Tying the Knot with an Amagami Sister 48

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Finally free

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>Next chapter is also an Asahi chapter

>future with Uryuu

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The August 7th date here means that the year is 2019.

Tanabata, or Qixi, is held on the seventh day of the seventh moon. When Japan implemented its calendar reforms, it was lazy and moved the dates of holidays to a straight numerical conversion of seventh day of seventh moon -> seventh day of July, without regard for the fact that the Gregorian calendar's January starts about a month earlier than the Chinese calendar, which starts on the second new moon after the winter solstice.

In 2019, the 7th day of the 7th moon fell on August 7th.

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>coming out of the panel

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Anons dropped this harder than Yae's hymen

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>whatever it takes

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I can't in good conscience jerk off to Asahi when she has the body of a 12 year old. She's supposed to be 15, so what the fuck? The future precog dream portrays her with big tits, so why did they give her the body of a loli? She's 15 years old for fuck's sake. Women are usually completely done with physical development by that age.

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>Alone at the fireworks festival? Color page in the next issue!

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She's the token pedobait girl, don't think too much about it

Note that "alone" in the preview refers to "Uryuu and Asahi alone together"

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Asahi will win

It kinda sad to see her character reduced to just a pair of jealous tits

>fireworks festival
Will this be about his flashforward from ch5?

Be on the lookout for this panel I guess

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>I can't in good conscience jerk off to Asahi when she has the body of a 12 year old. She's supposed to be 15, so what the fuck?
I had a friend in college that had pretty much her same body type, for japanese standards she probably looks like an average JC

>Yomiko already shipping them together
I know Yuna will most likely win but this gives me hope

What was even the point of changing this?

Two chapters left in this volume, so there's a small possibility that fireworks might end up being a two chapter mini-arc.

I wouldn't be surprised if this volume ends with Asahi admitting to herself she likes MC

It might end up being the running theme through all the sister arcs, in which case Yuna's upcoming arc is going to be very interesting.

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Are the raws for cafe terrace out already?


...is currently the most popular girl on Yea Forums

MAL likes Asahi tho

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Thanks for the dump. Asahi BEST GIRL

this, maybe my sample is just asian but there are some college women out there that are tiny not just height but also their body shape like my friend

no chapter this week, come back next week

>Child belly

What did that dude ask him to do?

I'm rooting for Asahi. I know her odds aren't great but I follow my heartpenis.

Rare to see that place having good taste for once.

I'm excited about the upcoming Yuna arc.

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Anyway to get these outside japan?

Cute braids

Will win
A cute

Did Yomiko went there on her miko outfit?
Is it common to see girls dressed like that in the streets in Kyoto?

Try auction sites like yahoo auctions and mercari japan. Buyee and neokyo are the most popular proxies.

Made for night long ffm threesome

Interesting how Anons always cry about wanting a tradwife but reject the girl closest to it.
>Pure, but is willing to sacrifice herself for her shrine
Yet Yuna is the least popular, guess no one wants an actual tradwife.

Most anons just want an easy fuck

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putting aside her body shape, asahi is already too erotic, her lolibait design adds more dangerous element to it

Asahi's gonna break my dick

Yuna is best girl though. And the cutest!

>Yet Yuna is the least popular
Yuna has become the most popular here on Yea Forums according to the last poll and she's popular among the nips. We'll know the rankings once an official popularity poll is held.


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This shitty arc is over!!!!!!!

>>Alone at the fireworks festival? Color page in the next issue!
I'm so fucking glad I can read Japanese so I don't have to suffer translations like that.

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Finally no more Pedo fanservice

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