be a hell of a place to have gang wars.

DESU the other guy's pretty chad, he doesn't seem like a bad guy. He even gave esemori another chance hereIt's odd, because the entire time we've been led to believe Yuko's personality gradually warped due to the influence of her growing social circle. Because of that, she and Nozoe grew apart.

But the reality is that Nozoe throwing her away is what caused the mind break and corruption. What a twist.

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What would even lead you to believe this

Meant to "say to be honest"
Why did it autocorrect to 'desu'?

>literally gets put on notice
>sits on his ass and nothing
That "friends protecting her so we can't be alone" bit was the flimsiest excuse.

literally how new

Check and confirmed

>Kills himself
>Threatens to kill Yuko if she doesn't die with him

>Nozoe throwing her away
Did you purposefully ignore the go and check part?

This is so bad

This chapter? or this page which implies esemori walked in on uryu and yuko having sex?

>Uryu confesses to Yuko
>Yuko flat out no way fags him.
>"Does he still like you?"
>Yuko goes full retard. Starts doubting because they haven't been together so long since the gang war started.
>Tells Nozoe that Uryu confessed to her
>Nozoe goes full /r9k/ and asks does she want to go out with him
>She reaffirms that the two of them promised to get married and that she told Uryu this.
>Instead of holding her, he tells her to go off and fuck Uryu. Smiling.
>Yuko devastated. Uryu was right. Nozoe gives zero fucks after all. Goes to fuck Uryu as instructed to cope with he boy she loves abandoning her.

Why the FUCK would I blame Yuko here?

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>muh tokyo revengers
i hate female authors so much is unreal

Sensei a shit

And here is where Esemori messed up. Uryu calculated rightly and knew if he made Esemori insecure, Esemori would self sabotage. He delivered Yuko over to Uryu on a silver platter.

>Believing Yuko's lies
That's the story she gave the press. She told Reiji it was a mutual decision but chickened out.

So let me get this straight.

>love interest almost gets raped
>realize you're currently not strong enough to protect her
>proceed to do fucking nothing to improve the situation
>tells her to go be with Chad
>proceed to live with hardcore regret for the next 20+ years

It's remarkable how there isn't a single person to even like or root for in this misery porn of a manga. Thank god I dropped this ages ago lol

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So who's worse?
Seiko or Yuuko?

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>Imagining needing to ask this

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Nozoe is the abyss.
>proceed to do fucking nothing to improve the situation
Just like Reiji. Proceeding to do nothing to improve the situation and then proceed to do everything wrong after is a classic Reiji move. If Esemori and Reiji are not father and son in blood, they are in spirit.

>Yuko goes full retard
I mean you said so yourself
She should've worded it better. Both are in the wrong

Esemori made poor yuko cry hereWhy didn't he expect to see uryu 'comforting' her when he went to her house?

So Chad Yuko killed him


Honestly, Yuko didn't even need to bring up Uryu's confession. Just reject the nigga and move on.

She actually probably started to think Esemori didn't really like her anymore, hence the need to confirm it. But bringing up Uryu's confession as well just made it seem like she was now actively deciding between the two, which triggered Esemori (who's already proven to be a massive bitch by this point).

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Oh man... yuko hardcore NTR sex in next chapter. I feel sorry for him

Sabotaging himself out of self-loathing. You hate to see it.

Are you blinded?

He's still a bitch for killing himself

What should she have worded better, though? Nozoe prematurely blew a gasket and indirectly answered her question by telling her to go be with Uryu. Sure, both are in "the wrong" - but Nozoe's overreaction was the spark that lit hers. And I don't blame her for it because she didn't willingly sabotage herself like Nozoe did. But like this user said, she should not have brought up Uryu. But I don't think she knew the depths of Nozoe's insecurity.

>Are you blinded?
Are you?
Did you even bother to open up the page?
Look at the first panel reeaally closely

wow someone made a quick scan of this


Yeah, Yuko bringing up the confession at all was seemingly a test. One that she might not have been conscious of. Why else would you bring up to someone who clearly likes you, that you were confessed to by someone else, if not to imply that it was worth considering? Of course,a weak bitch like Esemori would react in the worst way. Doubt she knew that last bit though.

Yes, an edit, mind blowing right?
Again, are you blinded?

seriously ?

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I honestly don't want to see the next chapter. this NTR shit makes me really sad and bad


Has there ever been bait two chapters in a row before?

Nozoe takes this to heart when he cucks Uryu out of a Lover's Suicide by saving Yuko. So, it all works out.

Yes it was a test. Yuko was insecure that Nozoe still liked her after he made no attempt to see her for a while. Teenage girl logic: if Nozoe still liked me he would react more strongly to Uryu's confession because jealousy. Then I'd know for sure that he still likes me!
A more mature Nozoe would have made an attempt to see Yuko so she wouldn't doubt his love. A more mature Yuko would have never brought up Uryu at all. To sum it all, those two were both inexperienced and dumb but they were teenagers so it's to be expected. In a regular world they would have broken up and avoided each other for years after, but in this world this fuckup lead to people dying.

Holy shit, it's literally paint tier of edit and yet these user still bought it, fucking how?

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Why did the TL guy fuck with the scans?

>Did you even bother to open up the page?
>Look at the first panel reeaally closely
RIP my sides.

>Everyone expecting that Yuko getting raped made her bitter to Esemori and broke their relationship
>Never happened. It was just miscommunication and their complexes getting in the way
I'm starting to think the recurring theme is that BIG NEWS never happens in this story and that it's all to distract from the root cause: Weak, feeble egos.

>Why did the TL guy fuck with the scans?
I don't know, but I am shaking. I am so mad, I am literally shaking and seething at this guy, I can't even...!!

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All I care is whether we will get get Yuko sex scenes next chapter

50% chance we'll see the first dead eyed Yuko.

It's okay, you just need to look at the panel reeaally closely next time :^)

Because he clearly wanted to fuck with everyone. If it was someone else doing the TS then i guess at least the translation should be ok, if it was the same guy I wouldnt trust this dump at all.

Second. But yeah, I already know Yuko's not going to enjoy it because she has no strong feelings toward Uryu and is too distraught over the Nozoe situation.

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